Professional Resume Services

Professional Resume Writing:

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Before a professional resume is created, it is just as important in understanding “where” the resume is going. Today, only 25% of resumes make it through ATS. What is ATS you ask? Applicant Tracking Systems are used by companies to screen resumes when a job posting is up. Basically, for every 10 jobs you apply for, you will make it through 2-3 ATS, and that is if your resume is up to par! Go Berg or Go Home can not only craft a professional custom resume, but we know how to get your resume in the hands of a real person and avoid the dreadful rejection email that starts with…“Thank you for applying, but at this time…” we all have received these responses!

Professional Resume Writing Services Include:


Free Consultation – We want to understand not only what you need, but also where you are applying, so we can create the best resume that represents your abilities.


Custom Template – You won’t find any of our resume templates online, within programs, or on Google images. We create custom resumes that are tailored to your personality, industry, and needs.


Follow-Up Consultation – No professional resume writer is going to get the first draft exactly right! You resume is the biggest document that will determine your next career step and paycheck! Sitting with our professional resume writers after we create and edit your resume is a crucial step to ensure we haven’t missed any of your strengths and accomplishments!


Cover Letter – The word on the street is spilt on the need for a cover letter. According to our insiders and industry trends, cover letters are read about 45% of the time. Let us work with you to determine if you need one, and if you do, we can create a custom letter that matches the layout of your resume.

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