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1 Hour Video Coaching Session – $149
(Includes session and coaching with certified interview coach with the latest in job interview questions, personalized to your industry, along with mock interview session, feedback, and follow-up document with best practices, tips, and personalized feedback)

2 Hour Video Session – $249
(Includes everything in 1-hour session PLUS more dedicated practice time and mastering the art of asking questions during the job interview)

In Person – Complete Mock Interview Experience – $399
(Come dressed in your best and prepared like you are going to the actual interview! – Includes real mock interview, feedback, and thorough scoring on each response, and overall interview with a certified interview coach. The most intense coaching session out there today!

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183 reviews for Professional Job Interview Coaching

  1. Courtney Petro

    In 2021, I learned if you don’t have a LinkedIn, you are basically done in the job search. Go Berg did my resume, prepped me for the interview, and knocked my LinkedIn profile out all within 2 weeks. I was in need of an overaul, but also didn’t want my company/co-workers to know that I was “active” – They went in, did everything they needed, and then some! Professional, Approachable, and extremely knowledgeable. Best decision I made in 2021 for sure! Thanks all!

  2. Daisy Liani

    Amazing – never purchased anything like this before, but found that going 0 for 5 on interviews in the last month was a sign that something was off. After this coaching session, and hearing my answers (they can record the sessions and playback – it’s scary, but opens your eyes). I sounded like I was clueless and actually didn’t answer many of the mock interview questions. Great sessions, tough to go through, but I feel much more ready for my next interview thanks to them.

    • admin

      Thanks Daisy! You are looking 👌 these days now in your virtual interviewing skills! Glad you took the plunge with us! Go get Em!

  3. Victor Ortiz

    Great experience – Felt like I was actually on a real job interview. Coached me up, and coached me sideways. Feel that I got feedback and an education all in one session. Many thanks for the insights and confidence. Highly Recommend.

    • admin

      Thanks Victor! These get intense, but only because we know it will make you more confident! Thanks for the review!

  4. Gary Layau

    Top notch – Everything I need and then some – can’t say thank you enough, gets intense, but trust in the process and no fluff! Very knowledgeable and professional.

    • admin

      Thanks Gary! It was a pleasure! All the best!

  5. Fern Gonzalez

    Worth every penny – Did the 1 hour, came back for another, because I was in need of confidence boost and refining my skills as it’s been awhile since I have had to interview. Really appreciated the extra time they gave to ensure my virtual set-up was all in line as that’s the world we live in today. True professionals and they won’t sugarcoat the feedback, and that’s what made this worth it for me.

    • admin

      Thanks Fern! Happy to take anymore time that you need to feel comfortable! Good Luck!

  6. LeAnn W Winters

    Virtual Interviews are a new thing for me – In this day and age, I knew I needed to brush up on these types. They actually helped me set-up the technology, and did a screen share so that I can be on camera, but still have my notes – just things I would never consider – It was worth every penny, from the tech lesson, to the content, to the feedback – I feel like this is the new interviewing approach and everyone needs every advantage they can get today.

    • admin

      Thanks LeAnn! Virtual is going to be the new norm for years to come, you know where to find us if you need any help!

  7. Mary Simmons

    Virtual Interviews – I haven’t done an in-person interview in about 5 years, virtual, never. Needed help with working the camera and the panel. Honestly, the mock sessions felt 99% real to me, and I felt I was interviewing for the actual job. They provided great feedback, coaching on answers, and an email recap to ensure I had everything I needed to feel prepared for my interview. Hands down, best investment made during COVID-19.

    • admin

      Thanks Mary! We will be here during and after if you need any follow-up coaching! Good Luck!

  8. Richard Chen

    After working with Go Berg on my resume, mock interviewing needs and cover letter development, I can tell they care a lot about their clients. They strive to bring their clients the most comprehensive, professional, current and on trend advice and guidance. Each meeting with Go Berg was easy going, productive and ultimately led to my successful attainment of a sales VP position for a medical device company. I am very appreciative to each and every one of their specialists. I was also impressed with their due diligence and fact checking on my number intensive resume!

    • admin

      Thanks Rich! If you list the numbers, you better be prepared to talk about them 🙂

  9. Cynthia Hermus

    Prior to working with Go Berg, I always disliked interviewing. Something about the entire situation- a lot of pressure. My friend knew about my upcoming interview at a PR firm, a lot of pressure, and she referred me to Go Berg after hearing good things about them. What a difference it made to my interview ability and the way I feel about interviewing today! Go Berg’s experts worked on setting up real life interview questions and provided specific, targeted feedback on how to improve my answers- keep it concise, and how to improve my delivery and professional persona. I am so happy I had the recommendation from a friend. I most certainly pass on the recommendation when I can. Thank you, special shout out to Keith and Roma!

    • admin

      Thanks Cynthia, and please thank your friend! Keith is one of the best! I will be sure to share the feedback!

  10. Edison Ecker

    Go Berg’s exceptional career coaches covered every aspect and nuance of the career process to help me succeed when I was applying for and aiming to attain a management position for a consulting firm. They edited my resume to maximize my value, they showcased my potential with a unique and creative cover letter, and they patiently coached and provided feedback during mock interview sessions prior to the big interview. They know everything related to your career needs and are invested in your success. I really value their insight and judgment; after having spent so long in the business, they know how to prepare you and they know what employers are looking for and expecting. Thank you!

    • admin

      Thanks Edison, it’s a love/hate relationship when we put clients through the mock interviews, but I know you love us now!

  11. Irene Simmons

    Go Berg was wonderfully brilliant at creating a mock interview for me prior to my interview at a makeup and beauty company for a social media organizer position. They had many questions, all of different flavors, most of the them were difficult and made me pause, but I was so happy I went through the process. Being able to practice your answers, re-fining your responses with their expert feedback is a must before any big life event. And interviewing for a job, is a major life event!

    • admin

      Thanks Irene! Major life event, sure, we can support that argument! It’s a big moment, one that could lead to funding your life 🙂

  12. Vick Murphy

    Go Berg or Go Home was instrumental in guiding me through a career transition. They understand the process and work to develop a strategic plan that is customized to meet your needs. I was referred to them from a colleague who only had great things to say about them. They helped me transition from a flight attendant to a photographer for a tourism company. It was a big move, but Go Berg helped me along the way with practical steps, key resources, and a set of professional connections that were beyond productive. I highly recommend their career services. They are professional and effective.

    • admin

      Thanks Vick, your career turnaround is great to watch, from pandemic to chasing passion, beyond happy and excited for you!

  13. Emmett Lanford

    I really appreciate Go Berg for all their professional guidance and for staying with me during a long job search. They seem never to get discouraged or upset. They are always molding setbacks towards your advantage. I really enjoy this aspect of working with them. They were practical, honest, and motivating. They always had a task or point of professional development to gain. There was never any question they couldn’t answer and they always had connections and resources that fit what I was looking for. I owe my successful transition from billing specialists into sales manager to them. I love the intense environment and people dynamics!

    • admin

      Thanks Emmett, you owe us nothing sir! We didn’t have the skills, we just helped you put them into the best way to show them when it counts!

  14. Maya-Lynn Berven

    Go Berg offers superior career advice and job coaching. I have used their services a few times and each time they offered wise, practical strategies to allow me to achieve my goals. They consider many different options and they are “in the know” with the best and most lucrative career moves. If you have any question regarding job searching, applying, resume writing, career advancement or career switches, they will help you in all those areas and more!

    • admin

      Thanks Maya! You know where to find us, and tell all your friends too!

  15. Luciano Osuna

    The direct, specific, and targeted feedback I received from Go Berg after my mock interviewing session was remarkable. The whole process was challenging but extremely productive. I highly recommend working with them on your interviewing skills. It was constructive to be able to talk out my responses, and to create fumbles in a mock session versus struggling in the actual interview. Go Berg pointed out a lot of weaknesses that I had however, I never would have recognized them myself. I value their expertise and experiences. Their professionals have worked in different industries and have also hired for different roles which gives them an inside edge. Everything they do is to help their clients succeed!

    • admin

      Luciano, thanks for the feedback – we LOVE hearing the words direct, specific, targeted! No FLUFF here! 🙂

  16. Joseph Lewis

    Go Berg or Go Home’s professional career coaches give you the tools and skills needed to succeed in the job interview. Working with them, I felt more confident and better equipped to answer any question that the interviewers might have when the time came for my real interview. You definitely get your money’s worth in their expert guidance, practical strategies, and effective practice sessions. I never felt rushed and I truly felt their expertise and industry knowledge was valuable in terms of preparing me for my actual interview. Highly recommended!

    • admin

      Thanks Joe! Appreciate the recommendation and that you feel confident about your interviewing skills!

  17. Amber Moyer-Schwab

    For your next interview you need to work with Go Berg!!!! Prior to a recent virtual interview, I worked with them to get my answers just right. They do a lot of company and industry research prior to your mock interview which allows them to make it as real as possible. They are excellent at challenging you with different question types and providing specific feedback afterwards to help you grow in your capabilities and confidence. This is a must do before your interview!

    • admin

      Thanks Amber! We do our research, almost everyday, just one of the key differences in us and “them” 🙂

  18. TJ Kaplan

    I highly recommend Go Berg or Go Home’s mock interview services. I felt I gained so much confidence in my ability to answer challenging questions and had a good understand of how best to prepare for my actual interview. I must say, their professional job coaches are knowledgeable regarding the entire career process, especially job interviewing. Well worth the investment in your career!

    • admin

      Thanks TJ! All the best and keep achieving!

  19. Dylan Brooks

    Go Berg was instrumental at formulating and advising me on my career path. After college and my first job in sales, I saw that I wanted to make a move. They helped to get a firm understanding of my work history, interests and talents, in order to provide a strategic plan to move into data design and management. They are experts in advising which courses to take and which certifications will pay off. They are very professional, knowledgeable about career transitions and have many resources to help you make a career transition. Thank you!!!

    • admin

      Thanks Dylan, we have a ton of expertise, thanks for noticing and calling us out on it!

  20. Stephanie Parker

    I highly recommend Go Berg or Go Home for career coaching and job placement assistance. They strive to personalize each service to suit the needs of their client. When I was looking for assistance and guidance, increasing my professional presence in the banking industry, Go Berg worked arduously to coach me to prepare for my interviews, connect me with others in their sphere of influence and find inside data and intelligence on companies to allow me to succeed. They are very proficient, skilled and capable of helping you make the best career decision that fits with your goals and aspirations.

    • admin

      Thanks Steph! We listen, and listen some more, this should be YOUR decision, not pushing our agendas and listings is what makes us, well, us!

  21. Jonas Frangopoulos

    Go Berg or Go Home has many professional career services if you are in need of an advantage in order to move up in your professional role, compete for a new position, or transfer industries. As a recruiter for an online retailer for consumer goods, we have a partnership with Go Berg that continuously exceeds my expectations. They have delivered us all types of professionals with different backgrounds, experiences, and skill levels, every-time their pieces of professional writing are exemplary and the contenders are highly successful in the role we hire them for. It is a blessing to be connected with Go Berg. You can tell they go above and beyond for their clients and that they have a strong and wide network of professionals.

    • admin

      Thanks Jonas! Great to see your on our conference call last week! Great to see things picking up, we all need it!

  22. Kaitlyn Popa

    I highly recommend Go Berg or Go Home for their many great services, specifically their mock interview preparation. I have used their in-person version of this in the past and it is absolutely worth it. They provide a realistic, intense, challenging, and productive mock interviews. You will be put through your professional paces but you will come out more assured, self-knowing, and able to answer any question/prompt/scenario/peculiar question from anyone with ease.

    • admin

      Thanks Kaitlyn! We have fun, that’s for sure 🙂 – You are ready fro anything they throw at you!

  23. Angie Chen

    Go Berg or Go Home is unsurpassed at career coaching and planning. They helped provide structure to my search, increased my exposure to new connections, and allowed my resume to be seen directly by their external recruiters which allowed me to achieve direct, specific feedback. They have many resources and streams of knowledge to help you succeed in your search. I highly recommend them. They really care about your success and they are honest and trustworthy. They deliver on their promises!

    • admin

      Thanks Angie! We have some of the best coaches in the market, and we will ALWAYS deliver on that promise!

  24. Duncan Zwilling

    Go Berg takes a practical approach to job searching and applying. Before working with them my job search process was very scattered and taking up a lot of my time. Their dedicated team of professionals helped me to organize, plan, and narrow down my search by company and position. They also took into consideration my personal values and goals. I really enjoyed working with the team, I felt they were open and upfront about the process; from what to expect and how long each step takes, also they had great insight and knowledge into different markets and keyed me onto different resources to help me succeed. I highly recommend them for job and career planning.

