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Before a professional resume is created, it is just as important in understanding “where” the resume is going. Today, only 25% of resumes make it through ATS. What is ATS you ask? Applicant Tracking Systems are used by companies to screen resumes when a job posting is up. Basically, for every 10 jobs you apply for, you will make it through 2-3 ATS, and that is if your resume is up to par! Go Berg or Go Home can not only craft a professional custom resume, but we know how to get your resume in the hands of a real person and avoid the dreadful rejection email that starts with…“Thank you for applying, but at this time…” we all have received these responses!

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191 reviews for Professional Resume Services

  1. Dan Zonis

    This company is the real deal. Professionals, with a huge network, and more things that I would have never thought of in 2020 for what a resume needs to be, and what it doesn’t need to be. Went above and beyond, plus put me in contact with a recruiter directly, they didn’t need to go that extra mile, says a ton. Customer for life, and I will be referring without a doubt.

  2. Kennth Alvarez

    Excellent! This was my 3rd company I used. I came in with very low expectations. I was tired of dealing with “resume writing” companies that made me do the work basically and added a few words here and there. This team, experience, and expertise, is what I was expecting and much more. Took the time to get to know my work, custom writing, and ATS scanning and grading. Just a great bunch of people who really care about their clients, and it’s needed these days with the world we live in. Go Berg 2020 and beyond, thank you all!

  3. Crystal Saunders

    AMAZING! Fast, accurate, and so well done. 2 weeks since my resume was posted, I have been on 3 interviews, can’t say how much I appreciate this teams work, the expertise, and the countless drafts to ensure it was perfect. True professionals, and great people. 100% recommend.

  4. Chad Pallack

    The best, hands down. I have used them for multiple resume edits, job-interview prep, and Linkedin reviews, they are on speed dial for me. Professional, insightful, and always in the know with industry experts. Great group of people.

    • admin

      Thanks Chad, you weren’t so bad yourself! Keep Achieving!

  5. Lisa Neir-Nabal

    Searched endlessly for some help, while I hesitated at first due to the pricing, I don’t regret my decision and investment at all. This company, and there staff are amazing, professional, and dedicated to the goal or producing a gorgeous resume that reflects your skills. Plus an education and network to lean on when you just get stuck in the career search rat race. Thanks for everything.

    • admin

      Thanks Lisa! You are ready to shine on paper and in person now 🙂

  6. Marcie Doyle

    Simply the best. Easy engagement, professional staff, amazing looking resume – all within 48 hours, and it was written by them, amazing experience – Will recommend.

    • admin

      Thanks Marcie! We try to get them back as they come in! Thanks for the recommendation!

  7. Patrice Knowles

    THANK YOU! LOVE my new resume! Professional, fast, responsive, and didn’t stop until I felt confident that a resume reflecting me and my experiences were in line. Highly recommend services, and Patti is the best!

    • admin

      You’re Welcome Patrice! Thanks for the recommendation and thank you for the personal shout-out 🙂

  8. Trevor Bauman

    Easy, fast, professional – So many companies trying to take advantage of people during this pandemic, I lost $200 dollars with another company, Go Berg or Go Home should have been my first stop. They took what the other company did and made me feel proud of my skills and resume, highly recommend, and will refer everyone I know.

    • admin

      Thanks Trevor! We were just as upset when we heard about your previous experience with another company, but at least you know who your go-to experts are whenever you need anything!

  9. Norman Leeman

    Easy choice, just sign up today. 48 hour turnaround, great template, needed a second draft, had it back same day – Couldn’t ask for more. Appreciated talking to real people and not just email and texts – Worth every penny.

    • admin

      Thanks Norman, we are real people, even stressed people! If you need anything else, you know where to find us!

  10. Alicia German

    Simply the best! Went above and beyond for what I needed, and put me in contact with a few great recruiters to stay close to during these pandemic times. All I did was give them an old resume, with a few notes, and they did the rest. Really appreciated when they were complete that they set up a call to review each section of the resume to ensure it was “me” on paper.

    • admin

      Thanks Alicia, we can’t just email you back the most important 2 pages of your career, we must connect 🙂 – We take pride in earning these reviews from our clients.

  11. Janet Sponalte

    Exactly what you would expect – Dedicated experts, beautiful resume, and consultative approach – Learned a ton, as I haven’t been in the job market for almost a decade. Thanks for all the time and working closely with me to ensure the resume reflected my skills.

    • admin

      Thanks Janet, you’re welcome for all the time!

  12. Lisa D’Angelo

    Just call them, you will see int he first 15 minutes, this is a no brainier – $200 bucks is nothing for what I needed to get back on the job hunt – I have bothered these folks everyday, and they are always there, I can’t say enough about their expertise and professionalism – If you need a an extra hand I am available to hire!

    • admin

      Thanks Lisa, we love the straight forward feedback! You are never a bother! You know where to find us!

  13. Florence Leonzo

    Amazing – I have never used a resume writer, I sought out family in the HR space, but even a great template can only go so far. I found Go Berg through a google search – I was amazed how they were more focused on getting to know me and educating me on the career process then asking for my credit card. My resume looks amazing, and I know I would never be able to produce what they did, you get what you pay for, and I certainly got tremendous value from my resume writer. Thank you all, client for life!

    • admin

      Thanks Flo! Templates are great, but will only get you so far! Thanks for the great review and connect soon!

  14. Alan Thenick

    Just Buy – I shopped around – Thumbtack, craigslist, google searches – Wasn’t really sure what price points were for a resume edit – After talking to Go Berg or Go Home, it was clear this was the way to go. They didn’t “sell” me anything on our first call, just provided answers, 2 weeks later – I am looking good on paper and on the road to a new position.

    • admin

      Thanks Alan, we agree, just buy! 🙂 – Good luck out there!

  15. Ellen Semino

    Thank you to the Go Berg team for everything, appreciate the efforts on the resume, the professionalization, and the detailed education on the “application” process – Many thanks, worth every dollar!

    • admin

      Thanks Ellen, we are worth every dollar, and then some 🙂 – All the best!

  16. Jonathan Petersen

    Go Berg is certainly the place to go for your career services needs. I work in talent acquisition for a large manufacturing company. We employ candidates of all different backgrounds, education level, and skill. What most strikes me in our partnership with Go Berg is no matter what, each candidate from Go Berg is always on-point. Their candidate’s resumes are professional and pertinent to the role for which they apply, they excel at interviewing, and they stand-out in the roles they are hired for. Working with Go Berg is a pleasure and being able to go to them for exceptional candidates helps us with our hiring needs. I highly recommend working with this firm for your hiring requirements.

    • admin

      Thanks Jonathan! On-point, ready to work, and ready to shine! You know you can always count on us!

  17. Anat Kujala

    Both Keith and Roma did a great job at taking my small amount of career experience in real estate and helped to translate that into a compelling case for a transition into marketing management. They took efforts to understand what other soft skills I had that would ease the transition and appeal to the recruiters. The are excellent at threading together what appear disparate parts into a story that is unique and sturdy. Without their expert skills, time, effort, honesty and dedication, I fear making that transition on my own would have been impossible. So many thanks to you both for your effort and dedication!

    • admin

      Thanks Anat! They are a pretty good team! They are the best of the best for a reason!

  18. Lindsay Galleta

    Having a resume professionally edited and written by Go Berg is golden. However, the resume is also highly functional. Go Berg has partnerships with many internal and external recruiters as well as staffing agencies at major companies. If there is a role you are applying for, chances are they might know the recruiter for the position. This is what happened for me. And, big bonus, I was able to get my resume in front of the recruiter, who was impressed, I mean who wouldn’t be-I had professional help, and the recruiter reached out for a phone interview, followed up by a Skype call with the hiring manger and after that negotiations were in order to finalize my acceptance! Without Go Berg or Go Home, I would never have had this opportunity. Most open job positions get hundreds of applications. So, stop wasting your time and applying with a resume that is not from Go Berg, get the professional help you need!

    • admin

      Thanks Lindsay! While we wish we knew all the recruiters, we usually have enough to find out about the position!

  19. Anna Finnegan

    Not only was my resume from Go Berg or Go Home professionally written and edited to perfection, it was effective in allowing me to get past those annoying tracking systems. The Go Berg system works, you get noticed from recruiters and action is taken, that allows you to move along in the job interview process. I definitely recommend their services. They are comprehensive, professional, and worth the investment in your career!!!

    • admin

      Thanks Anna! We feel we are a great investment as well! All the best Anna!

  20. Marlon Ramos

    I highly recommend Go Berg or Go Home for resume writing. I met with Roma and Keith and they performed a complete assessment of my career history, attributes, accomplishments, and strengths. From there, they helped to guide me towards the best career sites to post my resume and also, they were able to get my resume to their internal recruiters for a few jobs I applied to. This leverage was much appreciated and I know helped give me an edge. I finally accepted a position in the agricultural industry working in supply chain management and I can’t be more please. I know that Go Berg had a lot to do with my success. Many thanks for their professionalism, ability to transform my resume, and to get my resume seen by the people in charge of hiring!

    • admin

      Thanks Marlon! All we did is put all your amazing skills and accomplishments on paper, you did the rest!

  21. Martin Armenoult

    I was impressed with how easily and effortlessly my resume was able to get past HR tracking systems! When I applied with my Go Berg resume, I had two recruiters call me on jobs I had applied to within a month. That is a much better success rate than when I tried on my own; my success rate was zero calls a month. Don’t waste time trying to edit your own resume, like I did. Once the Go Berg team evaluates your strengths, capabilities and future career goals, they piece together a professional resume that is effective and that gets you responses from the jobs you are applying to!

