LinkedIn Services

Professional LinkedIn Services:


In a recent poll, 82% of recruiters admitted that when a resume passes ATS (Applicant Tracking System – the evil system that decides whether your resume ‘passes; through to a live person) and lands on their desktop, they immediately head to LinkedIn to gain more insights on the potential candidate. If you are not taking advantage of the free digital marketing LinkedIn provides for your personal brand, good luck on your next job-seeking conquest! Whether you agree or disagree with the usage and necessity of LinkedIn is irrelevant, the point is, the people weighing in on the decision to hire you use it, and that’s what matters! Go Berg or Go Home can transform your LinkedIn profile and make you shine like an all-star!

Our Professional LinkedIn Services Include:


Professional Assessment – We can provide a complete assessment of your current LinkedIn profile with professional feedback from leading recruiters in the various sections of LinkedIn.


Professional Writing – Once we assess the LinkedIn profile, we will professionally edit your profile to ensure your personal brand and professional image is ready for any and all eyes! This includes assisting with descriptors for current and past employment roles, executive summaries, and personalized headers to get you noticed by leading talent acquisition teams.


Professional Recommendations – The Go Berg Team can provide professional recommendations, including a hand-written personalized recommendation from Dr. Berg, which will be visible to all LinkedIn connections.


Professional Connections – Need to connect with the right people? Want more networking opportunities with professionals in your industry? Go Berg has designed a revolutionary way to connect with people in your industry and expand your connections and followers – we can send you anywhere from 10 to 1000 connections! The possibilities are endless to grow your network!

Additional Services to Compliment your Go Berg Professional LinkedIn Services:

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