Professional Resume Services

Before a professional resume is created, it is just as important in understanding “where” the resume is going. Today, only 25% of resumes make it through ATS. What is ATS you ask? Applicant Tracking Systems are used by companies to screen resumes when a job posting is up. Basically, for every 10 jobs you apply for, you will make it through 2-3 ATS, and that is if your resume is up to par! Go Berg or Go Home can not only craft a professional custom resume, but we know how to get your resume in the hands of a real person and avoid the dreadful rejection email that starts with…“Thank you for applying, but at this time…” we all have received these responses!

  • Free Consultation – We want to understand not only what you need, but also where you are applying, so we can create the best resume that represents your abilities.
  • Custom Template – You won’t find any of our resume templates online, within programs, or on Google images. We create custom resumes that are tailored to your personality, industry, and needs.
  • Follow-Up Consultation – No professional resume writer is going to get the first draft exactly right! You resume is the biggest document that will determine your next career step and paycheck! Sitting with our professional resume writers after we create and edit your resume is a crucial step to ensure we haven’t missed any of your strengths and accomplishments!
4.99 out of 5
(191 customer reviews )
  1. Dan Zonis

    This company is the real deal. Professionals, with a huge network, and more things that I would have never thought of in 2020 for what a resume needs to be, and what it doesn’t need to be. Went above and beyond, plus put me in contact with a recruiter directly, they didn’t need to go that extra mile, says a ton. Customer for life, and I will be referring without a doubt.

  2. Kennth Alvarez

    Excellent! This was my 3rd company I used. I came in with very low expectations. I was tired of dealing with “resume writing” companies that made me do the work basically and added a few words here and there. This team, experience, and expertise, is what I was expecting and much more. Took the time to get to know my work, custom writing, and ATS scanning and grading. Just a great bunch of people who really care about their clients, and it’s needed these days with the world we live in. Go Berg 2020 and beyond, thank you all!

  3. Crystal Saunders

    AMAZING! Fast, accurate, and so well done. 2 weeks since my resume was posted, I have been on 3 interviews, can’t say how much I appreciate this teams work, the expertise, and the countless drafts to ensure it was perfect. True professionals, and great people. 100% recommend.

    Professional Job Interview Coaching

    Imagine this…. your resume shines (because hopefully you chose Go Berg or Go Home to write it!), you are styled with your best outfit, ironed to perfection, and not a spot of lint to be found. You just finished giving yourself the biggest pep talk in front of the mirror…now comes the formal job interview…are you ready? Formal job interviews can be a nerve-racking experience, but you’re in luck! Our certified job interview coaches can prepare, coach, and guide you to owning your next job interview.  We always have access to a multitude of current internal job-interview questionnaires and guess what? We already know the questions that you are going to be asked!

    • Professional Mock Interview – You will be scheduled for a real-live mock interview session with a Go Berg coach using real questions within the industry you are applying to. We work to have these conducted in person, but video interviewing is a secondary option if geography and travel is an issue. No matter what setting you are in, the questions and coaching don’t change!
    • Professional Coaching – The Go Berg coach will provide transparent feedback on what was effective and what could be more effective on the conclusion of the mock interview. You will receive a professional interview score along with specific feedback and dedicated coaching to use to enhance and improve on your interviewing techniques.
    • Professional Questioning Techniques – Your coach will work with you in creating must-ask questions to interviewers, including the “Golden” questions to ask in every job interview.
    • Motivation – No words can ever capture what Go Berg can offer you for motivation, but one session with us, and our professional coaching is guaranteed to motivate you and instill a level of confidence in your skillset to allow you to own your next job interview!
    5.00 out of 5
    (183 customer reviews )
    1. Courtney Petro

      In 2021, I learned if you don’t have a LinkedIn, you are basically done in the job search. Go Berg did my resume, prepped me for the interview, and knocked my LinkedIn profile out all within 2 weeks. I was in need of an overaul, but also didn’t want my company/co-workers to know that I was “active” – They went in, did everything they needed, and then some! Professional, Approachable, and extremely knowledgeable. Best decision I made in 2021 for sure! Thanks all!

    2. Daisy Liani

      Amazing – never purchased anything like this before, but found that going 0 for 5 on interviews in the last month was a sign that something was off. After this coaching session, and hearing my answers (they can record the sessions and playback – it’s scary, but opens your eyes). I sounded like I was clueless and actually didn’t answer many of the mock interview questions. Great sessions, tough to go through, but I feel much more ready for my next interview thanks to them.

      • admin

        Thanks Daisy! You are looking 👌 these days now in your virtual interviewing skills! Glad you took the plunge with us! Go get Em!