    • admin

      Thanks Martin! We love creating awesome resumes that get some love and attention!

  22. Denise Nesteruk

    I highly recommend Go Berg for their resume and professional writing services. They got back to me after I emailed them right away, they took the time and effort to answer my many questions, and they created a professional and powerful resume document complete with covers letters as I needed them for a role as urban planner. My resume and cover letter were unique, personalized and enumerated by strong quantitative data points. The experts at Go Berg are professional, efficient and honest. I recommend them to everyone I know!

    • admin

      Thanks Denise! Please, recommend us to everyone 🙂 All the best!

  23. Anna Yang

    My resume from Go Berg was exceptional and effective. It allowed me to actually speak with recruiters for the jobs I applied to. It’s like they have a secret formula that allows them to get your resume where it needs to go to be seen! I thought they were completely honest and forthcoming about the job search and application process, and when I obtained my resume I was completely impressed at the level of skill and attention to detail required to write such a fine document. I highly recommend them!

    • admin

      Thanks Anna! We are glad we impressed you, now it’s time to impress they job recruiters 🙂

  24. Carole Schwenk

    As a recruiter for an entertainment and media PR firm, I can accurately identify a Go Berg Resume from the rest. Their resumes are perfectly composed and identified by their unique style and prose. Because of our close relationship/partnership, I know they work hard to maintain their top-tier status, staying current on hiring and market trends, and building and growing their network of professionals which lets them have access to information that helps their clients. I recommend Go Berg for Resume Writing. They are one of the best, if not the best firm I have come across every day when reviewing resumes, and I see a lot of resumes!

    • admin

      Thanks Carole, you are an amazing partner, person, and soul – Looking forward to continued years of partnership! Stay safe and connect soon!

  25. Kerry Coates

    Go Berg has genius resume writers who have an acute ability to transition your resume from un-inspired to noteworthy. They take extra care to know who the resume is for, who is the person behind the resume, and where the resume is going. These details help them color the resume with suitable details and evidence that allows for victory when applying for jobs. The job search and application process can be dispiriting, but once I started working with the capable team at Go Berg and received my professional resume, applying for and achieving a new job was a complete possibility. Thank you all so much!

    • admin

      Thanks Kerry! I will be sure to pass the feedback to the resume team! All the best!

  26. Samantha Chapman

    Go Berg or Go Home have exceptional professional writers that will modernize your resume and therefore increase your chances of landing a new position. I tried to re-write my own resume without success. After, a full evaluation from their experts regarding my goals and interests they were able to create a compelling and powerful resume. I was astonished at how easily and effortlessly it became to hear back from recruiters and hiring mangers once I had applied with my Go Berg resume. Thank you so much!

    • admin

      Thanks Sam! Recruiters want to reach out! They just love our clients more 🙂 All the best!

  27. Nic Pallavicini

    Go Berg or Go Home’s professional resume writers are skilled at creating a professional resume whether you are just out of college or mid-way through your career. I work for a staffing agency for a large auto-manufacturer. Our partnership with Go Berg is key to our hiring efforts. They have a well-developed group of candidates. I can tell when we receive their resumes because they are always well-written, professionally edited and tailored to the job’s responsibilities and requirements. They represent candidates of all levels of experience and capabilities, which is great because that gives us a diverse pool of applicants to choose from for our diverse roles. I value our partnership with them and recommend their services to meet your hiring needs.

    • admin

      Thanks Nic, we value our partnership as well, and will continue to be here partnering!

  28. Liz McGowan

    Go Berg’s certified resume writers are phenomenal! The completely transformed my resume from scattered to organized and I was impressed with their writing ability. There was a clear message, supported by strong pieces of data to highlight my career accomplishments. I highly recommend their services, they are professional, efficient, and their resumes get past the tricky tracking systems!

    • admin

      Thanks Liz! You are looking good on paper! All the best and keep achieving!

  29. Clara Anczok

    I really appreciate the amount of time and effort the team at Go Berg spent on getting my resume just right when I was applying for a job after college. They utilized my previous volunteer experience, internship experience, and education to convey to the reader why I would be of value at the companies I was applying to. They took a personalized approach to the process which I feel helps them ensure your resume is a true and complete picture of you as a professional. They also do a really nice job tying your skills to the employers needs in the position. Very well-written and well researched. I highly recommend their resume writing services. No one size fits all here!

    • admin

      Thanks Clara! Personalizing is the key to a resume, you have amazing skills, hang in there, and let us know if you need some additional help!

  30. Vivek Kapoor

    My resume from Go Berg or Go Home, not only got me past multiple company’s tracking systems but allowed me to achieve multiple phone and virtual interviews. I was amazed at their professional writing and editing ability and influence in the career market. They have immense knowledge in the technology and space of career services. They deliver on their promises! Don’t waste time applying endlessly with your resume, make sure you have a professional, key word responsive, technologically advanced resume from Go Berg!

    • admin

      Thanks Vivek, Not only do we have the knowledge, we actually have the software! We can replicate the process to the core to ensure our resumes are on-point, to the exact day and hour!

  31. Alexis Johnson

    Go Berg or Go Home has the most comprehensive and professional resume writers on their staff. I personally worked with Roma, who excelled at listening to my career history and future goals. She wrote a completely professional, actionable and engaging resume that detailed my effectiveness as a database administrator. The resume besides from being error-free and strong on all points, was able to get past tracking systems, repeatedly. I am appreciative to Roma for her knowledge, expertise and assistance. Without Go Berg I would not have had the many opportunities and discussions with recruiters for the roles I applied to. Thank you.

    • admin

      Thanks Alexis! We just introduced you on paper to some new friends 🙂 – All the best!

  32. Mark Arnold

    Go Berg excels at resume writing and has an adept ability to pin-point specific key phrases and terminology and place them on your resume in a transformative way. Their expert resume writers have a talent for weaving a strong narrative through your resume and cover letter that showcases your career accomplishments. I highly recommend their resume services. You will be pleased and so much less stressed about the resume editing process. Let their pro’s do the work for you!

    • admin

      Thanks Mark! We have been excelling at resumes for almost 6 years now, we know what to do to make you shine on paper!

  33. Beatrice S. Rogers

    I am thankful to Keith and Roma for their expertise in writing my professional resume. They showcased my accomplishments, skill-set and transferrable skills to allow me to transition out of sales and into environmental health and safety. They utilized their many resources, connections and networks to be able to help me succeed with the transition. I know, in no small part, what helped me succeed, was their dedication to me as their client and their large network of professional connections. Thank you!

    • admin

      Thanks Beatrice! I will be sure to send the feedback to Keith and Roma! Keep achieving!

  34. Denny Suzuki

    My resume from Go Berg was professionally written by their expert resume writers. I much appreciated the time and effort they took to make sure it was complete and suited to the role I was applying for as a supply chain manager. They highlighted my skills and talents and I was impressed with their ability to quantify my accomplishments. I highly recommend their resume service. Very capable and effective.

    • admin

      Thanks Denny! we appreciate the high recommendation, tell all your friends and family about our great services!

  35. Andrew Mullerbeck

    Working with Go Berg I had a new and improved resume. Which I was able to use in order to get a higher paying position within the hospital system I work for as a customer service manager. Without their talent and knack for professional writing, I fear my achievements and accomplishments would have been lost or passed over. I recommend their services, I felt they were honest, proficient at writing, and at understanding my specific needs for the resume.

    • admin

      Thanks Andrew, we appreciate the kind words! All the best!

  36. Kennedy Varona

    I really appreciate the time and care that Go Berg took to help re-write and edit my resume. After they fully evaluated my career course and future goals, they wrote a strong, compelling and key work friendly resume, specific towards the industry and company needs. Their resume writers are proficient, technically sound and deliver a superior product. It is an investment in your future and well worth it. Besides the technical writing piece, they also inform on the most beneficial places to post the resume and they can also help get your resume in front of their external recruiters and staffing agencies. Many thanks Go Berg!

    • admin

      Thanks Kennedy, many you’re welcomes! all the best and go get em!

  37. Brian Lehrmann

    I work as a recruiter for a financial corporation. I respect and cherish our partnership with GBOGH. They bring us the best candidates that most directly match our needs. Plus, their resumes are well articulated and the candidates you can tell are coached extremely well for their interviews. It is a blessing, really, to be partnered with such a professional firm like GBOGH. They are always hard at work for their candidates and always keep us in the loop when talent comes around. I recommend partnering with them for your candidate needs.

    • admin

      Thanks Brian! We don’t stop working until your working! 🙂

  38. Bruce Blanton

    Go Berg or Go Home offers many services that are prompt, professional and valuable. Recently, they edited and updated my resume to professional standards. The resume I had written myself years back was not holding its own anymore. I was surprised and pleased by the range of knowledge Go Berg has about the job search, recruitment, hiring process and how/which things are changing. One thing that is not changing however, is the resume. Your resume is a professional document that summarizes your brilliant career and achievements while at the same time clearly explains to your new employer “why you are the best candidate for the role.” I wouldn’t try to ever edit my own resume again and I highly recommend Go Berg. I have already starting applying with it and in three and a half weeks, I was able to speak with a recruiter for one of the positions!

    • admin

      Thanks Bruce! We always advice our clients, never touch your resume! You wouldn’t touch an art piece by Da Vinci right? 🙂

  39. Randi Lauer

    If you need a boost to your resume, I highly recommend Go Berg or Go Home. I worked with their team to reboot and revamp my resume to foster my career advancement. With so much competition and so many people on the job market, you need to have a professional resume that standouts and the one I received from Go Berg did the trick! Thank you!