    • admin

      Thanks Duncan! We have a great team, and you know where to always find them!

  25. Marie Quigley

    Go Berg or Go Home is with you from start to finish. They truly understand how daunting a career switch can be. My friend recommended them to me after I was unsatisfied with my position, law clerk. After discussion and a friendly chat with Go Berg’s experts we were able to identify my true passions and get a solid understanding of my transferrable skills and knowledge that would help me make a leap. They were honest and upfront about the process and the work I would need to do as well, however, I always felt secure and rooted in confidence with the choices they helped me undertake. I can’t thank them enough for their knowledge, professionalism and career services street smarts.

    • admin

      Thanks Marie! We sent some emails your way, check them out and let us know, some opportunities are right up your alley!

  26. Johanna Olsen

    Go Berg or Go Home are great at career coaching and especially savvy at mock interviewing. If you struggle, like I did before working with Go Berg, on answering questions about your work history and how that translates to the role you are applying to, let Go Berg guide you through the process. Overcoming fear of interviewing and crafting your skills of communication will set you apart from other candidates. Go Berg provided me with many resources, tips and techniques prior to my interview. I highly recommend this service of theirs. It is a must buy and do!

    • admin

      Thanks Johanna, we are a must buy, and we’re really nice people 🙂

  27. Daniel Hecht

    Go Berg or Go Home are excellent and deliver quality, timely and effective services and products. As an example, I used their services to develop a plan for career growth in building my business acumen to eventually attain a VP position. They don’t allow you to act impulsively. Their decisions and information are always backed by considerate, thoughtful, expert field guidance, and data analysis of trends in different markets. You can be assured, working with Go Berg you are receiving curated, professional, direct and valuable career assistance.

    • admin

      Thanks Dan, quality and timely are two attributes, we will never waver from!

  28. Sonia Morooka

    To prepare me for an upcoming high stake follow up interview (there would be three interviewers present, one- the owner of the company!) Go Berg was really helpful at coaching me on specific ways to answer challenging questions and also at making sure my answers were concise and insightful. They have a lot of knowledge about the job interview process and their connections with recruiters help them identify the most commonly asked questions. It was a huge benefit to be able to work through a mock interview and get all my nerves out before the actual event.

    • admin

      Thanks Sonia, amazing when you can set up a virtual 3 person mock interview to really test you! 🙂 Good luck!

  29. Cherie Crowe

    Go Berg’s proficient career coaches reviewed my career goals and plans and pointed me towards possible actions that would allow me to enhance my results. They are practical about the career process and have many resources available to allow for professional growth and career advancement. For example, I was able to connect with their recruiter representative for a data analytics position and even spend some time doing an informational interview with the specific group at the company. It was extremely helpful to be able to have access to this information and these opportunities.

    • admin

      Thanks Cherie, we will always have the best information and questions to prepare you for whatever is thrown your way!

  30. Ivan Karimova

    Go Berg excels at career coaching and I recommend them. They know which skills are most in-demand for employers and help guide you on the right pathway to attain those skills. They are very practical and wise about the career process, whether you are seeking advancement in your field or attainment outside of it moving into a new domain. Their services are nationally recognized and their experts stay up to date with the current best practices and they build strong relationships with staffing agencies, recruiters, and HR departments directly at top level companies. If you want action on your career and progress, work with Go Berg and you won’t be disappointed!

    • admin

      Thanks Ivan, that is the point of these services, to prepare you to have the best actions that will lead to opportunities!

  31. Taylor Eachus

    I highly recommend Go Berg and their mock interview preparation. It was valuable to be able to practice my answers to particular questions that pertained to my work history but also then thread those answers towards how I would benefit the company I would be working for. Go Berg’s experts worked with me to identify my most important and meaningful past work examples and accomplishments that needed to be shared. I found the entire process to be valuable and productive.

    • admin

      Thanks Taylor, we are glad you found the value in the services, you know where to find us!

  32. Kristina Cabeza

    Go Berg or Go Home provides exceptional and timely career coaching and interview preparation services. Recently, I captured a virtual interview for a paramedical company. I worked with Go Berg to improve and capitalize on my strengths in interviewing. They worked to address challenging questions in order to really test my knowledge of myself, the company, and how I could utilize my knowledge and skill set to move the company or at least the department I would work for forward. Some of their techniques and pieces of advice are truly unique to their process, I have never come across a few of their golden nuggets of information anywhere!

    • admin

      Thanks Kristina, we have a ton of golden nuggets! Our recruiters and partnerships have given us plenty of inside tips!

  33. Priti Baruki

    I used Go Berg’s career coaching services when I was looking for a career transition but not quite sure of what type of transition. They do an excellent job at identifying your strengths and transferrable skills and which connect to which job market and type. They provided me opportunities to connect and chat with professionals in the e-commerce space so I could trial the field. Today I am happily employed thanks to the expert guidance, coaching, career analysis and support from Go Berg.

    • admin

      Thanks Priti! All the best and good luck in the new remote role!

  34. Jeffrey Myszkowski

    Go Berg or Go Home’s professional job coaching is essential to developing a baseline assessment of your path, creating a fundamental plan of action and then capitalizing on your strengths and aligning your goals with the correct opportunities. I worked one-on-one with their certified experts who specialize in career planning. They have experience in various industries as well as insider access to recruiters for various industries. So therefore, if they aren’t directly familiar with a given industry (very rare) they have the relationships and connections necessary to attain that knowledge, ultimately to help you succeed.

    • admin

      Thanks Jeff! appreciate the awesome feedback! We don’t call them experts for nothing!

  35. Sean Phillips

    Go Berg or Go Home is all about personalizing the career search process to meet your unique and individual needs and goals. At the heart of the company is people helping people. They understand how challenges in the career search can be overcome. Each meeting I had with them felt personalized and it was valuable to have their expert opinion, feedback and guidance.

    • admin

      Thanks Sean, we will be here if you need any further guidance!

  36. Kaley Dunn-Wright

    Having the time and space to practice and develop my interviewing skills with the expert team at Go Berg was not only practical and wise but eye-opening. They provided excellent feedback, I learned a lot about how to strengthen my responses to make me stand out as a candidate and I also learned what to stop doing and saying. Go Berg leaves no details un-touched. They consider all aspects of the interview process and have vast knowledge that can help you thrive. I highly recommend this service prior to any interview you partake in.

    • admin

      Thanks Kaley, appreciate the kind words and feedback, it’s just a matter of time before you are landing the career plane!

  37. Jillian Iglesias

    As a recruiter for an insurance company, I can personally vouch for Go Berg’s superior services. Some of our best job applicants are sourced from their pool of candidates. We have many different roles that we hire for and Go Berg seems always to have professional, dynamic and smart individuals. We value our partnership with Go Berg. It brings an ease to the hiring process and streamlines our ability to fill roles as needed and it benefits us not to have long periods without the “right” candidate.

    • admin

      Jill, so great to hear from you! Thanks for the opportunity to help with your hiring needs! Connect soon!

  38. Dave Tan

    Go Berg or Go Home is exceptional at career analysis and advising. I recently was laid off due to COVID and had been thinking about career movement. They gave me just the nudge and support I needed to re-think and strategize for my new career. With a solid plan in place, I am going to take online courses to attain my MBA. Go Berg can help with professional and timely career guidance, best decisions, wise investments in your career path and so much more. Don’t wait! If you are looking for a job, which is probably many of you, or you want to accelerate your career, reach out to Go Berg today. I can already tell you they have helped me in ways that are priceless.

    • admin

      Thanks Dave! Glad to see your got your pep back in your step, it’s tough, but we are known to provide a few nudges!

  39. Lucille D’Arras

    I highly recommend Go Berg for their professional job coaching and interviewing services. Interviewing and job planning is completely draining and difficult on your own. When I began working with Go Berg and their exceptional team of experts, I felt reassured, more confident, and had a better idea of my overall plan and careers goals. They helped me move from my scattered search approach to tailored and specific companies and job listings. In addition, once I received an interview request, they were beyond extraordinary at challenging me through a mock interview session. Difficult questions, specific feedback and tools to help me improve were all desired and valuable.

    • admin

      Thanks Cille, I know we lay down the pressure for these, but it will be worth it, we promise!

  40. Diego Ramirez

    I highly recommend Go Berg or Go Home for career advising and planning. They organized my career path with a practical step by step strategy after getting a comprehensive overview of my work history and future goals. They have practical knowledge and wisdom of the most lucrative and rewarding path to take. For example, they identified and utilized their resources to allow me to move to the next level in business management for an investing firm. Their knowledge base and large networks of professional connections are what allows them to deliver such superior guidance to their clients. I appreciate all their hard-work and dedication to me as their client.

    • admin

      Thanks Diego, we appreciate all your hard work to improve on your skills, all the best!

  41. Pamela Stern

    When you are not sure where to turn with your job search, when you have exhausted all of your own unhelpful connections, turn to Go Berg or Go Home. Their professional and exceptionally knowledgeable experts strive to take a personalized approach towards understanding their clients’ needs and maximizing their success. I owe my career transition to Go Berg. They are truly exceptional at professional writing, career coaching, and have endless amounts of energy and time to devote to your success. They were available, answered my many questions, honest about the processes, and truly delivered exceptional services. Thank you all so much!

    • admin

      Thanks Pam, we will always be here! You’re welcome very much!

  42. Ronald Dolan

    Go Berg or Go Home has a wide assortment of resources to help you succeed in your job search process. I have used their services a few times in the past, all with successful and fulfilling endings. Their resumes are professional, germane to the job description and their professional coaching, career guidance, and planning is without equal. They seem to have the pulse on what’s trending, what’s formal and always relevant in the job market and also their insider recruiters and partnerships with staffing agencies give them a head start and large advantage. I highly recommend each and every one of their many, professional, effective and value intensive services.

    • admin

      Thanks Ron, we have the pulse on all the trends, you can count on that!

  43. Antonio Giordano

    Go Berg helped me to strategically plan and set realistic expectations for my job search. They are great at listening, fine tuning your goals and aspirations and narrowing down your search. A huge bonus of working with their team of experts is their networks of internal and external recruiters who search directly through Go Berg for their job candidates. This, combined with all of the other professional Go Berg products, gave me a much needed and welcomed advantage. I highly recommend working with Go Berg if you want movement in your career search and to stop needlessly suffering and struggling on your own. You need Go Berg!

    • admin

      Thanks Antonio, you are ready to own the next interview, keep us posted, and don’t forget to PAR away!

  44. Stacey Mansouri

    Go Berg’s mock interview services and job interview preparation resources are necessary to succeed in your next interview. For my recent virtual interview, I practice and was delivered specific feedback on my performance from their certified experts. The mock interviewer almost seemed like he worked for the company! It was valuable for me to be able to practice and rehearse my answers and to be able to get insights into what will most likely appease the interviewer so that I can move forward in the process. The Go Berg team really does an excellent job at mock interviewing and preparing you to succeed.

    • admin

      Thanks Stacey, our mock interviews should just be called job interviews, because they are the real deal in terms of content, flow, and feedback!

  45. Aaron Nelson

    Go Berg has been instrumental in moving obstacles out of my career path. I didn’t know where to turn after losing my job. Once I found them, I was so relieved. They helped identify, resource, and link me with opportunities for building new networks and finding new job opportunities. They have countless resources to help you succeed and transition. I found their career guidance to be exceptionally useful and practical. I highly recommend reaching out to them for guidance on your career path.

    • admin

      Thanks Aaron! Appreciate the feedback and best of luck on your career pathing journey, let us know if you need anything!

  46. Patty Cotter

    I highly recommend Go Berg or Go Home for professional career coaching and mentoring. They are extremely well versed in the ins and outs of career transitioning, career growth and advancement. I met with their expert team to create a strategic plan to move up in broadcast media. They were able to connect me with a top-level manager for a large company. From there I was able to shadow and form a connection base. In time, using their advice and counsel I was able to advance my skill-set, take on more responsibility and attain greater pay. I highly respect their insight, judgement, and I am very grateful for their connections and resources that they have linked me to.

    • admin

      Thanks Patty, we appreciate the time, the connections will keep coming, you can count on that!

  47. Rosanna Kammen

    Go Berg helped me prepare for and succeed at my recent virtual interview. Being not as familiar in the technology driven world, they guided me through the process. Plus, I practiced my interviewing techniques with their mock sessions. They addressed many different question types and scenarios that were applicable to the role I was applying for as well as relevant to the company. I am grateful for their extraordinary services, professionalism and flexibility.

    • admin

      Thanks Roseanna, we are grateful for your extraordinary personality and all the words of advice from your background. All the best!

