Professional Job Interview Coaching:

Professional Interview Coaching

Imagine this…. your resume shines (because hopefully you chose Go Berg or Go Home to write it!), you are styled with your best outfit, ironed to perfection, and not a spot of lint to be found. You just finished giving yourself the biggest pep talk in front of the mirror…now comes the formal job interview…are you ready? Formal job interviews can be a nerve-racking experience, but you’re in luck! Our certified job interview coaches can prepare, coach, and guide you to owning your next job interview.  We always have access to a multitude of current internal job-interview questionnaires and guess what? We already know the questions that you are going to be asked!

Professional Job Interview Coaching Services Include:


Professional Mock Interview – You will be scheduled for a real-live mock interview session with a Go Berg coach using real questions within the industry you are applying to. We work to have these conducted in person, but video interviewing is a secondary option if geography and travel is an issue. No matter what setting you are in, the questions and coaching don’t change!


Professional Coaching –  The Go Berg coach will provide transparent feedback on what was effective and what could be more effective on the conclusion of the mock interview. You will receive a professional interview score along with specific feedback and dedicated coaching to use to enhance and improve on your interviewing techniques.


Professional Questioning Techniques – Your coach will work with you in creating must-ask questions to interviewers, including the “Golden” questions to ask in every job interview


Motivation – No words can ever capture what Go Berg can offer you for motivation, but one session with us, and our professional coaching is guaranteed to motivate you and instill a level of confidence in your skillset to allow you to own your next job interview!

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