    • admin

      Thanks Randi! All the best, if you need the job placement service, just let us know!

  40. Phan Gao

    Go Berg or Go Home can elevate your resume in order to provide you attention from recruiters. It is almost impossible to get past the sophisticated tracking systems that HR uses to scan resumes. With Go Berg, their skilled writers, technologically advanced systems and connections with both internal and external recruiters at various companies allow you to stand out. I highly recommend their services. They deliver the visibility and acknowledgement that is needed in order to be considered for a open position. Working with the Go Berg team was wonderful and very effective.

    • admin

      Thanks Phan! Keep achieving, you have an amazing background!

  41. Caroline Lloyd

    Go Berg or Go Home has a brilliant ability to bring your professional skills and capabilities onto paper. My resume from them was professional and was results driven. My resume needed to be updated and strong in order for me to move up in the engineering field. They did a fantastic job at representing my proficiencies and accomplishments. In addition, they are technology driven, they have systems in place that allow your resume to be seen and viewed. I was able to capture interviews after applying with my resume from Go Berg. I highly recommend their services, worth the investment in your career!

    • admin

      Thanks Caroline, resumes are fun aren’t they 🙂 – Thank you for investing in Go Berg or Go Home!

  42. Sally Degenhardt

    Go Berg or Go Home are exceptional resume writers and master connectors. Once my resume was streamlined and my most recent achievements and core competencies brought to the forefront in a commanding way, I was on my way to applying with better success in the outcome. Plus, the Go Berg team was able to send me specific job applications that met my search criteria and company list. They are masterful connectors and have an ability to find the role and company that suits you. The entire process of working with Go Berg is easy, effective and worth every dollar!

    • admin

      Thanks Sally! We try to make it easy! We are glad you thought your hard earned money went to a great investment in your future, all the best!

  43. Nikit Shah

    I highly recommend Go Berg. When I received my professionally written resume from them, I was speechless. It was professional, well-written, geared towards the industry I was aiming to enter and specific to my skills and talents. The team took a comprehensive and in-depth approach in the first meeting to identify my career goals and appreciate my work history. I enjoyed also having their expert guidance on where and how to best post my resume online. I was also speechless at how easily and quickly I was able to hear back from companies after applying with my Go Berg resume. They definitely deliver and will help you succeed!

    • admin

      Thanks Nikit, we will ALWAYS deliver, whether we are the right career services company for you or not, we will always have something to offer!

  44. Donald Bertozzi

    The certified team of experts at Go Berg have a superior knowledge base of career counseling, decision making and professional writing. Plus, after they edited and updated my resume to take full advantage of my professional amazingness, I was able to send it directly to their internal recruiters for three large tech firms. Talk about value! It’s one thing to have an amazing resume, but an amazing resume plus insider access and connections is next level! Thanks to go Berg I landed a higher paying spot with flexibility in my work schedule and increased benefits. I can’t thank them enough.

    • admin

      Thanks Don! Congrats on the new gig! You certainly earned it! Good luck with the transition and keep in touch!

  45. Miriam Engmann

    I highly recommend Go Berg or Go Home’s resume writing. I worked personally with Roma. I felt she did a fantastic job at portraying and capturing my professional essence on paper. Throughout the entire process of job search and applications she was helpful and able to steer me in the right direction on job boards and in negotiation/speaking with recruiters. I am appreciative to Go Berg and to Roma. They displayed professionalism, expertise in writing, and strategic career planning throughout the entire process.

    • admin

      Thanks Miriam, I will pass the feedback on to Roma, she is in a class of her own when it comes to resume writing!

  46. Gabriel Kleinman

    You won’t find a more dedicated and resourceful resume writing service! I had the wonderful experience of working with Roma and Keith in order to update and transform my resume. My resume that I had used for my first job after college, simply was not cutting it on the job market, six years later. I reached out to Go Berg after a recommendation from a colleague. Go Berg’s team are experts at professional resume writing. My resume was transformed, updated, relevant to the job positions, emphasized my key strengths and attributes, and able to allow me to make contact with recruiters and hiring managers. I highly recommend and pass the recommendation of Go Berg on when I can. They are honest, trustworthy, produce resumes that are actually viewed by and acted upon, and your purchase with them is in investment in your career path and well worth it!!

    • admin

      Thanks Gabriel, we appreciate the amazing review! I will pass the feedback along to the team! All the best, and you know where to find us!

  47. Erin Bell

    Go Berg or Go Home’s certified resume writers are very much attuned to the subtleties and nuances of resume writing. They develop effective resumes that get past the applicant tracking systems and make your resume more accessible and actionable to the recruiters and hiring managers. I had great success applying and attaining interviews with companies due to my professional resume from Go Berg. Hands down one of the best resume writing companies in the world!

    • admin

      Thanks Erin! We are glad you found us through some great connections! Let us know if you want to partake on some recruitment efforts!

  48. Ashok Patel

    I highly recommend Go Berg’s professional resume service. When aiming to attain a spot as a training and development specialists they helped me target specific companies that aligned with my mission and values. From there they wrote a professional resume and cover letters that were tailored and combined my specific skill-set to the needs of the companies. They did an incredible job at linking my skills to the needs of the company. It was profound. They excel at resume writing because they take a personalized approach, have knowledge of the industries and companies you are applying to and they work precisely to make sure their product produces results. Within 5 weeks of applying I was contacted by recruiters for 2 of the companies I applied to. All thanks to Go Berg!

    • admin

      Thanks Ashok, we know a recruiter or 2, as you can see by now 🙂 – Go get it!

  49. Carol E. Weigl

    Go Berg or Go Home’s professionally certified resume writers did not rest until my resume was complete and perfect. They took time to understand my career goals, plans and objectives. They had a firm understanding of my strengths, achievements, qualifications and specialty. With that information they were able to compile a resume that was effective, dynamic and drew attention. Besides their exceptional writing ability and perfect resume skills, they help guide you towards the ideal places to post the resume, how to reach out to recruiters, they are able to get information and feedback from recruiters on the inside and are vested in your success until you capture job interviews. I can’t thank them enough!!

    • admin

      Thanks Carol, you’re very welcome, now use that resume and go get that new position! 🙂

  50. Beth Tyson

    I am deeply appreciative to both Roma and Keith who worked to sensibly edit and revise my resume to highlight my qualifications and incredible work ethic. Their professional assessment of my career aspirations and industry experience, helped me to begin applying to jobs in the manufacturing industry and to be able to get a live interview at two companies. They are immensely professional, knowledgeable and invested in your career success.

    • admin

      Thanks Beth! You are immensely amazing, thank you for the kind package that you sent to Roma, that was too kind of you! We are all rooting for you!

  51. John Gleick

    I was referred to Go Berg from a colleague. He raved about how skilled they were at resume writing. After trying to edit my own resume without any success, I reached out to Go Berg. They were responsive and encouraging. I could tell from the start they were caring and understanding about how difficult the job search and application process can be. Once they understood my career goals, they wrote a professional resume, that was objective and supported by strong and important key words and quality data metrics. Then they guided me on the best methods of applying and on which platforms. I really appreciate their superior guidance and I highly recommend them for all things related to job searching, resume writing, and professional career guidance.

    • admin

      Thanks John, we might know who that referral is 🙂 – We love referrals, pay it forward John! All the best!

  52. Melissa Rondon

    Go Berg or Go Home’s professionals are technical resume guru’s. They edited, refined and enhanced my resume to perfection. Driven by a personalized assessment of my career path, bold and descriptive job descriptions, and a compelling objective statement, my resume was a work of art. Better yet, it consistently passed the tracking systems and I was able to speak with HR from three different companies out of the eight I applied to! That was amazing. I am so grateful for their professionalism, expertise and guidance and I urge you to seek their professional help prior to job searching or trying to write your own resume!

    • admin

      Thanks Melissa, we urge everyone too to seek out of professional help 🙂 – All the best!

  53. Gretchen Guthold

    I can honestly say, having my resume professionally written by Go Berg or Go Home was the best decision ever. Their skilled, patient and expert team crafted a professional resume that demanded and attained attention and nicely summarized my achievements and technical ability. Having a resume from Go Berg puts you on the fast track to being called by recruiters and being able to move into the interview stages of the job finding process. Thank you so much!

    • admin

      Thanks Gretchen, we can honestly say, it was your best investment! Keep Achieving!

  54. Calen Handrahan

    I highly recommend Go Berg for resume writing. It is impossible to edit your own resume. I tried many, many times. After I met with the Go Berg team, they were able to produce a powerful piece of professional writing that was key-word friendly, applicable to the job role requirements, and attracted attention from recruiters. They were beyond helpful, knowledgeable and considerate. They are the best in career services for a reason!!!

    • admin

      Thanks Calen, impossible no, improbably, Yes! 🙂 – We try to tell people, don’t go at this alone, resumes are painful!

  55. Brandon Frisch

    A resume from Go Berg allows you to stand out, been seen, get insider access to job postings and to be able to receive direct feedback from recruiters at the companies you are applying to. Without their exceptional writing ability and connections, I would not have been able to attain my current position. They deliver on their services in a timely fashion and they are honest with you about expectations and length of job search. I appreciate their dedication to their clients and their determination to provide the best resources in order to help their clients succeed. Thank you!!! I have referred 3 colleagues to you!

    • admin

      Thanks Brandon, and THANK YOU for the referrals, keep them coming!

