Public Speaking

Professional Public Speaking Services:

Go Berg or Go Home is proud of the partnerships and relationships we have formed and matured across multiple industries. Our motto has always been “If you know us, people will know you!” We admit, we are not miracle workers and can’t turn water into wine for all clients, but we can help you with your public speaking skills. You will work with some of the best public speaking coaches in the business and regularly receive coaching and feedback to make you “TED” ready! Clients have come to trust the Go Berg or Go Home repeatedly because they know the quality of services and coaching we provide for our clients. We have assisted educators, executives, students, and even political members in public speaking! Set up a consultation today for more information!

Our Professional Public Speaking Services Include:


Professional Coaching – A Go Berg Coach will meet you at your desired venue, or can arrange a meeting place that has a stage, from here, we will review your desired outcomes, what you wish to achieve, share feedback on the speech, and assist with the practice, tone, word pitch, body language, and other public speaking attributes that contribute to a successful keynote!


Professional Practice – Explain, Show, Do, Review! Go Berg will ensure you get the practice and feedback you need to build your confidence and conquer your fear or anxiety when publicly speaking.  Professional video recording available!


Accommodations – Go Berg or Go Home can secure a professional venue or environment that mimics the one you will need to deliver your speech in. From boardrooms, to professional presentation stages, to classrooms, we have connections and can secure the venue that appropriately matches your needs!


Attendance – Need confidence on the big day? We got your back! Your Go Berg Coach frequently attends your big day and can be in your corner and cheer you on as you deliver the big speech! Look at the bright side, if you get stage freight and can’t perform, we will know the speech and can help deliver it!

Additional Services to Compliment your Go Berg Professional Public Speaking Services:

Motivational Speaking

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