  48. Pascal Norton

    Go Berg’s professional mock interview service allowed me to practice and improve my interviewing skills prior to the live event. I benefited greatly from the specific feedback, targeted at ways to improve the strength of my answers, tips on how to ask the interviewer questions, and overall, how to impress the interviewer. The investment in your career is worth it. I felt composed and relaxed during the interview which was in no small part due to the effort and time that Go Berg spent with me improving my interview skills. Thank you all!

    • admin

      Thanks Pascal, there is no such thing as small details in interviews, especially these days in the virtual world! Good luck!

  49. Russell Kelly

    I highly recommend Go Berg as the career service business to partner with for top talent. As a recruiter for a healthcare corporation, we go to Go Berg for candidates to fills our roles that encompass a range of employment opportunities. They seem to have top talent to fill every discipline. Go Berg’s resumes are personalized and professional, their candidates are well coached and able to demonstrate their value and potential from the first interview and onward.

    • admin

      Thanks Russell! You are ready to rock and roll! All the best!

  50. Frederick Herman

    I highly recommend Go Berg for career coaching. They identified the most necessary and pertinent job-relevant skills I would need to advance my career as a corporate data scientist. They always have the upmost and current facts and information available to their clients, due in part to their relationships and connections with a wide variety of companies, inside recruiters, and independent staffing agencies.

    • admin

      Thanks Fred, we are on top of everything, if you ever need to circle back for the latest, you know where to find us!

  51. Meghan Harrison

    Go Berg is an excellent career services company. I have used their numerous, necessary and useful products over time. Resumes, cover letters, and professional online profiles. In addition, they are a source of inspiration and motivation. They truly are invested and care about your success and are willing to stay with you in the process until you succeed. It took a little time for me to find the right position, but through it all Go Berg had the patience, the resources and the exceptional caring ability to help me and continue to motivate me. I am so thankful. You won’t find a more dedicated, professional, well connected and caring career services business.

    • admin

      Thanks Meghan! we appreciate you taking the time to send these kind words, all the best!

  52. Oscar Morris

    I highly recommend Go Berg or Go Home’s professional mock interview sessions. Their questioning techniques, industry experiences, knowledge of the needs of recruiters and hiring managers and best practices provides an all-around exceptional service. It was a demanding and challenging process, but ultimately allowed me to improve my interviewing skills and succeed in my interview for a managerial position at a marketing firm. I am so appreciative for their expert guidance, tips and feedback, and support.

    • admin

      Thanks Oscar, we appreciate all the love shown! Keep Achieving!

  53. Ya Chai Michai

    Go Berg helped me with a significant career transition. I cannot say enough positive words about their team. Undoubtedly, they are the best in the career service business. They are professional, tremendously knowledgeable, are vested in your career goals and success and maintain integrity in everything they do. Thank you all.

    • admin

      Thanks Chai! You’re very welcome!

  54. Joanna Bishop

    I am so appreciative to the Go Berg team for developing a thoughtful interview plan and mock question and answer session. Their expertise in skilled interview management is un-matched. They provided an accurate pre-view of the common questions asked, how best to answer questions, how to formulate my questions and also, they had surprise questions, just to keep me on my toes and make sure I was overly prepared. I am appreciative for their professionalism and thoroughness of services!!

    • admin

      Thanks Joanna, we believe our services are unmatched as well 🙂

  55. Dave Salazar

    Go Berg or Go Home worked with me to “flip the tables” so to speak and identify and articulate the best, most pertinent, culturally driven, and necessary questions to ask the interviewer. This step is crucial, it lets you know if the company if a right fit for you, allows you to understand how long the position you are applying for is likely to last, what are the opportunities for growth and importantly if the company is performing well and is in stable condition and/or growing. Some of these questions are crucial information for you to know, but often can be difficult to ask to the interviewer, you don’t want to put them off. Go Berg taught me the way to be inquisitive yet reasonable, to be able to gather my data on the company without coming off as too intrusive. Many thanks.

    • admin

      Thanks Dave, we like the “flip the tables” example, we will use that one! All the best!

  56. Alyssa Leon

    Go Berg or Go Home’s mock interview preparation is a necessary step if you want to succeed in your next job interview. They helped me to organize my responses for maximum effect, provided detailed feedback and guidance on how to improve my delivery, and which questions to ask the interviewer. I cannot understate how important and helpful it is to have a pre-interview with such expert and curated, specific feedback. It allows for a smooth real interview and increases your ability to land your new position. Much appreciation!

    • admin

      Thanks Alyssa, Keith is “crazy” in a great way in setting up these mock sessions, glad you found the value in the exercise!

  57. Walter Maxwell

    The professional feedback from Go Berg after my mock interview was invaluable. Their expert coach identified specific areas for me to strengthen and more ideal ways in which to express my experiences with particular examples. He even challenged me with some difficult analytical as well as abstract questions. But in the end, I felt the entire process was beneficial. During my live interview, I was thankful that we had prepared so much beforehand, because there were in fact a few questions that were far out, but with my training from Go Berg, I was able to handle them with ease.

    • admin

      Thanks Walter! Coaching is everything, and you can’t be coached in interviewing skills, unless you interview, all the best!

  58. Ashely Forrester

    Go Berg’s certified team of professional career coaches patiently worked with me and allowed me to identify roadblocks in my plan for career advancement. I am so glad I was referred to them by a friend. When I sat down with Go Berg and told them of my approach to job searching, resume writing and cover letter formatting, they immediately were able to tell how I was not helping myself at all. They patiently and kindly explained more beneficial ways and created a strategic plan that involved purposeful action, specific jobs titles with specific companies and from there, we were off and running. Thank you all so much!!!

    • admin

      Thanks Ash, we had a blast last week too! Good luck!

  59. Catherine Allen

    Go Berg is the best! Their team stayed with me during a long and difficult job search process. After having difficulty at a few different jobs in the past, I was looking for something new and different, something more in line with my interests. Because of my lack of experience and short stays at companies my resume was a little flat. Go Berg worked with me to provide direction toward additional educational certificates, put me in contact with internships opportunities and increased my professional network. It took a little time, but with their patience, guidance, and expertise, I finally transitioned from library clerk to a stable and fulfilling position in a lab as a research assistant. Much appreciation and thanks!

    • admin

      Thanks Catherine, so happy to finally landed on the job you were aiming for, when you change the world, don’t forget about us!

  60. Donna Wang

    I highly recommend Go Berg for career mentoring and planning. They personalized my search when I was looking to advance my business career towards upper level management. They did a remarkable job detailing my accomplishments with quantitative data and support that were unquestionable. At the top of my resume was a summary and objective statement that both summarized my strengths and strongly supported my ability to take on more responsibility. Thank you!!!!

    • admin

      Thanks Donna, you’re very welcome! Keep Achieving!

  61. Joan Sterlikov

    I realized after working with Go Berg on my interviewing, that I had a lot of areas to work on. I was amazed at their depth and scope of knowledge. I had specific feedback not only on my answers but also things like my voice (intonation and speed), I was speaking so soft and quick that my answers were losing their impact. The Go Berg team is talented at what they do and provides immense value. I benefited from their services in many ways, including accepting a new position as a product specialist at a medical device company. I highly recommend their mock interview services. Practicing on your own is difficult and you don’t know what is holding you back. Go Berg kindly points out your weakness and guides you towards success.

    • admin

      Thanks Joan, we appreciate using the word “kindly” to describe our feedback! That is “kind” of you 🙂

  62. Reem Khan

    I respect and value their dedication to me as a client. The time they spent gathering information and intel on the companies I was interviewing for was impressive. This background knowledge helped them to create a mock interview session that was as real as possible. I found being able to practice before the interview, in as real a setting as possible, extremely beneficial. It also allowed me to feel more comfortable and confident during the actual interview. I believe also the real interviewer was impressed with how much I knew about the company. Thank you Go Berg!!

    • admin

      Thanks Reem, all the best! You keep impressing, and we will keep impressing!

  63. Philip Simkoko

    Go Berg helped to me to identify a list of a few target companies when I was applying for a position as an industrial engineer. They are extremely wise and realistic about the career search process. After the first few meetings with them, we had a strategic plan in place. Once my resume and cover letters were professionally written by their expert writers, I was able to send them to the specific companies. Within a few weeks I heard back from two of the companies, wishing to move forward in the process. I am so appreciative to Go Berg, they are skilled at career planning, go above and beyond for their clients, and supportive throughout the entire process.

    • admin

      Thanks Philip, we support clients during and after, that’s what we LOVE to do!

  64. Nicolas Gasennelwe

    Go Berg’s professional career coaches helped me organize and plan for career advancement in the accounting industry. Major thanks to Keith who was supportive, knowledgeable, and connected me with the right opportunities and contacts. I highly recommend their services. They are efficient, professional and invested in helping their clients achieve their career goals.

    • admin

      Thanks Nick! I will pass the amazing feedback to Keith, he can use it today!

  65. Sarah Lopez

    Go Berg or Go Home’s career coaches are wonderful. They performed a full assessment of my career goals, including asking about my achievements and accomplishments; to understand and develop a clear picture of how best to support me. They create an in-depth, personalized plan to help me transition from social media writer to a position as a marketing manager for a healthcare corporation. They are easy to work with, honest, timely in their responses to your questions, and very knowledgeable about career transitions.

    • admin

      Thanks Sarah, that’s our value prop! Personalized conversations, resumes, and coaching! Keep Achieving!

  66. Noel Demuth

    Go Berg’s professional questioning prepares you for interviewing in the best possible way. They provide an experience that allows you to work through your answers and also refine your replies. Their expert feedback is useful. I had bad habits of repeating myself, not fully answering the stated questions, and not supporting my answers with data and examples. I would not have recognized this on my own. I really appreciate the amount of time and effort the Go Berg Team took to support me with my interview skills. I highly recommend their services, well worth it!

    • admin

      Thanks Noel, we all have bad habits, but we haven’t found a habit that we couldn’t help break and enhance!

  67. Tami McNeill

    Go Berg’s professional career coaches help you to harness your own innate power to improve your success in interviewing. I always found interviewing to be stressful and difficult. With Go Berg’s professional guidance, I felt more confident with my interviewing ability. They provided practical and useful strategies to help me develop my weaknesses into strengths and to capitalize on my strengths in order to demonstrate my potential. Thank you!!!

    • admin

      Thanks Tami! You’re very welcome! Go Get Em!

  68. Clara Wallenfels

    Go Berg facilitated my ability and cultivated my skills for interviewing. They provided me with the most recent, current best practices, most common questions asked, and key points to address for the companies I was interviewing at. I benefited from their insight and contacts with recruiters at the companies; they knew what the company was looking for in its candidates, so I was able to adapt my answers and responses to meet their needs. I highly recommend Go Berg. They provide a lot of value and have many tools and resources available to help you!!

    • admin

      Thanks Clara! Our recruiters are beginning to reach out more and more these days, good news! Hang in there and keep at it!

  69. Lepaitai Jadambaa

    Go Berg or Go Home worked with me to advance my ability to communicate effectively for my interviews. We went through many different sets of questions and answers, which helped me better articulate my responses. I was able to benefit from their expert tips and tools to shorten my responses, yet still provide meaningful and pertinent information. The Go Berg team are specialists at career coaching and they have years of experience with interviewing and they know how to help you. I highly recommend them!

    • admin

      Thanks Lepaitai, Good luck next week! You got this! Let us know how everything goes.

  70. Bob M. Lewis

    When working with Go Berg on your interviewing skills, they make you their number one priority. With their expert guidance they provided the resources to improve my interviewing efficiency and effectiveness. I am thankful for their support and guidance. The tools I learned from them helped me to succeed in my job interviews and helped to advance my career.

    • admin

      Thanks Bob! All the best and good luck!

  71. Aida McCaskey

    Go Berg brought so much value to my career search, planning, and overall success. They provided me with so much insight, knowledge, resources, exercises and activities, all designed to help me, uniquely showcase my talents and abilities in the interview process and land my new position as a pharmaceutical sales manager. I highly respect and value the team at Go Berg, they are dedicated to their clients and maintain high standards with every aspect of their business from the polished, well-written resume, to their comprehensive mock interviewing sessions, to helping me with finalizing and accepting my job offer and benefit package. I owe it all to Go Berg!

    • admin

      Thanks Aida! Congrats! I know it was well-deserved! Keep achieving!

  72. Sean Pyne

    Go Berg assisted me with career planning that allowed me to understand and identify the right career path. I was feeling in need of a change, but not sure where to begin. With a full assessment of my strengths, we made a plan of action that led to me finding a career, vet tech, that I was energized and engaged in. I feel they took the time to authentically understand me and my goals, worked with me to question and plan my career, and truly helped guide me towards the best possible path. Thank you!!!

    • admin

      Thanks Sean, If you need any help taking care of the animals, count us in!