  56. Ivanna Yegorov

    My resume from Go Berg was professional and captivating. Their expert writers deliver pure genius in their prose; with a compelling narrative, professional image, descriptive and strong bullet points and an effective and eye-pleasing template. Most importantly, my resume from Go Berg got me through the tracking systems, which allowed me to speak with recruiters and hiring managers. Thanks to Go Berg’s guidance and support I was able to achieve a new position as head of communications for a pharmaceutical company. Thank you!

    • admin

      Thanks Ivanna, we feel like you were part of the team! I know it took longer then anticipated, thanks for hanging in with us and congrats on the new job!

  57. Mayleen Lim

    I highly recommend Go Berg or Go Home for resume writing. They take a personalized approach to each client, allowing for them to deliver an influential and objective written document that wows recruiters and hiring managers. They are extremely professional, knowledgeable about the job search and resume writing process, constantly stay up to date with trends in hiring, and easy to work with.

    • admin

      Thanks Mayleen, wowing is what we strive for, but you have to have amazing skills first, that’s all you!

  58. George Chavarri

    My resume from Go Berg was unique, professional, effective and powerful. The team worked conscientiously to capture my strengths, career accomplishments, and potential and translate them into print. I strongly recommend Go Berg for resume writing. They personalize the resume, are proficient at writing, and they know how to get you noticed and pass the tracking system that HR uses.

    • admin

      Thanks George, we appreciate the kind words, glad you enjoyed the back-end overview of ATS – they are fun!

  59. Barbara Alexander

    Go Berg or Go Home’s resume services are crucial for landing your next interview. I worked to edit and customize my own resume and I had many different versions. None of them provided me with any opportunities. Having the professional and expert resume writers at Go Berg made a world of difference. They are exceptionally skilled at quantifying your professional attributes and accentuating your effectiveness. After a few weeks of applying to positions with my resume from Go Berg, I was contact by a recruiter for a construction corporation and eventually ended up interviewing and accepting a position as a project manager. I highly recommend their resume services!!!

    • admin

      Thanks Barbara, I know things are picking up in the construction sector, keep us posting on helping you with a few more staffs!

  60. Hilary Hamada

    Go Berg really understands the resume writing process. Without success on my own, I reached out to Go Berg with after a recommend from a friend. They definitely are professional, experts at creating a persuasive career story that is unique to you, and a resume that gets attention from recruiters. I highly recommend them.

    • admin

      Thanks Hilary, we appreciate the high recommendation, all the best!

  61. Colin Leaburi

    The certified resume writers at Go Berg are prolific! I want to thank Keith for doing an amazing job on my resume. My resume was a true representation of my professional experiences, it elevated my responsibilities and accomplishments, and it threaded through it a theme of capability and potential. Keith also helped create personal and distinct cover letters for the roles I applied to. During the entire process, the Go Berg team was receptive to questions, honest about the time length, and very helpful at answering the many questions I had regarding the job search process. I am so grateful to Keith and the entire team. If you are looking for a professional, certified, trustworthy company to help write your resume, I highly recommend Go Berg or Go Home.

    • admin

      Thanks Colin, we know the word ‘trustworthy’ does not come easy these days, thanks for choosing to use it for Go Berg or Go Home!

  62. Justin L. Snow

    Go Berg or Go Home’s resume services are simply the best! I worked with Roma and Keith. They took a personalized approach, time to understand my career plans and goals. After a complete assessment of my past roles, they put together a resume full of specific, detailed information, targeted toward my list of companies. It was extremely helpful to have a resourceful, capable team on my side. Writing is not my strong point, especially professional writing. I highly recommend them. They are skilled at professional writing, my resume was concise, professional and attention grabbing.

    • admin

      Thanks Justin! Attention grabbing resumes is what we do! Keep achieving, and you know where to find us!

  63. Theresa McManus

    Working with Go Berg and having them transform your resume is always the correct move. I was partnered with their professional expert in the tourism space and he wrote a dynamic, powerful and compelling resume, that allowed me to become a VP for a major player in tourism. I am so thankful and appreciative. Without a credible resume, you are not likely to get noticed or given an opportunity, so I greatly thank Go Berg for their expertise in resume writing.

    • admin

      Thanks Theresa, we thank you for the amazing review! Keep achieving!

  64. Samuel Gould

    A professional, well-written resume from Go Berg is worth the investment in your career. Once you land your new position, thanks to the Go Berg resume, and you are making more money, you won’t even notice the money spent on the resume, but you will be smiling. Go Berg wrote my resume, when I was looking to attain a position as an associate branch manager. A very competitive and qualified group of colleagues were also vying for the position. But with the essential and effective Go Berg way, my resume stood out, got attention, and landed me where I hoped to be. Thank you!

    • admin

      Thanks Sam, so happy for you! I know it took longer then expected, but YOU did it! Keep in touch!

  65. Brad Herschfield

    On my custom resume, Go Berg was able to integrate my former and present skills, abilities and attainments into a concise yet eye-catching resume. Their professional resume writers worked to personalize and tailor my resume towards the roles I was applying to. In addition, they helped create my cover letters, that were unique and appropriate for the companies. I really appreciate their professionalism and expert guidance. They have many resources to help you succeed and they definitely work hard for their clients. Thank you all!

    • admin

      Thanks Brad, we have a ton of resources, we have resources for resources! Appreciate the feedback!

  66. Ingrid Montoya

    Go Berg or Go Home provides excellent resume services. I have been a loyal client. In the past I used their services after college graduation many years ago, looking for an entry-level job at a PR firm. And second, many years after that looking for advancement and a change of industries. No matter the role, level, experience, or industry, they are capable of creating a resume that is true to your strengths, highlights your accomplishments and potential. Go Berg leads the way in resume writing and in helping their clients achieve career success!

    • admin

      Thanks Ingrid! We have created them all! There are few verticals or positions that we haven’t experienced, tell all your friends 🙂

  67. Nikki Olusoti

    I was skeptical of resume writers, but when I was at my end; applying to jobs with either no response back or a rejection email, I figured I would try Go Berg or Go Home. With their free consultation, I reckoned I had nothing to lose. Boy, I wish I had found them sooner. I was blown-away by their knowledge not only of resume writing, but of career searching and job applying. Once finalized, my resume was a professional document and a tremendous work of art. When applying with my resume from Go Berg I finally had success and was able to have three phone interviews already with recruiters. I can’t thank them enough!

    • admin

      Thanks Nikki! Phone calls from recruiters are always awesome! Good luck and keep us posted on the job hunt!

  68. Antonella Huerta

    I highly recommend Go Berg or Go Home’s resume writing services. They are very talented and knowledgeable about how to best organize and place content on the resume and how to best apply with your resume. Working with Keith and Roma, I had a personalized resume that was tailored to meet the specific job requirements needed when maneuvering in the healthcare profession up to the level of an RN case manager. They were both professional, helpful and did a remarkable job at understanding my career goals and translating them into my resume and career search. Thank you both so much!

    • admin

      Thanks Antonella, I will share the awesome review with the team! You’re very welcome!

  69. Elijah Chaskel

    Once I started applying with my professional resume from Go Berg, I had significantly improved outcomes. No longer hearing crickets, I was receiving emails and phone calls from recruiters. It took a few months when working with Go Berg to go from resume creation to finally accepting a job offer, but the investment was worth it. During the process, Go Berg’s team is supportive, provides resources and knowledge to help you succeed, and allows for your professional growth through knowledge of the best continuing education to partake in and how to best to build your social network of professionals.

    • admin

      Thanks Elijah, we can coach in my different areas, and yes, we know a few people that can call you 🙂

  70. Hui Li

    Go Berg or Go Home’s certified resume writers understand the distinctiveness of each client and take a personalized approach to transforming resumes. They were able to capture my voice, mind, story and career vision, into a professional and powerful resume document. When I applied with and posted my resume, the interviewers would often comment on how exceptional it was. I highly recommend allowing Go Berg to bring your career story and potential to life.

    • admin

      Thanks Hui! We love hearing the feedback on our produced resumes, it may take a few drafts, but it’s worth it!

  71. Raymond Prichard

    Go Berg or Go Home’s team of nationally recognized, certified resume writers performed a robust career assessment and entirely transformed my resume. After an in-depth evaluation of my past job duties, hard and soft skills, and transferrable talents, they constructed a resume that allowed me to transition industries. They are true experts at highlighting all of your potential on paper and showing the recruiter why you are uniquely suited for the roles you are applying to. I recommend them for your resume writing needs…very proficient, effective, and professional!!

    • admin

      Thanks Ray, we pride ourselves on our expertise! All the best and keep achieving!

  72. Zlata Petrovic

    I most definitely recommend Go Berg for resume writing. My resume I received from them was worth the investment in my career. Instead of me wasting any more time, trying to re-do my own resume, I reached out to Go Berg. I was amazed at their ability to craft and create a professional image on paper. Better yet, the resume was able secure me interviews after meaningful conversations with recruiters!!!!

    • admin

      Thanks Zlata, well-written resumes pay off don’t they! Once your past that, it’s all downhill from there!

  73. Nina Dvornikov

    After graduating college, I felt overwhelmed by the entire process of resume writing and job searching. I was referred to Go Berg from my cousin. Immediately upon working with their expert team, I felt re-assured. They fully took the time to understand my hopes and career goals, set realistic time-frames for the resume writing process and job application process and delivered a resume that was impressive, professional and extremely well-written with a significant amount of objective statements. I highly recommend their services!!!

    • admin

      Thanks Nina, tell your cousin we said thank you! (And hello!) – All the best as you seek out the beginnings of your career journey!

