Motivational Speaking

Professional Motivational Speaking:

Dr. Christopher Berg has been invited to speak at various colleges, high schools, corporations, and fundraisers.  From audiences ranging from 10 to 1500, Dr. Berg can tailor his keynotes to align with the desired overall message, specific demographic, and organizational vision. There is nothing in this world that Dr. Berg enjoys more than delivering motivational, inspiring, and engaging speeches. His passion and energy are unmatched with dozens of references available to validate these testaments and the powerful messages he can deliver at your next engagement. Dr. Berg specializes in the following areas: Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Entrepreneurship, Sales, Management, Business Development, Coaching and Personal Hardships for Motivational Courage.

Go Berg or Go Home Professional Motivational Speaking Includes:


Professional Collaboration – Dr. Berg will work with your organization to ensure you get your message across and incorporate any theme, focus, and topic that is needed.


Professional Team – If your organization doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, we can provide any equipment, support, and enhancements that you need to bring the keynote to another level!


Transparency – Dr. Berg can create custom delivery methods and content to deliver on the big day. He will allows share the content beforehand to ensure everything is aligned to the organizational needs and message.


Professional Feedback – Dr. Berg will seek professional feedback from the organization and audience members to use as continuous development in his pursuit to become a nationally recognized public speaker.

Additional Services to Compliment your Go Berg Professional Motivational Speaking Services:

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