  73. Jim Mercado

    I fully enjoyed Go Berg’s Mock Interview Services and I know they were the driving force behind my career success. During the sessions, I was able to practice and refine my interview ability. I found speaking out-loud to a mock interviewer so much more beneficial than talking to myself. I was shocked at how often I fumbled and mis-spoke. However, with their guided and specific feedback, I was able to take away key pointers and areas to develop, “my homework,” then practice again, ultimately improving my comfort and confidence level during the actual interview.

    • admin

      Thanks Jim, not everyday you pay a company and get “homework” 🙂 – Thanks for trusting in our process!

  74. Gavenia Donnchadh

    Go Berg or Go Home worked with me to develop my strengths in interviewing and to improve upon my weak points. It was beneficial to have their expert guidance. I was matched with their professional who had years of experience working in and recruiting for the retail industry. It was bonus to be able to have their sage advice and guidance. I highly recommend their career services, they are professional, knowledgeable, offer a wide range of services and understand the career process.

    • admin

      Thanks Gavenia! appreciate the feedback and all the kind words, you have plenty of strengths, go get em!

  75. Jace Tsosie

    I highly recommend Go Berg’s professional career counseling. They were instrumental in helping me advance my business career. They are heavily immersed in different markets and industries and understand career trends. With their help, I was able to have a strategic plan in place for career advancement and they identified they most profitable next step in my career. When it came to choosing between graduate school and additional shorter-length certifications, they were able to use data and figures to help guide me. Nothing they do or produce is lax or without strong support. I am grateful for their expertise, dedication, and guidance.

    • admin

      Thanks Jaci! Degrees are important, but are needed at certain times! Good luck with the certifications and let us know when you applying for the bigger degree!

  76. Takisha Brown

    Go Berg’s close alliance with recruiters and staffing agencies, allows them to provide comprehensive job coaching and interviewing services. They understand the needs of recruiters, questions that will be most frequently asked in interviews and what companies are looking for in their employees. With this insider intelligence, it gives their clients a leg up on the competition. I have used both their resume writing services and mock interviewing sessions, in both cases I was extremely pleased with the services and results. They are a talented group of individuals, working to bring you your career success.

    • admin

      Thanks Takisha, we are glad you we’re pleased, and even happier you are reaping the benefits in this new virtual interview world! All best best!

  77. Maria Jozwiak

    I highly recommend Go Berg. Their mock interview service allows you to practice all the necessities prior to your real interview. Recently, I worked with Go Berg to practice for a virtual interview with the hiring manager at an insurance company. They covered every particular of the interview; we discussed making sure I thoroughly understood the technology of the platform I would be using, lighting, dress, environment, in addition to the question and answer part. I especially found it beneficial to get their expert guidance on how the interview process has changed since COVID; their close relationships with the recruiters have allowed them to gain new knowledge about how companies are changing. Their guidance and best practice advice definitely helped me to feel confident and at ease with the live interview. Fingers-crossed, for good news later this week!!!

    • admin

      Hi Maria! Fingers-crossed on this end too! If you need a pep-talk, you know where to find us!

  78. Ben Mudin

    The Go Berg Team is a professional group of career mentors, invested in your career success and best interests. Their pragmatic approach to career searching and planning is a best-buy service that delivers you advancement of your career. They are wise, professional, and effective.

    • admin

      Thanks Ben, you a wise individual yourself! All the best!

  79. Giovanni Angelucci

    Go Berg or Go Home is the only place to go for career advisement and planning if you want to succeed. After a 13-year career in the food services industry, I needed a change. I knew making a dramatic change would require support and experts on my side. I heard of Go Berg from a colleague. I cannot thank Go Berg enough for their professionalism, efficiency, openness and honesty during the search process, and their ability to connect me with recruiters and companies in order to demonstrate my transferable skills. They are extremely knowledgeable about career transitions, how best to maneuver the market and present yourself, and how to gather more opportunities. Many Thanks!!!

    • admin

      Thanks Giovanni, we love career transitions! It can be scary, but we do our best to guide and help!

  80. Jonathan Friedmann

    I highly recommend Go Berg or Go Home’s mock interview service. They truly know the ins and outs of interviews from question and answering to delivering maximum impact, how to impress with the right examples, and how to demonstrate your potential value to your future employer. They also cover all the additional areas, that are smaller but make a lasting impact, like posture, dress code, following up with a thank you note, how to reach out to the interviewer if you have not heard back and when it is appropriate to do so. I felt prepared and in control when I interviewed at a financial company. I had to wait a little while to hear a response, but with the guided helped of Go Berg, we reached out a week later and they immediately responded; the guided follow up was the push they needed! Go Berg’s services are proficient and timely. They bring much wisdom to the table; they consider each move and they don’t let you rush into anything without considering the consequences. I really value their expertise and dedication to me as their client.

    • admin

      Thanks Jon! We love to give the career services pushes! Never rush our clients, our relationships with you all are what keeps us going!

  81. Ian Smerdon

    Go Berg is committed to your career success. When I worked with their expert team in order to improve my interviewing skills and confidence, they utilized a wide selection of resources and techniques to make the mock interview as challenging, as real as possible. Working through different scenarios, explaining myself in multiple ways, and providing firm examples during the practice sessions, allowed me to prepare in such a complete way that when the day of my real interview came, I knew I would succeed. Confidence and capability are very important in interviewing and the Go Berg team knows how to provide the resources you need to achieve that confidence, they told me I had the capability, I just needed practice! I commend them for their dedication and thoroughness through their approach, I felt the service I paid for, exceeded my expectations!!

    • admin

      Thanks Ian, you hit the 2 “Cs” of interviewing! You are ready to own the next interview!

  82. Cassandra Joaquim

    When thinking about career planning, making a transition or a complete switch, I recommend contacting Go Berg. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out my plan on my own, looking here and there, reaching out to people, but what I found is unless you have a dedicated, supportive, and knowledgeable team on your side, your efforts will not be as successful. I highly recommend Go Berg for their excellence in career planning. When I was seeking to make a transition in industry, they sat down with me, evaluated my past work history, understood my goals, asked questions to clarify my goals, and formed a strong, deliberate plan of job searching and interviewing. They assisted and did a phenomenal job with my resume, cover letter, reference list, and professional profile on LinkedIn. I highly recommend this investment in your career, to have their expert guidance and knowledge, sets you up for success and keeps you from spinning your wheels.

    • admin

      Thanks Cassandra, thanks for the great review, we try our best to set you up for success! Keep achieving!

  83. Paula Greco

    My staffing agency has partnered with Go Berg for three years and we receive top applicants from them for our open positions. Their applicants are always professional, proficient and have skills direct towards the role they are applying for. Their resumes standout from the rest, being professional, strongly written to showcase value and talent, quantifiable in data points. I highly recommend partnering with their professional team for your hiring needs.

    • admin

      Thanks Paula, we highly recommend partnering with us as well! Good luck!

  84. Vadim Aliker

    As a recruiter for the tech industry, I work with a lot of different agencies and companies. Go Berg definitely stands out from the crowd. I have worked with them for years and they never disappoint. Their candidates are always well versed and skilled at interviewing and their resumes and attributes are always on point with the job descriptions roles. A large part of their great success at placing candidates with us, is their driven and dynamic ability to build strong relationships, maintain trust and credibility, as well as their continual pursuit of knowledge to help their clients. I highly recommend getting to know Go Berg, they are one of best, most professional, effective, and honest career service companies.

    • admin

      Thanks Vadim, we pride ourselves on being able to be truly connect and get to know our clients before we set them off on the career services journey!

  85. Norm Reed

    Go Berg greatly assisted me in refining my interviewing ability. They are experts in helping you excel in multi-phase interviews from your very first phone call with HR, subsequent zoom sessions, and then the in-person interview. Appreciatively, in the midst of this pandemic, they were instrumental in my successful search for a position at an IT company. They were able to guide me through the “new-normal” of job searching and interviewing. It was a strange process, but I am so thankful I had the expert and professional team of Go Berg on my side. They are a true resource for all things in career management, especially now!

    • admin

      Thanks Norm, we appreciate the feedback! All the best and keep achieving!

  86. Kim Nelson

    Go Berg takes an innovative approach to mock interviewing. I was expecting it to be beneficial after hearing wonderful comments about it from a colleague. However, it was above and beyond any other career service I have used in the past. The entire experience was challenging, thought-provoking, a little bit like a pressure-cooker at times; but all was in my best interest. I found immense value in being able to be really challenged during the mock interview, so that when the day came for my real interview, I was able to move confidently through it.

    • admin

      Thanks Kim, we are glad you were able to see the value in the services, you are ready to own the job market!

  87. Maryann Leonard

    Go Berg does an excellent job at providing you in-depth knowledge of the job search, application, and interview process. From there, they provide a complete assessment of your competencies, career accomplishments and career goals. They personalize their assessment based on your needs. They are skilled at career guidance: they assisted me in planning a management career, they provided direct and clear feedback regarding gaining a certificate versus an advanced degree. With their strategic plan and guidance, I was able to confidently make a move into management, once I acquired additional certifications. I highly recommend Go Berg for career planning. They deliver a career plan for you that is practical and wise, one that will set you up for success. They understand the workings of different fields and industries and what employers are looking for. Go Berg delivers you excellence in service for career planning.

    • admin

      Thanks Mary-Ann, we pride ourselves on our expertise!

  88. Pedro Carbonell

    During the mock interview with Go Berg, Roma was great at snuffing out poor answers, ones that were not well crafted or supported in order to help me improve my interviewing ability. She didn’t let me settle with poor, vague answers to questions. She really understands the competitiveness of the job market and provided me with strategies to make sure I stood out in the interview and I was remembered. It was extremely helpful to have her expert guidance and support; practicing my answers out loud, in front of a mock interviewer and having a formal exchange, increased my comfort level and confidence during the actual interview. I am so appreciative to her for her guidance!!!

    • admin

      Thanks Pedro! You had fun though right! 🙂 You are so ready for your next challenge!

  89. Tessa Rynsburger

    Go Berg or Go Home is a professional and extraordinary career resource business. They are able to cover every aspect of the career search process, to include professional writing and interviewing skills. I utilized their services twice in the past, once for resume writing and the other for job interviewing. I would say the two services naturally pair with each other; once you land the interview because of the attention-grabbing resume from Go Berg, you need their mock interviewing services to help you secure the job offer. Their expertise, vast collection of industry knowledge and trends in career management are top-notch. Their team is well-informed and works hard to help you achieve career success

    • admin

      Thanks Tessa! Sorry we couldn’t get a chance to connect in person, soon though! All the best!

  90. Eric Almendinger

    Besides being excellent at professional writing, Go Berg is talented at strategic career planning. Their expert coaches worked with me, not to just help me find a job, but find my career path. They are extremely practical and knowledgeable about different markets and have an uncanny ability to see the future. They stopped me from making a disastrous career choice, and made sure I planned and sought additional education for a better path. They have high standards of professionalism in practice and they have high standards for their clients. I truly appreciate their dedication to me, I never felt rushed, or pushed into a decision. I truly felt they were looking out for my best interest in the career process. Thank you Go Berg!!!

    • admin

      Thanks Eric, appreciate your amazing feedback, we will always be here looking out for you!

  91. Mila Ohana

    The job search process was extremely overwhelming and difficult on my own. When I found Go Berg it was completely different. They are professional, responsive to your needs, experts at strategic career planning, and highly motivated to help you succeed. During the entire process of working with their experts I felt there was a clear plan in place and I was able to get more attention on my resume, LinkedIn profile and speak directly with their connections. I am so grateful!

    • admin

      Thanks Mila, I will pass the feedback along to the team! Good luck and keep in touch!

  92. Victoria Reyes

    Go Berg strives to go above and beyond for their clients. During their mock interviewing sessions, they go way above the common questions asked. This approach, were I was challenged on my career history, the role and company, as well as my potential was strenuous but worth it. I found the entire process to be comprehensive and it increased my self-confidence during the actual interview. Practice doesn’t make perfect, practice with Go Berg’s certified experts makes perfect!

    • admin

      Thanks Victoria, we like to challenge and get you “uncomfortable” – it’s rough, but how else are diamonds produced 🙂

  93. Jason Deletraz

    The tailored mock interview from Go Berg was absolutely vital to my interview success. They prepared me with in-depth questioning and allowed me to re-fine my skills with practice. Afterwards, they provided direct, specific and actionable feedback; what to correct, how to better phrase an example for greater impact, how my questions to the interviewer could be strengthened. With their expertise and guidance, I was able to interview with confidence and success, I felt prepared, un-stressed and I owe it all to Go Berg. Thank you!!

    • admin

      Thanks Jason, we admit, watching our clients squirm a bit in the mock interviews is entertaining, but it’s all for the greater goal of comfort when it matters!