  74. Warren Landreau

    Go Berg or Go Home did an amazing job at writing my resume. I was referred to Go Berg from a friend who had used their services in the past with great success. They provided me with an all-inclusive evaluation of my career path, took into consideration my history of volunteering and community outreach, and put all my information into a professional, succinct resume document. It helped me stand out and be able to move forward in the interview process with an international not-for-profit organization. I am still in the interview stages, but so thankful to Go Berg for getting me noticed and to this part in the process!

    • admin

      Thanks Warren, we love when we can partner to help clients like you chase their passion in their careers! Good Luck!

  75. Katherine Iverson

    I was wowed when I received my resume from Go Berg. It was unlike anything I was ever able to put together on my own and like nothing I have seen online. It was a completely individualized, unique, representation of me as professional and it was targeted and specific towards the accounting firms I was applying to. I highly recommend their resume services, they are talented, professional, and experts at creating a captivating story about your past and future potential.

    • admin

      Thanks Kathy, we appreciate the kind words, all the best!

  76. Dennis De Luca

    Special thanks to Keith for his work on my resume. During our first meeting we had a discussion about my career plans, I was able to explain my past career roles and what I was hoping to accomplish next. With the basics understood, next Keith was able to produce a professional resume, with specific details, describing my skills and abilities that would be relevant towards the roles I was in search of. He was very knowledgeable about the job market, the aspects of resume writing and the hiring process. Thank you!

    • admin

      Thanks Dennis, I will be sure to send the feedback to Keith, he is amazing at what he does and knows!

  77. Adele Mullerbeck

    I highly recommend Go Berg’s resume writing service. My resume was completely transformed. It was extremely professional, organized, and had a clear and applicable objective statement and summary at the top. In addition, it was attention getting. Applying with my resume from Go Berg made all the difference. Their resume services are proficient, effective at getting you noticed and worth the investment.

    • admin

      Thanks Adele, keep applying, you are ready to receive some calls from recruiters!

  78. Holly Newell

    My career advancement achievement was all thanks to Go Berg. I worked one-on-one with their professional and certified resume writers to modify and alter my resume to improve my chances of success. As I was seeking a transition into middle-management, they took a full, comprehensive evaluation of my past roles, responsibilities, and leadership abilities. They took care and consideration of my career aspirations and targeted the resumes’ key words, phrases and data points to the specific job role and highlighted my upcoming potential to the company. I highly recommend their resume services- comprehensive, professional, effective and persuasive.

    • admin

      Thanks Holly, thanks for the high recommendation, keep in touch and keep at it, tons of upticking happening!

  79. Yelena Vereshchagin

    I appreciate the effort that both Roma and Keith paid to my resume. After college, I had little job experience, a few small-scale internships and a poor social network. They both helped create a resume that was professional, well-written, and utilized as much supporting data as was available. They showed me I had many more skills and experiences than I thought. Also, they took a fair amount of time to help guide me in posting the resume to job boards, writing letters to HR departments, and overall increasing my visibility in the job market. Thank you! I have recommended you to all my friends.

    • admin

      Thanks Yelena, we love our college partnerships, but to say that some of the career services offices we deal with or not as informed and connected is valid, we will be here if you need anything else!

  80. Jamie Olsen

    It was immensely valuable to my job search and application efforts to have the professional resume writers at Go Berg create a powerful resume. Prior to working with them, my own resume received no attention, after hours spent filling out job applications and online forms. Then, once I received my professional, organized, potent and key word friendly resume from Go Berg, I actually had contact with recruiters! I highly recommend their services, they are expedient, comprehensive and personalize the resume towards the specific jobs and/or industry needs and they stay with you until you meet your goals.

    • admin

      Thanks Jamie, Yes! Recruiters do exist and will call if you have a resume that can pass 🙂 – Good luck and keep in touch!

  81. RJ Zelinger

    Go Berg or Go Home is distinguished at resume writing. They provided me a definitive resume document that was comprehensive in scope of my abilities, well-written without errors, inclusive of captions and the lead descriptions were detailed in a descriptive yet concise manner, and the summary portion clearly outlined my potential and career objectives. They truly take time to listen to your needs and the final product is noteworthy and extremely efficient at getting you past tracking systems!

    • admin

      Thanks RJ, we pride ourselves on NOT getting the resume right the first time, it’s impossible! We love those tracking systems as much as the next person 🙂

  82. Christine Bailey

    Go Berg is very skilled at transporting your professional attributes from speech to paper. After their complete and comprehensive assessment of my career status, they created a resume that clearly defined my applicability to enter the roles to which I applied. They worked diligently on my resume, showing how I had many transferrable skills that would be of benefit to switch into a different field of work. Many thanks and appreciation for their professionalism, expertise, knowledge and guidance.

    • admin

      Many thanks to you Christine, for the amazing review and opportunity to serve your career services needs!

  83. Dulari Patel

    Go Berg is exceptional at resume writing!!! I recommend the investment in your career. My resume from them was professional, showcased my unique talents suited for the roles I was applying to, driven by specific data points that quantified my career accomplishments, delivered in a timely manner and it was effective at getting consideration from recruiters. I was at a complete loss, trying to apply with my standard, boring resume. With the skilled and capable guidance of Go Berg, I had much greater success and more job prospects to choose from. Thank you!!!

    • admin

      You are not boring! Your resume just needed a touch of Go Berg magic! All the best!

  84. Jerry Lee

    Go Berg is first-rate at resume writing. They excel at showing your adaptability and innovation, keys to entering any industry. Once I received my resume from Go Berg, I was amazed at the organizational structure, robust use of power sentences, complete with a strong objective statement, that fit the roles I was applying to. They take the time necessary to research into your career history and career plans into order to personalize the resume. Their resume services are worth it! You need someone on your side when job searching and resume writing, and I can’t think of anyone more qualified than the team at Go Berg or Go Home.

    • admin

      Thanks Jerry! We can’t think of anyone else either 🙂 – all the best!

  85. Clayton Hoffman

    There are particular skills and key words employers are searching for when they look at resumes. I highly recommend working with Go Berg and having their expert resume writers assist you in compiling your resume. They have a true talent for identifying your highest values and skills and transcribing them onto paper. In addition, they assisted me in narrowing down my job search by company, region, location and then we were able to pull job applications that I was interested in. A major benefit was their association with the recruiters that had the job listings, therefore we were able to tweak the resume towards the specific needs of the recruiter. It worked! I was able to interview and eventually accepted an offer!

    • admin

      Thanks Clayton! We do our best from an internal skill set, to external connections to ensure you are the best self on paper!

  86. Cora Novak

    I am very thankful to both Roma and Keith for their professionalism and expertise. They created a remarkable resume that allowed me to successfully attain a higher-level position within my firm. I highly recommend their resume services. Their services are comprehensive, convincing to hiring managers and personalized to the specific job requirements. You won’t find a more dedicated, gifted, proficient career services group, one that cares about its clients success.

    • admin

      Thanks Cora, I will let Roma and Keith know about the awesome work they did, they will miss you! Keep in touch!

  87. Jim Briggs

    As soon as I applied with my custom designed resume from Go Berg, I began hearing back from recruiters! I highly recommend using the Go Berg team for resume writing, no matter how well you think you can write, there is definitely an art to it and the Go Berg team is on top of the best practices when it comes down to resume writing.

    • admin

      Thanks Jim, all the best!

  88. Nora Goyal

    It was impossible on my own to get any attention from companies regarding my applications. I would spend a significant amount of time re-doing my resume for each role and company, to only have one of two outcomes: I didn’t hear back or I received the “we are moving forward with a candidate that better fits the role.” Frustrated and taxed, my friend referred me to Go Berg or Go Home. Once they performed a complete assessment of my abilities and accomplishments, they narrowed down my search by company, personalized my resume to the job role, and directed me in the best methods of applying. I highly recommend their services. They are dedicated, knowledgeable, experts in creating standout resumes. It pays off when you land the interview and then the sign your offer letter!

    • admin

      Thanks Nora! We hate seeing that dreaded reply, but we also love seeing it, because that means we have a business model 🙂 – All the best!

  89. Fred Campbell

    Go Berg or Go Home has the career services resources, expert professionals and means in order to transform your resume. After a full evaluation of your career course and career objectives, they generate a persuasive argument on paper that has all the essential elements that employers are looking for and the resume by-passes the tracking systems and gains the respect it deserves! The entire team is honest, reliable, they are able to listen to your needs and they are highly skilled and deliver on their promises. I recommend their resume services!

    • admin

      Thanks Fred, those are powerful adjectives, and we greatly appreciate them, we try our best and we always will, Thanks again Fred!

  90. Tahiry Evans

    I had great success when applying with my professional resume from Go Berg. It was customized to my unique talents and abilities, specific to the jobs and roles I was applying to. In addition, I received expert guidance from the Go Berg Team on the best approach to applying, on which sites, platforms and even how best to reach out to recruiters to increase my chances of success. I highly recommend them for their professionalism, dynamic writing ability, timeliness and support during the job search process.

    • admin

      Thanks Tahiry, the support never ends, you know where to find us! Good Luck!

  91. Katie McPartland

    Go Berg did an outstanding job on my resume. They truly understand the nuances of resume writing, from customized templates, word choice, sentence structure, use of data and metrics, all in a style that brands your professional image into a succinct whole, professional document. Absolutely perfect, functional and useful. Once you apply with your Go Berg resume, you will need their job coaching services, because the resume will attract attention and you will need to be ready for the next step in the process!

    • admin

      Thanks Katie! You will be ready for multiple steps in the process after choosing us! Keep Achieving!