    3. Victor Ortiz

      Great experience – Felt like I was actually on a real job interview. Coached me up, and coached me sideways. Feel that I got feedback and an education all in one session. Many thanks for the insights and confidence. Highly Recommend.

      • admin

        Thanks Victor! These get intense, but only because we know it will make you more confident! Thanks for the review!

    Professional LinkedIn Services

    In a recent poll, 82% of recruiters admitted that when a resume passes ATS (Applicant Tracking System – the evil system that decides whether your resume ‘passes; through to a live person) and lands on their desktop, they immediately head to LinkedIn to gain more insights on the potential candidate. If you are not taking advantage of the free digital marketing LinkedIn provides for your personal brand, good luck on your next job-seeking conquest! Whether you agree or disagree with the usage and necessity of LinkedIn is irrelevant, the point is, the people weighing in on the decision to hire you use it, and that’s what matters! Go Berg or Go Home can transform your LinkedIn profile and make you shine like an all-star!

    • Professional Assessment – We can provide a complete assessment of your current LinkedIn profile with professional feedback from leading recruiters in the various sections of LinkedIn.
    • Professional Writing – Once we assess the LinkedIn profile, we will professionally edit your profile to ensure your personal brand and professional image is ready for any and all eyes! This includes assisting with descriptors for current and past employment roles, executive summaries, and personalized headers to get you noticed by leading talent acquisition teams.
    • Professional Recommendations – The Go Berg Team can provide professional recommendations, including a hand-written personalized recommendation from Dr. Berg, which will be visible to all LinkedIn connections.
    • Professional Connections – Need to connect with the right people? Want more networking opportunities with professionals in your industry? Go Berg has designed a revolutionary way to connect with people in your industry and expand your connections and followers – we can send you anywhere from 10 to 1000 connections! The possibilities are endless to grow your network!
    4.99 out of 5
    (156 customer reviews )
    1. James Haule

      Amazing work by this team! My LinkedIn was due for a major overhaul due to working 14 years with a company and unfortunately I was let go, needed to turnaround a few career choices, and this was the biggest area of focus. Go Berg didn’t disappoint and exceeded every and all expectations, thank you for the personalization, the peep talks, and the openness to feedback. You guys rock!

      • admin

        Thanks James! As the saying goes, one door closes, another opens, keep at it, and you know where to find us if you need any help!

    2. Vanessa Simmons

      Excellent – markets are picking back up and I needed to get back on the hunt. Was killing myself to put my LinkedIn together. Found Go Berg or Go Home, and 24 hours later, I have a new LinkedIn, 340 new connections, and much more confident when I one-click to apply on the website. Thank you to all for the amazing work and fast turnaround!

      • admin

        Thanks Vanessa, we work fast, so you can apply faster! Happy to help, keep achieving!

    3. Kellie Jimenez

      Finally! I have been putting my LinkedIn profile redo off for sometime, finally hired a professional company, and I couldn’t be happier with the work that gO berg did on my profile – plus my network is growing everyday! Thanks!

      • admin

        Thanks Kellie! You know where to find us if you anything else! All the best!

    Find Your Career Today

    Go Berg or Go Home is proud of the partnerships and relationships we have formed and matured across multiple industries. Our motto has always been “If you know us, people will know you!” We admit, we are not miracle workers and can’t turn water into wine for all clients, but we can assist in gaining you more exposure, which leads to more interviews, which can lead to more job offers. We work with over 60 recruiters and 12 staffing agencies. These are some of the best recruiters in the business and regularly receive job openings on a daily basis. Recruiters have come to trust the Go Berg or Go Home name because they know the quality of services and coaching we provide for our clients. If that isn’t enough, we have a partnerships with Indeed and ZipRecruiter, two of the leading job-sites in the world to assist clients in searching and landing their next job!

    • Professional Career Coaching – We employ certified career coaches that will work with you to identify roadblocks, strategy, and solutions to helping you land your next position!
    • Professional Job Placement – Thanks to our partnership with Indeed and ZipRecruiter, we have inside access to their job postings. We can get in contact with the actual hiring managers and let’s just say, put in the good word to get you to the front of the line! Click on the links below and let us know which position you are interested in today!
    • Professional Profile Management – The key to successfully applying for positions on sites like CareerBuilder, Indeed, Monster, and LinkedIn is having a professional profile established, and more importantly, a dedicated Go Berg recruiter working for you! Our Go Berg internal recruiters work for you and send exact matches of positions your resume qualifies for and of course, a good word with the hiring managers never hurts!
    • Inside Intelligence – For just about every posting, we can obtain pertinent information about the job opening such as: salary, specific competencies needed, feedback from other candidates, job interview questions and much more…there is no other way to say this…people talk and they give us a ton of information to give our clients an edge!