  94. Chung Li

    Go Berg supported me in navigating a career transition after my company re-sized and re-structured. After working for a time at one company it can be difficult to know where to being when career planning. I was so relieved to have the expert guidance of the Go Berg Team. Once they evaluate and assess your work history, options, future plans and goals, they can help guide you into making a practical strategy to approach applying and interviewing. I thank them for their honesty, feedback, guidance, and knowledge of how best to make a career transition.

    • admin

      Thanks Li, All the best and good luck!

  95. Jon Moretti

    Go Berg is responsive, honest and practical about the entire job search and application process. Once I reached out to them, I heard back right away and we set up a meeting to discuss my careers needs. I highly value their advice and guidance, they patiently continued to help me search, apply, and interview successfully. They provide skills and techniques that help you succeed each step of the way.

    • admin

      Thanks Jon! we try our best to help you succeed! Keep Achieving!

  96. Stephen Bowen

    Go Berg understands the entirety of the job search and interviewing process. With their extensive industry knowledge and partnerships with recruiters and staffing agencies they are able to deliver job coaching, interview preparation and career planning that is specific to your career goals. They are especially skilled at stoking your confidence when it comes to job interviewing. They are proficient in coaching you on how to answer and respond to the interviewer’s questions and they work on developing and accessing your skills at different approaches. Their partnerships with recruiters provides them with an advantage that helps their clients. They know what companies are looking for and that allows them to help you tailor your answers to meet the company’s needs. I found each and every minute spent with the Go Berg Team to be valuable and profitable for my career success!

    • admin

      Thanks Stephen, we found our meetings valuable as well, you are an amazing person, with tons of skills to offer!

  97. Milo Palumbo

    When it comes to job interviewing preparation, there is only one place to look, Go Berg. They have an immense amount of resources, knowledge and career experience in different industries which allows them to prepare you for any situation, in any interview. I utilized their services to interview at a telecommunications company. They were rigorous in their mock interview with extensive questioning on my abilities, past and current job performance, difficult behavioral questions, and complex theoretical questions. I felt challenged by the process, but it allowed me to work through my weaknesses, and practice again with the tips, suggestions, and techniques provided by the Go Berg Team. Thank you all so much!

    • admin

      Thanks Milo, practice makes perfect! NO!!!! Perfect practice is the way to say it! That’s what we provide!

  98. Doug Fischer

    I highly recommend the Go Berg or Go Home Team! I found their mock interviewing to be highly valuable. Full of insights, tips, and pointers to succeed at relaying to the interviewer why I am the best candidate for the role. They do an excellent job at preparing you and getting you comfortable answering different types of questions, but keeping it in a conversational manner, where you can show-off your greatness without coming off as arrogant. I thank them so much for their guidance, expertise, patience and dedication during my job interview process!!

    • admin

      Thanks Doug! we appreciate the feedback and good luck on the nest steps in your job interview process!

  99. Jose Daniels

    Go Berg is excellent at providing you structured career advice and guidance. They helped me with a big decision, staying and trying to grow with one company or going back to school for my MBA. Their certified job coaches have a wide variety of knowledge and experience that makes them ideally suited to lead you towards a path of greatness. They worked to understand my abilities and attributes and how the different options would affect my career path and ultimately set me up personally, financially, and socially for success. Thank you!!

    • admin

      Thanks Jose! We try are best to set our clients up for success, best of luck and keep in touch!

  100. Zoe Hasek

    Go Berg provides practical and industry specific skills to interview with anyone in any stage of interviewing with success. Part of their comprehensive approach which is demanding but worth it, is challenging you with difficult, complex questioning and approaches. They partner with recruiters, specific for the jobs you are applying to, so their insider intelligence on what companies are looking for is key, as that enables you to adapt your answers geared towards what they want. I highly recommend this service to prepare you prior to interviewing!!!

    • admin

      Thanks Zoe, Thanks for the high recommendation, we always have fun during the mock interviews!

  101. Kendall Becker

    The experience of working with Go Berg and their nationally recognized career experts was life changing for me. They opened me up to their connections and allowed me to cultivate relationships with top people in the advertising world. On my own I was never able to grow my career as fast and as productively as when I worked with Go Berg. I highly recommend their services, they are timely, professional and a partner in the career journey with you. Their expert guidance has always opened more opportunities for me. Thank you!

    • admin

      Thanks Kendall, we try to open some doors where we can! We have plenty of more expert guidance in our other packages 🙂

  102. Andreas Fernandez

    If you are feeling stuck in your job or career, Go Berg can help give you a lot of needed perspective. Their certified job coaches are experienced and have exposure to different fields with different connections and people they share information with. They helped create a plan for a new path forward in my career. I thought what I wanted was to completely change everything, but after working with the team at Go Berg and we had a firm understanding of the potential, obstacles, risks and rewards, we came to a conclusion that a full switch would actually not beneficial. I am so indebted to them for their support and helping me to make the right career move at that time. Their patience, experience, and breadth of career services knowledge is unmatched!!

    • admin

      Thanks Andreas, thank you for your patience and knowledge you shared as well, it’s a two-way street! All the best!

  103. Charles Rossi

    The team at Go Berg or Go Home worked with me to improve my skills in interviewing. What I enjoyed most about the process was how comprehensive their mock interviewing was. They full expected I come prepared on my background, have data on the company and be able to intertwine my skills and abilities succinctly into the job role and the company. It was as if I was interviewing with the company! I really appreciate the amount of time and effort they put into helping me feel more comfortable and in command during the interview. It eliminated the need for worrying about how it might turn out, I knew, after preparing with Go Berg, there was no question that I wouldn’t succeed. Thank you all for your excellence in career services!!

    • admin

      Thanks Charles, I will pass the feedback to the team, we put you through the ringer! That’s our jobs and what you pay for!

  104. Cornelia Russell

    Go Berg gave me the confidence and reassurance I needed to make a leap from administrative assistant at a health clinic to applying for a position as an event coordinator for a non-profit that supports early childhood education. It was always a passion of mine to make a larger impact on today’s youth. With clear planning and expert guidance from the Go Berg Team, I was able to successfully make a career move, that eventually allowed me to feel more fulfilled and excited about going to work. I thank them for their knowledge, expert guidance, and support.

    • admin

      Thanks Cornelia, you are armed with more confidence and assurance! You are very welcome for everything! Keep Achieving!

  105. Ghalen Phillips

    Go Berg was instrumental in identifying my strengths and weakness in interviewing at all levels from the first phone call and emails with recruiters to the big interview with multiple hiring mangers and two board members. At each step of the way, there are specific strategies to approach the situation so that with each interaction, you leave a positive, reinforcing impression of your value on the person you are speaking with. I learned that from the experts at Go Berg and sooo much more. I thank them for their time, superb guidance, knowledge, and professionalism. I highly recommend them for all your career needs!

    • admin

      Thanks Ghalen, we thank you for your time, knowledge and professionalism too, we learn just as much from our clients 🙂 – All the best!

  106. Richard Byrd

    Go Berg’s professional job coaches are experts at examining your career, critiquing areas for improvement, motivating you to take action on the most profound path and coaching you to succeed. I used their services to re-invent my career, I felt stagnant in a position with low growth potential. Working one on one with their advisors, we were able to tackle the difficult questions pertaining to my career path and understand and plan for the best way to move forward. I am happily in employed in a rewarding position today thanks to the Go Berg team!

    • admin

      Thanks Rich, congrats on the new gig! Today has been amazing to see the new job market data as well as have the traffic back in our email boxes! Good luck!

  107. William Mosley

    The Go Berg Team prepares you for your interview with a rigorous mock interview. They perform extensive market and company research prior to, in order to make sure you have the most amount of data and information on the company as possible. This is all extremely helpful because it guides the types of questions the interviewers ask and how you ask your questions. I highly, highly recommend working with the Go Berg Team for mock interviewing. The comprehensive, well-thought out and planned service, is beyond your expectations and does not fail you.

    • admin

      Thanks Will, that was fun, right? 🙂 – You are certainly ready for anything that an interviewer can throw at you! Good luck and let us know if you need help finding some opportunities!

  108. Pat Korhonen

    Go Berg is highly informed and in-the-know regarding career services. As companies and industries are changing, they are able to provide practical advice and counsel. I have been working with them on my current career plan and path. I already feel more optimistic about the future, with their expert guidance, we are starting to move pieces of my professional image into place and extend my knowledge so I am ready for the opportunities when they arrive. They are level-headed, efficient, and great at strategic career planning. I recommended calling them today, if you are uncertain about your job prospects or you need the best, most efficient and results-driven career planning guidance.

    • admin

      Thanks Pat, we are always a great lifeline in the career services coaching market, we have a great pool of resources, so we can’t take all the credit 🙂 All the best!

  109. Derrick De Jong

    The experts and professionals at Go Berg are career mentors with proven skills and proper guidance suited for the industry you wish to enter. They work day and night to go above and beyond for their clients. I appreciate their hard-work and dedication to me as I was seeking to interview for a project management position. They gather as much information as possible from their expertise, experience and connections which allows them to coach you to outperform your competitors for the role. I highly value their advice, guidance and dedication to helping me achieve success.

    • admin

      Thanks Derrick, we value your feedback, your dream PM job is coming, just hang in there and keep at it! All the best!

  110. Seth Bernthal

    What a great investment! Go Berg’s mock interview service was remarkably informative and helpful. With their intense sessions, I was able to showcase my strengths and talents, practice answering challenging questions with enough supportive data to sound professional, and work on my ability ask questions to the interviewer. Later on, in subsequent negotiations, prior to my accepting of a job offer, Go Berg was instrumental at helping me negotiate a higher salary to start based on my competencies and worth to the company. Wow, I was not expecting that, but these guys are good, beyond good!

    • admin

      Thanks Seth, glad you found the mock interview activity helpful! They are painful, but as they say, it only makes you stronger! 🙂

  111. Vincent Thobe

    I am very grateful to the team at Go Berg for their career advice and guidance. I was questioning and stressed over making a career move. I was referred to them from a colleague. Their expert team of career coaches have a diverse background of industry knowledge. They helped to discover how my short-term goals would contribute to my long-term plan, and they created a path forward for me and my career. Their insights, advice, and ability to relate to the job search process is reassuring. I highly recommend using their career planning and coaching services. They can definitely point you in the right direction and create a reasonable plan to get there. Thank you all!

    • admin

      Thanks Vin, we will point you into a direction, if it’s the right one, then Yes 🙂

  112. Thema Galal

    I cannot say enough positive words about the Go Berg Team. Their certified career coaching experts helped me to strategically create a plan for my career after finishing my masters. Their expertise lies in their unique capability for personalized and professional assessments. They have a ton of insider knowledge and experience in different industries which allows them to inform their clients of the best and most lucrative career moves. I am so appreciative to them for their professionalism, knowledge and guidance. I highly recommend them for structured, goal-oriented career planning and execution.

    • admin

      Thanks Thema, I will send the team this amazing feedback! We appreciate you!

  113. Azad Yilmaz

    I appreciate the professionalism, attention and depth of assessment that I received from Go Berg. I utilized their career coaching and mock interviewing services. They provided extremely valuable and insightful feedback, plenty of time for practice, and they were dedicated to my success. I was discouraged when I was not accepted on the first few rounds of interviews I went on. But with Go Berg’s persistence, encouragement and support, I eventually was able to succeed. I found working with their expert and certified team of job coaches helped to deepen my understanding of myself as a professional and I learned an immense amount of information pertaining to the job search and interviewing processes. Thank you endlessly!

    • admin

      Thanks Azad! You are welcome endlessly! Good luck and hang in there, opportunities are coming!

  114. Sara Desjardins

    Go Berg’s expert coaches helped me narrow down my search for a new position, target specific companies, and helped to assess the benefits of continuing my education to eventually achieve greater career advancement. I appreciate their knowledge in a vast array of areas and industries, they have experience working with clients in different areas but have experience themselves in different industries which I feel allows them to provide comprehensive career services. I appreciate the time they tool to evaluate my situation and afford me a clearer path going forward. Thank you Go Berg.

    • admin

      Thanks Sara! we appreciate your feedback and allowing us to step in and assist, keep achieving, and keep in touch!

  115. Professor Daniel Grunewald

    Many thanks to Dr. Berg. Chris, I appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to speak with my recent college graduates last week on Zoom. Your experience, expertise and insights helped alleviate some of their fears and worries as they head out into the job market. We know things are changing rapidly, but now they have a wonderful source of guidance in you and your proficient team at Go Berg. I believe I speak for all of the students when I write a resounding THANK YOU!

    • admin

      Thanks Prof. Grunewald, I will certainly pass along the feedback to Chris, all the best and connect next semester!