  92. Taylor Romano

    I highly recommend Go Berg or Go Home’s resume writing services. Upon the initial assessment you are matched with their expert that has experience in that particular field you are entering. After a complete understanding of your career aspirations and specific plan to target the appropriate roles and companies, they produce in a timely manner, an effective resume. My resume was professional, error free, loaded with hard data driven by research into my past and unquestionably allowed me to be seen by recruiters. Thank you!

    • admin

      Thanks Taylor! I hope it was error free, we wouldn’t be in business long 🙂 – Keep at it, opportunities are coming, and keep driving!

  93. Wade Halbert

    Go Berg’s professional resume writers’ experience in various industries allows them to personalize your resume towards the specific industry you are entering. Depending upon which field you are trying to enter, there are specific key phrases, skills, and attributes that recruiters look for. I was impressed with Go Berg’s knowledge of the different career sectors, the pre-requisites needed to enter different markets and their connections and relationships with professional experts in various fields. They have a plethora of resources to be able to assist you towards achieving your goals and the resume is definitely a beginning step. I highly recommend working with them!!!

    • admin

      Thanks Wade! We pride ourselves on aligning to industries and experts within those industries to get you the best information to date!

  94. Dana Carrington

    I highly recommend Go Berg or Go Home for a professional resume. Careful attention to your career history and aspirations during their personalized assessment provides them the background information they need to tailor your resume towards the jobs you are applying for. They take the time to methodically question and assess your career and career plan, then work diligently to deliver a resume that is an entirely professional picture driven by facts and figures that clearly represent your worth to the recruiter or whoever is viewing the resume. I really appreciated the fact that the Go Berg team took the time to personalize my assessment and resume. During the process, I did not feel rushed and the final product was an impressive career story and view into my future potential.

    • admin

      Thanks Dana, we will never rush the process, and we will never get it right the first draft! You are well-positioned for applying to your future!

  95. Carrie Sall

    The entire job search and resume writing process can feel like riding a roller-coaster; it’s time consuming, emotionally depleting, and competitive. It tried it on my own when I was trying to switch fields. Then my friend referred me to Go Berg. It was a wonder to be able to work with a professional team of experts dedicated to my career success. They gathered a full assessment of my career path and goals, gauged my interest and fit for the roles I was applying to, helped to persuade me if they believed, from their experience, a certain choice would not provide for me, and created a strategic plan to get me into the interview stages and beyond. I am so thankful for their services. Hands down the best career services company!

    • admin

      Thanks Carrie, we are thankful for you trust in our services, and agree, we are the best!

  96. Ed Kouch

    I highly recommend Go Berg or Go Home for your professional careers needs. Their practiced and certified team assisted me in attaining an operations coordinator position for a large manufacturing plant. I tried on my own to apply for and submit applications in order to improve my career status, as well as improve my chances for opportunities and greater pay. I was without success on my own. With the help of the dedicated team at Go Berg, they created my professional resume and cover letters, informed me on the best companies to target and connected me with recruiters direct for the roles I was applying to. Thanks to their knowledge and insider connections, I was able to be seen and heard. I am very appreciative to them for their services.

    • admin

      Thanks Ed, appreciate the appreciation! All the best and you know where to find us!

  97. Ely Mamat

    I highly recommend Go Berg’s resume writing. My resume from them was professional, clearly demonstrated my value to the companies I applied to and after applying with it, I was contacted by recruiters and began to interview. I can’t thank them enough for their comprehensive evaluation and their proficient ability at resume writing. The resume they produce for you will definitely attract attention!

    • admin

      Thanks Ely, keep achieving and good luck!

  98. Roger Tavoularis

    Go Berg is accomplished at resume writing. They delve into a full analysis of your professional work history, ethic, and accomplishments, so they get a clear picture of where you hope to go in your career journey and are able to set you up for success. The resume is vital to getting past tracking systems during the application process. I applied to 4 companies after college with my resume from Go Berg and at each one, I was contacted by either the hiring manger or recruiter. When my friends lamented about how they were applying without success, I quickly referred them to Go Berg. They deliver results!

    • admin

      Thanks Roger, we appreciate the referrals thus far, keep them coming, and we will keep you connected!

  99. Chris (verified owner)

    What a great experience. The GoBerg team delivered 5 Star Service. They were quick to respond to my inquiry. They explained the science and data behind their process, and delivered back an exceptional resume. On top of this, they were able to update my Linkedin page giving me a 1-2 punch employers are looking for.

    • admin

      Thanks so much Chris! Appreciate the feedback and if you need anything, you know where to find us!

  100. Lauren Kennedy

    I am so appreciative to everyone at Go Berg for their assistance in creating my resume. I tried on my own many times to write my resume as I thought would be appropriate to the job position. I realized however, after working with Go Berg that there are specific ways to demonstrate your career persona and professionalism and that is what the Go Berg team does best. They spend time to understand your needs, then deliver a standout resume which highlights your abilities in a concise but commanding way. They are experts at maximizing value per sentence. I highly recommend them for resume writing!

    • admin

      Thanks Lauren! Thanks for the great feedback, our clients become some of our best friends and at times, experts in the field, keep in touch and best of luck!

  101. Catori Hopkins

    Go Berg’s nationally certified resume writers are outstanding at listening in order to understand your career story and goals for the future. They gather the pertinent information needed, and they write clearly and concisely to produce a professional resume. In addition, once the resume is ready, they guide you on the best sites to post it on and inform on the best approach to applying. I highly recommend their resume services, don’t waste the time trying it on your own. They are highly skilled and accomplished and will help you succeed!

    • admin

      Thanks Cat! You are proof that doing these things on your own will just spin you in circles, they spin us in circles too! Thanks for the feedback and keep achieving!

  102. Angelina O’Sullivan

    I highly recommend working with Go Berg or Go Home to update and/or renovate your resume. They are true masters at resume writing. They have a commanding ability to gather your strengths, accomplishments, and future potential and summarize it into a one to two-page complete professional image. They are proficient at matching resume to the job descriptions for the positions you are applying to and at getting the resumes past the tracking systems. I had so many more opportunities to speak with recruiters and hiring managers when job searching because of their expert resume writers. Instead of settling for one position, it was more beneficial to my career to have more exposure and ultimately that allowed me to make the best choice. I owe it all to Go Berg!!!

    • admin

      Thanks Angie! You are giving us too much credit! You were already knocking those doors down, all we did is hand you an improved resume for when you entered the room! Keep achieving!

  103. Zereen Da

    I highly recommend Go Berg or Go Home for all of their professional services but especially their resume writing. I work for a large staffing agency that has partnered with them for some time. Their resumes are always standouts, professional, data driven, compelling, and actionable. I recently was speaking with my cousin who graduated from college and she was freaking out about her job prospects. I referred her to Go Berg. I know their dedicated and professional staff of certified resume experts and career coaches will without a doubt, will be able to assist her…for that matter…all her college friends too!

    • admin

      Thanks Z! We appreciate the referral and will take good care of your cousin!

  104. Declan Hill

    What I enjoyed most about working with Go Berg on my resume, was the communication and interaction. I found that because I was able to relate my career story and their certified expert, Keith, took the time to listen, ask pertinent questions, that it contributed to the production of a resume that was truly personalized, representative of my career goals, and applicable exactly to the industry I was trying to enter. Without the face to face connection, understanding and patience…I feel a lot would be lost. I highly recommend their resume services, I think you will find as I did, the best outcomes are to be found when resume services are personalized and the process is not rushed.

    • admin

      Thanks Declan, Happy to help, and we agree, that resume was missing a ton! Your talents yield two pages 🙂 All the best!

  105. Kia Marshall

    The time and effort that Go Berg spent to customize my resume was impressive. They fully evaluated my professional background, gathered in-depth data and insights and interpreted my career past and future potential in order to produce a noteworthy resume. Their personalized resume allowed me to get my foot in the door and interview at some major retail companies- in places that I had no prior connections, however with my resume from Go Berg and their insider connections with recruiters, I was able to be seen and heard. I am so thankful for their professionalism, expert guidance, and insights!!!

    • admin

      Hi Kia, best of luck, you are amazing, and now your resume shows that! All the best!

  106. Kwang Rungrueang

    I highly recommend Go Berg or Go Home’s customized professional resume writing services. Their certified resume writers work with you to construct a personalized and detailed resume that is targeted to the exact positions and companies for which you are applying to. My resume from Go Berg was comprehensive and shaped a complete picture of my professionalism, career achievements and potential. Applying with my resume from Go Berg was a breeze, it was getting attention and recruiters were reaching out to me!

    • admin

      Thanks Kwang, they will reach out again! During these times, we just encourage everyone to be ready to apply!

  107. Dan Devlin

    If you want to take your resume from good to great and from unseen to seen, I highly recommend Go Berg’s professional resume services. They transformed my resume into a professional and captivating product, that attracted attention, got past the ATS and allowed me to get into the interview seat! Don’t wait, let their expert, certified resume writers assess and evaluate your career needs, the results will be rolling in!

    • admin

      Thanks Dan! Those darn ATS just ruin it for everyone! We love to hear results rolling in, music to our ears!

  108. Alexandra Hachmeister

    I found it to be of great significance and worth to have an outsider perspective look at and work on my resume. When writing your own resume, you are too close to the work, you think everything is great, but it’s not. My cousin recommended Go Berg to me. They most definitely take the time to identify your strengths, talents, and capabilities, and then explain that into a professional image for your resume. The difference between my resume and their resume was striking. For one my resume got zero attention on job boards. My resume from Go Berg, allowed me to start speaking with recruiters to begin the hiring process. I highly recommend allowing them to write your resume. An outside professional perspective is valuable and Go Berg will deliver. They have the talented expert eyes and perspective you need!

