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Professional Job Placement Assistance:

Go Berg or Go Home is proud of the partnerships and relationships we have formed and matured across multiple industries. Our motto has always been “If you know us, people will know you!” We admit, we are not miracle workers and can’t turn water into wine for all clients, but we can assist in gaining you more exposure, which leads to more interviews, which can lead to more job offers. We work with some of the best recruiters in the business and regularly receive job openings on a daily basis. Recruiters have come to trust the Go Berg or Go Home name because they know the quality of services and coaching we provide for our clients. If that isn’t enough, we have a partnership with Neuvoo, one of the leading job-sites in the world to assist clients in searching and landing their next job!

Our Professional Job Placement Assistance Services Include:


Professional Career Coaching – Dr. Berg is a leading career coach and can work with you to identify roadblocks, strategy, and solutions to helping you land your next position!


Professional Job Placement – Thanks to our partnership with Neuvoo, we have inside access to their job postings. We can get in contact with the actual hiring managers and let’s just say, put in the good word to get you to the front of the line! Head to and let us know which position you are interested in today!


Professional Profile Management – The key to successfully applying for positions on sites like CareerBuilder, Indeed, Monster, and LinkedIn is having a professional profile established, and more importantly, a dedicated Go Berg recruiter working for you! Our Go Berg internal recruiters work for you and send exact matches of positions your resume qualifies for and of course, a good word with the hiring managers never hurts!


Inside Intelligence – For just about every posting, we can obtain pertinent information about the job opening such as: salary, specific competencies needed, feedback from other candidates, job interview questions and much more…there is no other way to say this…people talk and they give us a ton of information to give our clients an edge!

Additional Services to Compliment your Go Berg Professional Job Placement Assistant Services:

Professional Resume Writing

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Professional Interview Coaching

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Professional LinkedIn Enhancements

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