  116. Ava Segal

    I benefited greatly from Go Berg’s professional interviewing and questioning techniques. It was like an experiment or a pre-game practice, where I could trial different answers, ask questions, and get immediate, honest, practical feedback and then try again. I also found their use of adaptation strategies immensely useful, especially during the real interview. I highly recommend this service, as they are fully immersed in the science of interviewing and fully versed in all the different ways employers and hiring managers look to test you to see if you are the ideal candidate. During the actual interview, I came upon two different scenarios that were asked of me, that I was not 100% comfortable with; however, with my background and training from Go Berg I was able to quickly think and create a professional answer on the spot, that ultimately, I feel, led to my success. I thank them for their thoroughness, dedication and professionalism.

    • admin

      Ava, it was a pleasure! Keep interviewing, and the right offer will come!

  117. Brooke Thompson

    I highly recommend Go Berg or Go Home for all of your career service needs. I feel their professional and personalized services had a profound impact on my ability to articulate to interviewers how my work experience, coupled with responsibilities would be of great value to their company. Working one on one with Go Berg’s team of expert coaches I was able to refine my ability to demonstrate my value and potential during my interviews. After working with Go Berg I felt more in control, self-assured and calm during my recent interview at a large manufacturing company.

    • admin

      Thanks Brooke, you are ready to slay girl! You crushed the mock interviews, you got this and will get this!

  118. Marvin Lewis

    I highly recommend Go Berg for all of your professional career needs. I found when trying on my own it was very difficult to tackle successfully any type of career advancement. Once I sat down with Roma, we were able to create a systematic plan for my job search, streamline and customize my resume, tailored to the jobs I was applying to and in addition, I was provided with current, on trend, accurate interview preparation. I thank Roma and the entire team at Go Berg for there constructive feedback, guidance and expert knowledge of all things related to my job search.

    • admin

      Thanks Marvin, Roma is smiling ear to ear! All the best and keep in touch!

  119. Raelynn Harris

    Go Berg is extremely responsive to your career needs. They do a great job at being open, honest, and transparent about the entire job search/application/interview process. Each step of the way, I felt understood and supported which I know led to my ultimate success in landing a new position. I thank them all very much for their attention, professionalism and I highly recommend them!

    • admin

      Thanks Raelynn, we try are best to knock you down, and right there to pick you back up – You now see the magic in the approach!

  120. Amadi Umburter

    The professional team at Go Berg are experienced in mock interviewing strategies. They develop and cultivate close relationships with recruiters and hiring managers, as well as research the current best practices and standards. With some many connections and information begin exchanged daily, they stay ahead of trends in hiring, interview questioning and open positions. I have utilized their services twice in the past and each time have been amazed at their professionalism, efficiency, and ability deliver the results I was looking for in my career advancement. Kudos to them for their dedication to their clients and many, many thanks!!!! It is refreshing to find people who do what they say they will!

    • admin

      Thanks Amadi, we try our best to do whatever we can for clients, even curveballs like the ones you threw 🙂 – Keep achieving!

  121. Darcia White

    Go Berg or Go Home’s Mock Interview services are highly recommended. It is easy to practice on your own and fool yourself that you are doing well. When working with the team at Go Berg, they deliver an accurate, live, unwavering realistic performance, as if you were in the actual interview. This is a challenging but constructive atmosphere and is so valuable to develop your speaking skills. It also allows you to identify and elaborate on your skills with evidence, data and examples. I highly recommended this prior to interviewing. You need the time and space to hash-out answers. Go Berg provides you with that and so much more. Their feedback, guidance, and tips are proven, useful and practical. Thank you!!!!!!!

    • admin

      Thanks Darcia, time, energy, and openness to feedback, we hit hard, so you can hit back harder!

  122. John Mark Iannarelli

    Go Berg provided me with a full assessment of my skills during their Mock Interview Service. Not only did I received direct, pertinent feedback regarding my performance but also, they provided strategies and additional practice sessions. They are extremely well versed and informed on interview processes and procedures; exceptional at asking and seeking information about your past roles and how they apply to company you are interviewing with. I very much enjoyed being able to practice analytical questions, abstract questions, and behavioral questions with them. The sessions were intense, but overall, I came away a more competent and confident professional at interviewing. Thank you!!

    • admin

      Thanks John, it was fun right! 🙂 – Glad you enjoyed the process, and keep that confidence growing!

  123. Jeff Sherman

    I really appreciated the honest feedback from Go Bergs mock interview services. It was valuable and practical to be prepared with targeted and specific questions and answers prior to the real interview. They pointed out my weakness, strengths, and encouraged and showed me how to improve and practice. I feel this part of the job search process is invaluable and it benefits you to have expert coaches on your side. Thank you Go Berg!

    • admin

      Thanks Jeff, we hit you hard, because we know out clients can take it and it will give you a lifetime of confidence going forward in any job interview!

  124. Krista Brown

    I highly recommend Go Berg’s Mock Interview Services. Especially now, were everything has moved online for the time being. I was scheduled to have multiple online interviews at a software design company and the Go Berg team worked with me to handle the transition to the online format. They covered in detail all the different aspects of online interviewing from the practical- difficult/challenging questions, to the functional- lighting, clothing, is your internet working. With their expert and timely guidance, I excelled at the interviews and was offered a position! Awesome! I am so grateful, thank you Go Berg!

    • admin

      Thanks Krista, they adjusted, so we adjusted, we know how the “virtual” world has come into play and now more than ever is the time to get some feedback on the near-future virtual job-interview process.

  125. Kevin Cordonnier

    Go Berg was an instrumental part of my career success. I worked with their expert team of certified job coaches prior to an important interview. All interviews are important, however, there was so much on the line for this one, as I was interviewing for a VP position. I wanted to be able to speak and carry myself with professionalism. The Go Berg team worked endlessly to make sure I knew how to answer any and all questions, that I knew as much as I could about the company and how I would contribute to the company’s success, and also that I was prepared with my own pertinent set of questions for the interviewers. Thank you all for your dedication, competence, and professionalism.

    • admin

      Thanks Kevin! Thank you for meeting us with 100% dedication, you stated that you wanted to get what you paid for, and not to be shy, I think we both can agree, we weren’t shy in our feedback! All the best!

  126. Anwar Miller

    Go Berg aided me in reaching a starting point for my career search, narrowing down my search to an industry that most aligned with my goals and from there outlined a specific action plan, to target specific companies. Their specialized approach helped me to organize my search and made the entire job application process much easier. I highly recommend their services. They are systematic, well informed, and have a vast array of resources to help you achieve your desired outcome. Thank you all so much!!

    • admin

      Thanks Anwar, Keith told me to remind you of the OODA model, go sunbird! I am guessing that is an inside joke 🙂 – All the best and you are very welcome!

  127. Ben Fleming

    Go Berg provides comprehensive career services and exceptional job coaching. Their multi-level assessment during the mock interview with pertinent feedback regarding your performance is remarkable and beyond helpful. I highly recommend it- prior to any interview: in person, on-line, over the phone, zoom, or skype. They are extremely skilled and knowledgeable about different interviewing styles, trends, questioning formats, discussions and will provide the tools to help your crush the interview and land the position!

    • admin

      Thanks Ben, we try to stay on our “A” games 🙂 – Helping our clients crush their interviews is what we do! Good Luck!

  128. Bryce O’Neill

    I appreciate the time, exertion, and personalized attention from the Team at Go Berg. All of the techniques and tips we went over during our mock interview sessions, I was able to apply during the “live” event. A few of those memorable acronyms saved me! Thank you! I highly recommend you guys!

    • admin

      Thanks Bryce! We have acronyms for everything just remember the most important one of all, you are the MVP! Good Luck!

  129. Mateo Calvo

    I can honestly say that Go Berg’s Professional Job Interview Preparation was one of the best decisions of my career!! Their highly skilled and knowledgeable team, many thanks to Roma and Keith, personalized my interview sessions and targeted the questions towards the industry and company I was interviewing with. They even spoke with the recruiter at the company for insider information which made my mock interview more useful. In addition, they afforded me time to practice my answers and to make sure I fine-tuned any weak spots, always making sure my answers were applicable, pertinent, and backed up by data and not vague. I really appreciate their time, dedication, and effort. I recommend their services to everyone I know, wherever you are at in your career. Their expertise and knowledge is supreme and they are here to help you thrive.

    • admin

      Thanks Mateo, we have the connections and we use them! Glad your investment is paying off! All the best!

  130. Kevin Dornfield

    I especially found the feedback from the mock interview to be profoundly informative. I worked with Go Berg to gain more confidence in answering tough interviewing questions; with so much mis-information online it is hard to know what/who to trust. After a recommendation to try Go Berg from a colleague, I can say with assurance that Go Berg’s services are fully accurate, relevant, and no fluff. They provide exactly what they say and are trustworthy and effective. Thank you!

    • admin

      Thanks Kevin, I know it started out “rough” but now look at you! No fluff is the motto and it will open more career doors! Keep achieving!

  131. Rich Hekekia

    During their mock interview sessions, the Go Berg Team prompts you with challenging questions and interacts with you in a dialogue that mirrors a real interview. Along the way, they provide you with easy to remembers strategies to help you if you are having difficulty in the interview or the interviewer throws out a wild question. I appreciate their dedication to me as a client, their vast array of knowledge, expertise and helpful, useful guidance.

    • admin

      Thanks Rich, the questions change every day thanks to the connections we have inside dozens of industries, feel free to reach out before you head into your next interview for a few updates!

  132. Catie Zampano

    I highly recommend Go Berg or Go Home’s mock interview services. I specifically enjoyed getting a better handle on what questions to ask the interviewer. That was an area I always had difficulty with. But after working with Go Berg, we targeted specific questions that would reverse the tables and show if the company was a good fit for me. It can be difficult to distinguish in the first interview if the company is a good fit for you, but it is extremely important. You might love the role but you also want to know about the fit of the company for you. Go Berg can help show you how. Thanks so much for your guidance and patience with me!

    • admin

      Thanks Catie, we told you that you would survive! Thanks for the feedback and best of luck in the job hunt, you know where to find us if you need any help!

  133. Janan Tuma

    The Go Berg Team is professional and well-informed on everything career services related. I was referred to them by my cousin. They covered every aspect of the job search process, from understanding my career goals, to the best method of applying, how to narrow down my search by company, how to perfect my interviewing and question and answering skills. I must say, they are tremendously knowledgeable, competent and invested in helping you succeed. I highly recommend them for anything and everything related to your career needs!!!!!!

    • admin

      Thanks Janan! Thanks for the recommendation and good luck!

  134. Anna Nilsson

    My company’s partnership with Go Berg for staffing needs is vital and part of our lifeblood. Their candidates are always well accomplished and their resumes are always professional, appropriate to the job role and they provide a specific cover letter; detailing how they will impact the company. Their know-how in interviewing is outstanding. It is a pleasure to partner with Go Berg, they allow for a smooth hiring process. Thank you, looking forward to getting together in person soon!

    • admin

      Thanks Anna! You have all tools, skills, and insights needed to ace any interview! Go Get Them!

  135. Duncan Whelan

    Go Berg provides an all-around, elite job search and interview process service. Whether you are looking to move up in your field, like me, or transition careers they are profoundly capable at everything related to the progression of your career. I recommend using their services, they are without a doubt professional, knowledgeable, expedient, capable, and they deliver on helping you succeed in your career. With their guidance and help I moved from small time manager to the executive suite!

    • admin

      Thanks Duncan, Congrats on the promotion! Relocation is not easy, but you will be fine in no time. Give our best to the family and don’t be a stranger!

  136. Kofi Lawson

    You wouldn’t go camping in the woods without a tent, so please don’t go into a job interview without Go Berg’s career services of job coaching and interviewing preparation. For both scenarios, you need to be prepared. They do an excellent job at coaching you to answer challenging questions and prepare you on the best questions to ask to show your interest in the company. The “mock” interview feels like an actual interview, with an added bonus of feedback, so you understand what areas to work on. I highly recommend it for anyone prior to interviewing, with so much on the line, it helps to be fully prepared and the team at Go Berg understand how to best prepare you! Thank you Go Berg, again for all of your support!

    • admin

      Thanks Kofi! We will put you through the motions, or as you said it “the Batman Begins” treatment haha! That was great! All the best!

  137. Alice Pedersen

    I am currently working with Go Berg, after being laid-off due to the COVID pandemic. I must say, I already feel at ease. I was referred to them from a friend when I was explaining that I was not sure how I would be able to begin a job search, now, in a pandemic. I feel supported while working with the Go Berg team and we have already begun planning my next career steps. Thank you so much, I am looking forward to our virtual meetings and successfully landing a new role, I have faith in you as a team!

    • admin

      Thanks Alice, we will do OUR BEST to help you navigate these tough times, hang in there, and keep the faith!