    • admin

      Thanks Alex! We love referrals and appreciate the feedback, let us know if you need anything else!

  109. Jen Villanueva

    The certified professional resume writers at Go Berg work extremely hard to create a resume that pieces together your professional image and value to employers in a concise way, that gets past tracking systems and into the hands of a decision maker. I appreciate their time, effort, and commitment to me as their client. They deliver on their products. My resume and cover letter were tailored to the job I was applying for, pertinent to the company’s mission and succinctly showed how/where/why I would contribute. I am very appreciative, thank you!!!

    • admin

      Thanks Jen, fingers crossed for you! Let us know the result!

  110. Liza Mitchell

    I highly recommend Go Berg’s professional resume writing services. I found it to be an investment with big payoffs. My professional and eye-catching resume from Go Berg was instrumental in my career advancement. Advancing your career can be difficult because of the amount of competition for each role. However, with my resume from Go Berg and their relationships with recruiters, I was able to get my resume seen and therefore was able to show and demonstrate my value. Thank you!!

    • admin

      Thanks Liza, appreciate the feedback, keep achieving!

  111. Serena Da Pra

    I worked with the Go Berg Team to prepare my resume and cover letter for an entry level position as a marketer for a professional soccer team. I tried on my own without success. After Go Berg restructured and shaped up my resume with quantitative data and qualitative data, I was contacted by the recruiter for the job posting. It was miraculous! However, that is what they are known for: getting you results! The Go Berg team has a resourceful ability to identify how to write, word, order, and demonstrate your value to companies on paper. I am so thankful for their help and guidance!

    • admin

      Thanks Serena, we are thankful for your feedback, the data is important 🙂 – Hopefully the new gig starts soon! Safe relocation!

  112. Gabe O’Shea

    I work as a recruiter. My advice whether you are looking for a job, switching careers, or trying to advance is to save yourself a lot of time and effort by contacting Go Berg and letting their certified resume writers create your resume and cover letter. The job market is extremely competitive, some of our positions get 100’s of applications and only a small fraction of them make it through our tracking systems. In my long partnership with Go Berg, I notice their resumes get through more then don’t. They are talented, well versed on the minutia of professional writing, and the means necessary to allow their clients to succeed.

    • admin

      Thanks Gabe, those ATS are…well, you know what we think of them, so much has changed, and the more clients we work with, the more education we provide! Connect soon!

  113. Ethan Moore

    I felt when working with the team at Go Berg, that they treated me as an individual, with my own unique history, capabilities, character strengths and potential. I believe their personalized assessment allows them to grasp your effectiveness and that that unquestionably translates into the resume and cover letter they produce for you. I felt my voice was heard, and they were truly a partner in the job search process. I am grateful for their professional and personalized approach. Because at the end of the day, finding a new job or career is emotionally depleting and it is of great benefit to have people on your side who listen, care, and help. Thank you!

    • admin

      Thanks Ethan! this made our day! THANK YOU!

  114. Nyall Davidson

    I was looking for a change of career, but I was scattered and all over the place. A friend recommended Go Berg to me. It was one of the best recommendations I have ever received! The team at Go Berg worked diligently to review my past work experience, understand my current goals and plans, identify my core attributes and characteristics that would help me succeed, and then from there, developed a solid plan of action. With their comprehensive knowledge of a wide variety of industries and insider connections, I was able to identify what would be most pertinent and of benefit for me. In addition, because of their connections, I was able to speak directly with some recruiters from different companies. I truly value Go Berg’s dedication to me, their honesty, respect, professionalism, and cherish their personalized approach.

    • admin

      Thanks Nyall, recruiters love talking! 🙂 – They will appreciate the “dig” – all best and hopefully something lands quickly for you soon!

  115. Jacqueline Lynch

    Go Berg delivers a next level career services experience. Their certified experts are invested in your career success, which shows from your first meeting with them. They respond to your needs, help to define your career goals and expediently create an actionable plan to more forward. Their competency in resume and professional writing is un-matched, with great success getting past the tracking systems and into the hands of the recruiters or hiring managers. I utilized their services and within less than a month I was able to get past multiple tracking systems and start speaking with recruiters.

    • admin

      Thanks Jacqueline, thanks for investing “again” in career services, shame what happened with other company, but glad everything was able to work out! Keep in touch!

  116. Tina Howell

    Go Berg are specialists in resume writing. After a complete, personalized assessment of your strengths, accomplishments, roles and responsibilities, as well as career goals, they create a professional resume that is articulate, understandable, dynamic and makes a compelling case for the role you have applied to. I highly recommend using their resume writing services, it enabled me get into a major financial corporation after college. Thank you to the entire team!!

    • admin

      Thanks Tina! I will send to the team for sure, all the best and keep achieving!

  117. Mary Armstrong

    It works and gets the results you want! After trying endlessly on my own to apply and reach out to people without success, I was referred to Go Berg from a friend who used their services to successfully switch fields. I figured, with their Free Consultation, there is no harm. From the very first meeting I was blown away at Go Berg’s expertise, and vast array of industry knowledge of hiring and recruitment trends. Upon follow up meetings, swiftly my new resume was ready and the team helped me create personalized cover letters, specific towards the roles and companies I was applying to. Within a few months of working with Go Berg I was hired by a company I always wanted to work for. I can’t thank the professionals at Go Berg enough for their dedication to their clients, their knowledge, patience, and expertise!

    • admin

      Thanks Mary! We greatly appreciate the kind comments and feedback. All the best and keep in touch!

  118. Alina Cook

    Terrific! The Go Berg Team has a winning ability to illustrate your value and worth to the companies you are applying to. They take the time to personally assess your career path, identify and narrow down your search, create a plan, and they immediately help you to being the process. Once you start working with them you will feel at ease. They support and guide you in all aspects of the job search process and interviewing process. I am very appreciative to them for their time and effort. Thank you!

    • admin

      Thanks Alina, you are terrific! We value the time spent with our clients, and you know that’s not a BS statement! We will always be here for support, guidance, and a pep talk when/if you need it! Go Get Them!

  119. Margaret Bowman

    Go Berg is credible, trustworthy, certified and professional. They are the best in the career services business. I have been in HR for 20 years and have worked with multiple career services agencies over the years, and there are many companies out there. By far, Go Berg is distinguished and unparalleled in their capability. Dr. Berg and his team persistently seek opportunities to advance their knowledge related to resumes, cover letters, professional writing, job coaching and interviewing, technology trends in hiring and interview management. They don’t sleep! They are all enormously dedicated to their work and to their clients. And their final products demonstrate their hard-work and dedication. I highly recommend their professional services.

    • admin

      Thanks Maggie! We really don’t sleep, and I am going to highlight that with Chris 🙂 – We love our work, and love showing out clients why we are the best choice in career services! All the best, and hopefully see you soon!

  120. Vera Vasiliev

    I was very impressed with how the Go Berg team structured my resume, defined my past roles, and summarized my pertinence and applicability towards the specific roles I was applying to. Their genius and artfulness in resume writing is exceptional. With vivid color, as well as firm statistical backing, they capture your worth and value on paper for the hiring manager or reciters to recognize. Most importantly, once I applied with my personalized Go Berg resume, it got past the tracking systems, into the hands of the recruiters and I was contacted. I struggled on my own, but after working with Go Berg, the job search process was smooth and successful!

    • admin

      Thanks Vera, that’s what we are here for! You are already shine, we just help you shine your best on paper and navigate the career services waters that are filled with just about everything these days!

  121. Sabrina Emanuel

    Go Berg or Go Home can help you boost your career success. I do highly recommend utilizing all their services together. I found it quite beneficial to have my professional image be on point with my resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn Profile. I wanted to make sure that no matter where recruiters looked, my professionalism would ring true. I thank the Go Berg Team for their conscientiousness and diligence of services. They think and know of everything: from how to write the best resumes, to how to get the attention of recruiters, to how to craft a personal brand for your LinkedIn Profile. You won’t find a more honest, helpful and professional team than Go Berg!

    • admin

      Sabrina!!!!! It feels like forever! I feel like you are employed by us these days, we can’t say thank you enough for the referrals and recommendations, please reach out to Keith as we have something for you to say “thank you” for all you people you have sent our way!

  122. Sebastian Bruun

    I work in talent acquisition for a technology company. Our HR department smiles when we get referrals from Go Berg. Their candidates’ resumes are always top-notch, professional, concise, demonstrate the candidates’ value to us and are relevant to the position. Go Berg’s certified resume writers always do an impressive job at connecting candidates hard and soft skills to show their applicability to the role. Their resumes definitely stand apart from the rest. I highly recommend them for your resume writing needs or partnering with them if you are looking for qualified candidates to fill open positions in your company.

    • admin

      Thanks Sebastian, can you ask your HR department to get on it and open some more reqs here! We are waiting!!!! 🙂 – looking forward to getting back to “normal” and sending some awesome clients your way! Stay safe!

  123. Hilary Avila

    I highly recommend Go Berg or Go Home for their resume writing services!! They specialize in personalized and professional resumes that are specific, applicable and targeted to the industry and company you are applying to. They provide wide-ranging value in their command of the job search, hiring, and career advancement processes. They stand by their services and do not rest until you have met your goals. So grateful for their professional, expert and timely services!

    • admin

      Thanks Hilary! We stand by everything 100% – we are grateful for your feedback and the trust you put in our team!