  138. Carmen Locke

    Go Berg helped me transition into a new career that better aligned with and suited my life’s purpose. I was feeling burnt-out and dissatisfied with my career path. Working individually with the experts at Go Berg they were able to coach me and afford me opportunities in order to align my passion with a new career. I am so appreciative. I highly recommend their job coaching; if you are looking for professional, individualized, comprehensive job coaching with an extended network in order to create new connections and new opportunities.

    • admin

      Hi Carmen, so glad the timing worked out for both of us! Congrats and good luck!

  139. Morgan Meyer

    The Go Berg Team provides peace of mind! I utilized their mock interview services. I was so impressed with the depth and breadth of their knowledge regarding all aspects of the hiring process. They assisted in preparing me for a major interview. After working with them, I felt reassured, capable and confident going into the actual interview. I recommend them for your next interview…, whether the interview is in person, on-line, or over the phone!

    • admin

      Thanks Morgan! Times could be changing and the need for virtual/adaptive interviewing skills are much needed!

  140. Greg Zandel

    Go Berg or Go Home are the champions of career coaching! They were beyond helpful when I had to prepare to interview for a VP position. There was so much at stake, I wanted to make sure I put my best self forward. They worked diligently with me and did extensive research into the company, the people and processes to make sure the mock interview was as real as possible. They grilled me on those difficult behavioral questions and wanted firm evidence of my fit for the company. I am so appreciative for their time and services. I am happily employed with that company today and I owe my top spot to Go Berg! Thank you!

    • admin

      Yay Greg! This is great news, we haven’t heard you in awhile and were beginning to get worried! Congrats and let’s connect soon!

  141. Dianne Graham

    Working with the Go Berg Team allowed me to improve my professional appearance. This included my identity on paper and in person. I valued their expert guidance and feedback with the mock interviewing service. Speaking to others about my strengths and abilities has always been difficult for me. They coached me to break out of my shell and overcome a lot of anxiety and fear that I had. I am so grateful to them. They are kind, caring, and they are excellent at getting you to strengthen your overall professional image. Thank you Go Berg!!

    • admin

      Thanks Dianne, interviews are scary no doubt, but we are scarier 🙂 – All the best and you are very welcome!

  142. Ryker Settlemire

    The job interview is stressful, questions can be straightforward or they can be from left field. Let the expert and well-informed team at Go Berg coach you to succeed. After they re-did my resume and it caught the attention of the company I applied to, I was asked in for an interview. I knew my next step was to work with Go Berg and perfect my interviewing skills. Thanks to their knowledge and connections in various industries (Go Berg has insider intelligence)…they knew exactly how to prepare me. They understand which questions you will be asked in the interview, they prepare and test you for the, “if x happens, then you need to do y situations”….. Also, they prepare you for what to do afterwards, how/what/when is the best way to follow up. After having used their resume and job coaching services together, I would say they definitely complement each other, the full package is worth every penny. Once you land your position you will be smiling brightly! Thank you Go Berg, you guys and gals are phenomenal!!!!

    • admin

      Thanks Ryker for the awesome review! This is one of the best reviews we have seen, and can’t thank you enough for taking the time to pass along! All the best!

  143. Brandon Coleman

    Go Berg has a signature style and a distinct way of cheering you on and motivating you to bring out your best self. The entire job search/interview process can be emotionally draining. It is wonderful to have such support and encouragement from the Go Berg Team. They do not rest until you have succeeded in your career quest and afterwards, they make it clear that the partnership remains opens. It is like having an extended support network. I can’t thank them enough!

    • admin

      Thanks Brandon! Draining is a great word! It’s rough waters, but luckily we have a pretty good boat and captain in the career services seas! All the best!

  144. Steph Gagnon

    I specifically benefited from Go Bergs informative feedback after the mock interviewing sessions. It is illuminating to know where and what your weakness are AND how to improve them. I was so blinded, the areas I thought I was strong in, turns out were holding me back. I am truly indebted to the Go Berg Team. They are concerned with your career success and deliver high effort to make sure you are prepared and confident before going into the interview. I recommend the resume writing and the mock interview services. After all, you don’t want to have a resume that doesn’t match the person! Let Go Berg help you shine all around!

    • admin

      Thanks Steph, you learn to love us eventually after we put you through the ringer! All the best!

  145. Charlie Allison

    Evaluation and feedback help you to understand your strengths and weakness in interviewing. Prior to working with the experts at Go Berg, I thought my interviewing skills were fair. However, after working with the Go Berg Team I felt more comfortable asking pertinent questions to the interviewer, greater confidence in my ability to answer complex questions and to provide solid and concrete examples of how my past job responsibilities made me the ideal applicant for the role. The Go Berg Team asks a lot from you but what they give in terms of professional development, confidence in your abilities and motivation to succeed are well worth the investment. Thank you!!!!!

    • admin

      Thanks Charlie, glad to hear everything is picking up in your career search 2.0! Just remember the STAR method and you will knock them dead!

  146. Kaitlyn Ohlson

    The Go Berg Group is remarkable at job coaching, career planning, and networking. I immensely appreciated their industry specific guidance on interviewing questions especially those difficult behavioral questions when I was aiming to interview for a managerial position in the hospitality industry. They provide direct, personalized services. I am so grateful for their guidance and coaching. I highly recommend them!

    • admin

      Thanks Kait! we are grateful for your feedback and the chance to help you with your career services needs. Keep achieving!

  147. Miles Weber

    Best investment in my career ever!!!! I worked with Go Berg, regularly with Kelsey when I needed help attaining career advancement. I can’t thank her enough. She took time to get to know my background and future plans. She was instrumental in questioning, assessing, and making sure I was making the right career move. Ultimately, the field I thought I wanted to enter was not the right fit for me. Thanks to Kelsey’s knowledge and connections I was able to land an internship in the retail industry, before moving full steam ahead with job applications. I am so grateful because after that experience, I realized that was not what I wanted at all! I owe my current happiness and success to Go Berg, especially Keith and Roma!

    • admin

      Miles, we truly are an investment with short and long term gains! We’re not cheap, not shy about it either 🙂 – Thanks for the glowing review and will pass the feedback to Keith!

  148. Helen Becker

    I absolutely recommend working with Go Berg to perfect your interviewing aptitude. It was illuminating to get inside intelligence into the minds of hiring managers. Go Berg partners closely with the direct recruiters in charge of the job posting, who are in direct contact with the hiring managers. Therefore, Go Berg provides valuable guidance, insight and feedback tailored to the position you are applying to. I worked with them on my interviewing skills prior to my real interview for a managerial position. I firmly believe having their expertise, coaching and feedback allowed me to succeed. Thank you!

    • admin

      Thanks Helen, don’t discredit your skills! You are a superstar Helen, we just helped you shine brighter! Good Luck!

  149. Brendon Ryan

    I highly recommend Go Berg or Go Home. It was informative and immensely beneficial to partake in a mock interview. Their expert coaches do a brilliant job at mocking the interview to be realistic. They ask a lot of difficult and complex questions, but I felt so prepared for my actual interview afterwards. Job interviews can be daunting and uncomfortable. At Go Berg they work diligently with you to make sure you are prepared, comfortable and able to excel in the interview. I can’t thank them enough!

    • admin

      Thanks Brendon, We are adjusting to how to really pressure folks with virtual interviews, this feedback helps! Good luck and knock them dead!

  150. Becca Goldstein

    The Go Berg or Go Home team is uniquely gifted at professional coaching. In part because of their kindness and compassion and in part due to their industry knowledge and expertise. They understand you personally which helps them connect to your professional needs and ultimately that allows them to guide you to become your best self. I have so much gratitude for them, for taking the time, for working with me on my interviewing skills, for not giving up on me and for answering all my many, many questions! Thank you so much!

    • admin

      Becca! Congrats and Happy Graduation! Glad you found our services helpful! Tell ALL your fellow graduates! 🙂

  151. Anne Fitzgerald

    Go Berg’s professional coaching services is one of the best investments you will make. They coached and mentored me to improve my self-awareness, I did not realize how many negative habits I had when speaking. With their expert training, I managed to lose those habits for example, overusing the same word and refraining from filler phrases like “um, ah, er,” which display a lack of professionalism. So grateful, thank you!!!!!

    • admin

      Thanks Anne, we ummmm, appreciate the ahhhhhh feedback! 🙂 – You know we love you and have a twisted sense of humor! All the best!

  152. Dan Engelman

    I recommend Go Berg or Go Home to everyone I know that is looking for career guidance and services. They are a truly professional team. I worked one on one with their certified career coaches in order to improve my interviewing ability. It is practical and necessary to be coached and then to be able to practice your new skills. The real interview can be challenging. When working with Go Berg they cover every angle of the interview and you feel well prepared and more confident going into the “live” interview. I would say their mock interview service is beyond beneficial.

    • admin

      Thanks Dan! appreciate the feedback and opportunity, let us know about the recruiter services if you need an extra helping hand!

  153. Eileen Criscuolo

    I work as a recruiter for a major Financial Firm. The Go Berg team has refined the art of career coaching and management. They go above and beyond for their clients. Their work is always professional and personalized to the individual they are assisting. I value their partnership and I know they are capable of delivering on their services. Their clients always are professional, well coached and appropriate to the job position. There is another ineffable quality to their clients as well, a quality you can’t describe but you know that they are willing to grow and learn, that they have the motivation and desire to be great at what they do. And I think that in part stems from working with the Go Berg Team.

    • admin

      Eileen, thanks for taking time from your busy schedule to post this. We value everything you have done for everyone at Go Berg or Go Home. When all this is over, we look forward to the happiest of happy hours in the city!

  154. Jim Randolph

    Go Berg has been instrumental in enhancing the effectiveness of my social skills and interpersonal communication ability. I often found it difficult to convey in a concise manner how my work experiences and personal life experiences make me the best candidate for a particular job or position. I feel that has held me back from promotions and job advancement. I started working with Go Berg to become more effective in my delivery and presentation for work meetings, group work, and to be more effective when speaking with my boss and colleagues. It has made a drastic difference. I feel I have stronger work relationships, find more common ground with my boss, and overall get more enjoyment out of work.

    • admin

      Thanks Jim, it was a pleasure working with you on your interview skills, you were natural, we just helped you become even more natural! Good luck!

  155. Malcom T. Webbing

    I work for a staffing agency and we frequently partner with Go Berg when looking for candidates to fill open positions. I am always impressed when their candidates come through our doors. Dr. Berg and his team are specialists at career coaching, especially when it comes to the topic of interviewing. Interviewing can be difficult, but it is a crucial aspect of the business. You can tell the candidates from Go Berg are comfortable, self-assured and qualified. You only get one chance to make a first impression. I highly recommend Go Berg’s services!

    • admin

      Mr. Webbing, great to connect with you today! Feels like the old days of staffing people, like we did, 3 months ago! Appreciate you taking the time to show some love – can’t wait to sit in Battery Park and catch up over some Cuban Coffee!

  156. Lindsey Page

    Thank you Go Berg for all of your expertise, guidance, and inspiration. I appreciate how much time you took to understand my career journey and how you were able to craft a compelling portrait of me as a professional for both my resume and LinkedIn page. Thanks to you, I have a career I enjoy. I recommend your services to everyone I know!

    • admin

      Thanks Lindsey! So happy for you! I will miss our morning email exchanges, but I will get by somehow! All the best in your new career journey!

  157. Shelia Saunders-Dunn

    I advise my students to consider using Dr. Berg’s company prior to entering into the job market. From my day the landscape of resume writing, applying and interviewing has made a dramatic change. In today’s competitive market you need certain skills and connections. Often those skills and connections are not taught in formal collegiate education. I have referred many students to Dr. Berg and they always write to thank me for the referral. Dr. Berg and his team are knowledgeable and they work diligently to provide the best services to their clients.

    • admin

      Prof Dunn, thanks for taking the time out of your semester to post this. While we wish we can be on campus with you, virtual still keeps us connected and helping. We have some great jobs coming for graduates and will surely reach out to you with the information. Have a great summer and hopefully see you in person for some career session in the fall.

  158. Simon Akkerman

    Go Berg’s professional coaching and mock interviewing is excellent. The certified coaches critique each part of the interview process and provide valuable feedback and coach you on how to improve upon your weaknesses in interviewing. I immensely benefited from working with them in order to answer those challenging questions in interviews such as, “Tell me about a time you failed” and “What are your biggest weaknesses.” I used to start panicking when I would think about those questions, however, with the expertise of Go Berg, I am more confident than ever with those tough questions.

    • admin

      Thanks Simon, funny you call out those questions, I remember the same ones when I was just starting here 🙂 – Good luck!

  159. Jason Campbell

    I have partnered with Dr. Berg and his company for years now, they help us to fill open positions. They always have excellent candidates who are professional, personable, and dynamic. Dr. Berg is an expert at career coaching, resume writing and his team are specialists in the career services field. I can spot their resumes right away when I see them come across my desk. It is wonderful to be able to work with a company that so reliably delivers on its services. I recommend using their services for all of your hiring needs.

    • admin

      Thanks Jason! We are waiting for that infamous email from your firm to rev the engines up! We appreciate everything you have done and will do for our brand – value this partnership and it’s only growing!

  160. Isaac Sandoval

    I highly, absolutely recommend the In Person, Complete Mock Interview Experience. To be able to practice the skills that Go Berg has coached you on before the “big interview at the company” is such a useful activity. It will be intense, but worth it, you need to be prepared for anything in an interview, your livelihood is on the line, and you need the guidance and expertise of the team at Go Berg. Please, don’t go into another interview, fumbling over your answers again. Call Go Berg and let them show you how it’s done!!!

    • admin

      Thanks Issac! We love breaking people down, and building them back up! Thanks for investing in our services for your career services needs!

  161. Tatsuo Sato

    Beyond valuable and extremely vital. I cannot say enough about Go Berg. I am very appreciative for their services. Their expert certified career coaches taught me how to improve my interviewing skills and allowed me time to practice in a mock interview. The entire process was paramount to helping me succeed in the real interview. It is worth the investment to be mentored, coached and fully prepared. It makes a big difference and makes you an unforgettable candidate for the position.

    • admin

      Thanks Tatsuo! Good luck on your career journey!

  162. Olivia Anderson

    Yes, without a doubt, I highly recommend Go Berg or Go Home. Their professional job coaching is outstanding. They are truly dedicated to helping you thrive in your career. They take the time to work with you, one on one. The personalized attention and investment they provide is un-matched (I know- I have tried other services that ghost you like a bad date.) You need the practice before going into a “live” interview. The team at Go Berg knows how to train you to be your best at interviewing. You might even enjoy interviewing after working with them. If you want to develop the confidence to crush your next interview and get the job, then you need the support and guidance of Go Berg. Without their help I would not have been able to move into the upper-level managerial position I am in today. I used their services many times over the years and like a good wine, they get better with age. Yes, I highly recommend Go Berg!

    • admin

      Thanks Olivia, we value your feedback and suggestions sent in! Congrats on the new gig, and we know we earned this review!

  163. Charlotte Williams-Smith

    Exceeds Expectations. Go Berg goes above and beyond to assist you with job coaching. Before working with them my interviewing skills were non-existent and that probably led to my failure to get the job. After, working with the Go Berg team, I was confident, prepared and fully ready for my interviews. They have a miraculous ability to help you succeed. Thank you Go Berg!!!

    • admin

      Thanks Charlotte! We are confident in your confidence! Go Get Em!

  164. Leah Haugen

    I recommend Go Berg or Go Home if you want to accelerate your career. I was working in a job I basically loathed for years. I tried without much success to transition out of it. A friend referred me to Go Berg. The entire experience of working with the team was so valuable. They provide personalized career services, fully understood my career stories and goals for the future and were determined to help me succeed. They are extremely diligent, professional, focused and sincere. They do not waste your time or your money. Thank you Go Berg!

    • admin

      Thanks Leah, appreciate the specific call outs on the service! You must really have taken to heart the specific coaching haha! You were a joy to work with and get to know, all the best!

  165. Anita Gonzalez

    As head of HR for a large company, I frequently review the candidates we receive as referrals from Go Berg. The candidates stand out from the rest. Their resumes are professional, they have clearly been coached to perfection on personal presentation and public speaking skills. I always smile when we receive candidates from Go Berg, because I know they will be top quality.

    • admin

      Anita, thanks so much! We have been partnering for quite some time now – Keep the jobs coming, and we will keep sending them! Always appreciate your backing – When NYC opens up, we are overdue for a catch-up!

  166. Jeannette Millhollan

    Both Roma and Keith truly helped bring my resume and interviewing skills up to pristine condition. I immediately received multiple interview opportunities and had the confidence I needed to go into them. They were key in helping me find my new career path and a pleasure to work with.

    • admin

      Great working with you Jeannette! Heard you landed a new gig and loving it – Keep achieving and keep referring 🙂

  167. Daniel Shapiro

    The Team at Go Berg are true motivators. I was feeling hopeless after being laid off from work. I tried with little effect to go on the job hunt alone. A friend recommended Go Berg to me. It was the best recommendation I have ever received. They are extremely knowledgeable about the career services industry, invested in helping you succeed and they provide endless amounts of inspiration and encouragement. I felt totally re-freshed with their guidance. My resume is dynamite and I have greater skill and command in handling interview questions. Thank you, Go Berg, for picking me up and helping me succeed!

    • admin

      Dan! Appreciate those kind works – You were great to work with! It can be hard to navigate the career services map if you haven’t had too, glad you were open-minded and let us do what we do best!

  168. Julia Ramon-Alverez

    I highly recommend Go Berg or Go Home. They have certified career coaches who are passionate about what they do, trained to deliver the best methods and services to help you with your career needs, and they are linked to a large group of recruiters from multiple industries. They cater to your specific needs and career goals. It is not a one-size fits all service.

    • admin

      Thanks Julia, Let us know when your ready for the full-court press with recruiters!

  169. Josh Bertrand

    As a professional recruiter for a top marketing firm, I always know the candidates we receive from Go Berg are going to be high-quality. Dr. Berg and his team excel in professional job coaching and skill building. The candidates that comes from Go Berg are professional, emotionally intelligent, and dynamic in their ability to provide value to our company. Dr. Berg addresses the whole-package of presentation and professionalism. I know when these candidates come through the door to get the hiring paperwork out! Sign on the dotted line!

    • admin

      Josh, hope you and the recruiting team are well – Thanks for taking the time to post some feedback. We value your partnership beyond and beyond! Looking forward to many years to come – We try telling people, we know a recruiter or two and can help!

  170. Eliza Grant

    I highly recommend Go Berg. Especially for their mock interview service. I thought I was pretty good at interviewing. I was wrong. They fully prepared me for the interview from how to dress, what postures are best to take, how to ask questions, and the best way to format my answers to those difficult questions like “tell me about yourself.” I felt completely prepared and confident going into my interview. I came out and knew for sure that I nailed it and I did! If you would like to eliminate the pre-interview butterflies contact Go Berg today!!

    • admin

      Thanks Eliza, congrats to the class of 2020! Hopefully all is well, you are a great person, it’s just a matter of time before a company scoops your talents up! Remember, butterflies are good! Shows you care 🙂

  171. Natalie Estrada

    Go Berg worked with me to eliminate nervous habits and improve my public speaking skills for my job interview. I always felt so nervous before interviewing and had a habit of biting my nails and fumbling over my words. With their expert coaching and practice sessions I was able to overcome those pitfalls and develop confidence in my interviewing ability which I know in large part helped me to get the position. Thank you!

    • admin

      Thanks Natalie, sometimes all it takes is the courage to allow someone coach you on those habits. Just remember ARROW and you will just fine! If you need a pep talk, you know where to find us!

  172. Scott Robbins

    Go Berg really helped me polish my speaking ability and personal presentation. They cover every facet of the job interview process and most importantly they motivate, encourage, and believe in you, which helps you believe in yourself.

    • admin

      Scott, hopefully you don’t want to kill us! Those were some intense sessions! You are armed and ready for any interview – YOU GOT THIS!!!!

  173. Kenneth Hendrickson

    As a College Professor, I always recommend Dr. Berg’s services to my students who are graduating and beginning entry into the professional world. Dr. Berg and his team are true experts at resume writing, job coaching, and passionate about helping people attain greatness in their professional presentation. The career services offered by Chris and his staff are truly of the highest quality. I often keep in touch with my students and it is wonderful to see how, with the guidance of Go Berg, they are able to launch successful professional careers.

    • admin

      Dr. H! Appreciate the feedback and great connecting with your class the other day – I know the career fair was a smashing success, can’t wait until the Fall!

  174. Rob Galinski

    I highly recommend Go Berg or Go Home. They are incredibly informative on all things related to career services. I especially benefited from the mock interviewing service. It is a must before your interview. There is so much pressure in an interview to show your best side and the Go Berg Team will prepare you to do so. They have connections with hiring managers and recruiters so they know what to look for and how to make you a top candidate and they also know what questions to ask and how to answer them.

    • admin

      Thanks Rob, we put you through the ringer so you don’t get rung out! Glad we were able to help at the right time!

  175. Tim Kelley

    What are you waiting for!?! Go Berg or Go Home is the best decision I have ever made. They are beyond knowledgeable about all things related to career advancement and placement. Their insider access is unlimited. I had been on the job market for 2 years with no hits. When I found Go Berg it was a different game. Within 2 weeks of working with them I was contacted by a real live person and that was just the beginning. All in all, it took about 4 weeks for me to interview and land my new position. I am happier than ever and owe it all to Go Berg!!!! Thank you!

    • admin

      Thanks Tim! You got our taglines down, when you signing up to work for us!

  176. Connie Reilly

    I utilized Go Berg’s Mock Interview Service….they put me through my paces, asked challenging questions and provided me with the skills to succeed in the interview process. This prepared me for the round of interviews I had formally with my current employer. I was so glad I had taken advantage of this service; it was completely realistic and a great opportunity to sharpen my skills in a slightly less intimidating setting. Go Berg knows what questions to ask and how to prepare you for the interview, so when the day comes, you sail through with professionalism and grace, right into your new office with a view.

    • admin

      Thanks Connie, we love our comments, thanks for going beyond with this write-up! Keep sailing and keep achieving!

  177. Shane MacDonald

    You need the Go Berg Team to sharpen your interviewing game. They put you on the spot, demand excellence, and show you how to succeed. I used their services when interviewing for my dream company. There was a lot of pressure for me to succeed. With the expert guidance of the team at Go Berg, I was able to move effortlessly through four rigorous rounds of interviewing and landed my new position. I can’t thank Go Berg enough. They are true professionals and they deliver results!!!

    • admin

      Thanks Shane! We appreciate the awesome feedback! Keep Achieving!

  178. Dr. Frank Bouchard

    With the help of the team at Go Berg, I refined my speaking abilities, professional persona, and use of body language. Their professional coaching services are top-notch and comprehensive. They pointed out certain attributes that were inhibiting me from achieving success and equipped me with the techniques and skills to succeed.”

    • admin

      Thanks Dr. B! You have it all going for you – time to get in there and close the deal! Keep us updated!

  179. Samantha Franco

    I am so grateful and appreciative for Go Berg or Go Home’s services. My cousin recommended them to me and it was the best recommendation ever. They guided and coached me with resume writing, interview preparation and connected me to a large network of people in the industry I was looking to target. I was so impressed with their mock interviewing, well worth the investment, they know which questions to ask, they have inside intelligence with HR personnel and recruiters. With their help you will be the candidate that lands the position. Thank you!!

    • admin

      Thanks Sam! We take a ton of pride putting our clients through the ringers to get them ready! Thanks for the feedback and good luck!

  180. Mary Ann Palumbo

    I would highly recommend Go Berg’s professional services. Their mock interview service prepares you 360 degrees from how to answer certain types of questions to what to ask the interviewer. There is no fluff here, simply quality services designed to get you the career of your life!”

    • admin

      Hi Mary-Ann! If you turned 360, wouldn’t you be right back where you started – give us some credit 🙂 – We know what you mean, and we know you got this!

  181. Jamie Vaughn

    I am extremely thankful for Go Berg. With their services I was able to improve and expand my professional skill-set. Their professional coaching and mock interview services are extremely useful and necessary. They provide beneficial strategies and feedback for you to handle any situation you might find yourself in during an interview. Thank you Go Berg!!!

    • admin

      Thanks Jamie, we are extremely thankful for the opportunity to help!

  182. Kyle Van Edwards

    No one motivates, supports, and delivers like the Go Berg Team. Choosing their services helped me to land a coveted position in the competitive field of software engineering. With their help I was able to stand out from the crowd. I definitely recommend their services.

    • admin

      Thanks Kyle, these words really mean the world to us. We try our best to get you to unlock and realize your skills! You have plenty and will go far!

  183. Marcus Armstrong

    A colleague referred me to Go Berg after I was laid off from my company. Being middle-age, I was not quite sure how to begin a career search again; having been at one company for almost 20 years. Many thanks to Dr. Berg and his team for their expert guidance and assistance in a difficult turning point in my life. With their assurance and coaching I was able to obtain another job, which also secured financial stability for me and my family. I am grateful for their services and support. I highly recommend them to anyone at any point in their career.

    • admin

      Thanks Marcus, so glad we were able to help you find your next opportunity! All the best!

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