  124. Erika Van Edwards

    I strongly urge you to let the talented and certified resume writers at Go Berg assist you with your professional writing needs. They excel at professional writing of every type and have an acute ability to categorize your unique talents and skills and feature them in a manner that demands attention from recruiters. I was so pleased with my professional resume from Go Berg and once I applied to positions and posted it online, I was able to connect with recruiters and get the job process moving forward. Thank you Go Berg!

    • admin

      Thanks Erika! I know things have slowed down, but it will pick up and it’s only a matter of time before a company scoops up your amazing talents!

  125. Paul Chang

    Go Berg’s Team of Nationally Certified Resume Writers is second to none. This fact is immediately obvious when you receive your enhanced resume from them. It is very difficult, if not impossible to get around all the new technology that companies employ these days for hiring. I sent out so many different versions of my resume, but it never made it pass the tracking system. After working with Go Berg, the outcomes changed. You need professional help when writing your resume and you need the proficient and master services of Go Berg. Yes, highly recommended! Thank you again!

    • admin

      Thanks Paul! Appreciate the review and yes!!! We chase the technology down every day! I would challenge any other resume company on our tech stack insights and custom APIs vs. well…anyone!

  126. Porter Archambeau

    Nothing is impossible. The Go Berg Team is full of motivational words of encouragement, pep and wisdom. However, they also deliver on those promising words. I have been a happy customer and I plan to be a lifelong client, after they helped me in difficult job search process. I had been let go from my company after 15 years of working for them. I didn’t know where to begin. A colleague referred me to Go Berg and the rest is history. Thank you all so much!!

    • admin

      Porter, can we just say we love the opening line! Impossible NEVER! May take a few tries and bangs against the wall, but we will always get there! All the best and you are very welcome!

  127. Tanya Zielinski

    The Go Berg Team is the best in career services! I never have had a better looking, more professional resume. Once I received it from Go Berg, they made sure I approved of it and worked with me to address a couple of issues. From there, I began applying with the resume, within weeks, recruiters were reaching out to me to begin the hiring process. I am so thankful to Go Berg. They are upfront and honest about the job search process, are skilled at creating eye-catching resumes, and with their wide web of connections, they help to get you noticed.

    • admin

      Hi Tanya! Congrats to the class of 2020! Good luck with your graduate studies and the hiring process will pick up again, stay at it!

  128. Liz Goldstein

    Roma and Keith are both extremely professional, knowledgeable and wonderful to work with. They provided me with expert direction and coaching during my job search process, formatted and wrote my resume and aided me in preparing for the job interview. The whole time I felt understood and supported. I highly recommend their services, this investment in your career is worth it!

    • admin

      Thanks Liz, I will pass the feedback to Roma and Keith! Have a great summer and keep achieving!

  129. Tessa Ebert

    The Go Berg Team is vastly capable of capitalizing on their career services knowledge, especially when it comes to resume writing. They are in their own domain. The perfection and captivating ability they have is in their ability to showcase your past accomplishments, to summarize your fitness for the current position you are applying to and maximizing your potential to the company, on paper! Your resume becomes a beautiful document, that is also functional. My resume from them bypassed the tracking system for multiple roles and I interview with multiple companies. I am so thankful for their professionalism, thoroughness, support, and services!!

    • admin

      Thanks Tessa! Congrats on the degree, it won’t be long until your putting it to good use with an amazing company!

  130. AJ Blackwell

    Immediately, I could tell that Go Berg was as invested in my career success as I was after my first conversation with the team. They become coaches, mentors, and guides. They know the career services business, inside and out and I commend their continual quest for information and knowledge that will help their clients prosper. I recommend them for resume writing and job coaching, whether you are just starting out, in the middle of your career or near the end. You never know what possibilities and opportunities are out there until you ask! Thank you Go Berg, for being a lifeline!

    • admin

      Thanks AJ, from the first contact, we don’t mess around! We will always be here if you ever need to pick that lifeline up again 🙂

  131. Melanie DuPont

    There’s an art and science to job searching, resume writing, and interviewing and the Go Berg Team recognizes and understands how to go about the process. I am so grateful for their time and effort in helping me transition between industries. They provided personalized services, including my professional and captivating resume, tailored cover letters, and specific direction, tips, tricks, and skills for my interviews. Thank you for all of your support, expert guidance, professionalism and due diligence!

    • admin

      Hi Mel! thanks for the amazing review, the tips and tricks are always changing, don’t be a stranger and good luck!

  132. Shakir Ru

    I recommend Go Berg’s professional writing services. They dutifully worked to understand my past career progress and helped align my professional image with my career aspirations. With their expert skill and fresh eyes they were able to professionally mesh and link my past roles to help the recruiters understand my unique capabilities and fit for the jobs I applied to. I am very appreciative for their hard work and dedication. Thank you!

    • admin

      Thanks Shakir! We are very appreciative for your feedback 🙂

  133. Zane Miller

    Go Berg has an excellent team of career service experts, certified, professional and knowledgeable job coaches and professional writers. They always deliver with high quality products and they do not rest until you are satisfied with the final product. I most certainly recommend them for your career needs!

    • admin

      Thanks Zane, thanks for the recommendation and all the best!

  134. Al Singh

    Go Berg delivers truly extraordinary and professional products. I highly recommend their resume writing services. It is crucial in today’s competitive job market to have a professional, specific and actionable resume to bring to employers. It is almost impossible to write your own resume and it get the consideration it deserves. I worked closely with Keith and I am so appreciative for his advice and guidance. He did an impressive job with my resume, featuring my strengths and accomplishments with numbers and data, actively demonstrating my value and fit for the company I was applying to.

    • admin

      Thanks Al, greatly appreciate the feedback and kind words. All the best!

  135. Brittany Badaracco

    I highly recommend Go Berg or Go Home. I am fond of their professional and resume writing expertise. Their Certified Resume Writers worked with me in order to assemble a resume I was proud to show off. From there, I had expert guidance and inside intelligence, on the best ways to apply and which websites are best to post your resume on, in other words, where the resume would get the most attention. Within weeks after posting my resume, recruiters began reaching out to me! I am so grateful for the Go Berg Team- their professionalism, expertise, and dedication to their clients’ success!

    • admin

      Thanks Brittany, we are grateful you chose us Britt! All the best and please keep in touch!

  136. Chelsea Wright

    I appreciate the depth of attention with which the Go Berg Team afforded me as a client. They are extremely open and upfront about the job search process and provided me with realistic expectations. They are in a class of their own in terms of professional writing, particularly career and executive summaries. In a paragraph they were able to validate my past, present, and future amazingness for employers. Once I started working with them, it was little time before results started rolling in, recruiters messaging me, hiring managers setting up meetings, and new connections were reaching out! Many thanks!

    • admin

      Thanks Chelsea! It takes some time Chelsea, but once they get a hold of your resume and profile, things pick up! Thanks for your patience!

  137. Jade Thompson

    I am so fortunate to have found the Go Berg Team. The entire staff, everyone there is immensely helpful, honest, and determined to support you in your career. They excel at resume writing and professional writing. I had them write my resume and cover letter for a position in a competitive pharmaceutical company after college graduation. They were able to precisely demonstrate how my past work and internship experiences, current skills and proficiency and desire to join the company would be of benefit. They are accomplished at painting at professional image of you that gets you noticed and gets you into the interviewing process. Thank you again!

    • admin

      Thanks Jade, we are so fortunate to have meet you! You have an amazing background and a killer personality to match it! You will be fine!!! It’s just a matter of time!

  138. Matt De la Cruz

    I highly recommend Go Berg or Go Home. From the very first meeting with them, you can get the sense that they are truly interested in your career success. They take ample time to understand the course of your career and where you hope to go. This in-depth, personalized assessment translates into the resume writing process, where they are able to succinctly and professionally demonstrate your pertinence to the role you are applying for, the company, and the industry. Thanks to them I am happily employed after a period of unemployment! Thank you Go Berg!

    • admin

      Thanks Matt! It was a pleasure getting to you know you and your family during virtual meetings 🙂 – Hang in there and keep at it!

  139. Sue Campbell

    I most certainly recommend Go Berg or Go Home. They took great concern and a significant amount of time and effort to make sure my resume aligned with my career aspirations. With their talented services I was able to switch careers and move into a different industry. I truly appreciate their commitment to me as their client, their professionalism and I am amazed at their knowledge of the job search process. They bring tremendous value and I highly recommend using their services!!!

    • admin

      Thanks Sue! Keep achieving and let us know if you need anything!

  140. Daniela Zand

    I highly recommend Go Berg!! Their knowledge of the career services industry in infinite. They work extremely hard to get you results and you will definitely be able to tell from day one that they are there for you. It is extremely reassuring to be able to have a strong and supportive team behind you during your job search or career transition. I am so grateful, thank you Go Berg!

    • admin

      Thanks Daniela! We are grateful for your trust in our people and services. All the best!

  141. Page Charpentier

    I work as a recruiter for a PR firm and routinely reach out to Dr. Berg and his staff for top talent. Their clients are always polished, presentable, and professional. Their clients stand a part from others, you can tell they are eager and willing to work hard. I truly appreciate the partnership with Go Berg. The team is always update to date with hiring trends, resume and cover letter formats, and they do an exceptional job at coaching their clients on interviewing successfully.

    • admin

      Thanks Page, hope all is well and safe! Just saw your email and it certianly made all of us excited! Connect soon and thanks for taking the time for the feedback!

  142. Katie Durand

    Go Berg is phenomenal at crafting personalized resumes and cover letters. Each product is tailored to your specific needs and the industry you are entering. I am so impressed with their wide range of career services knowledge, they know details and information on everything from formatting, to word choice, to summaries, to data driven statistics! It’s beyond impressive, worth the investment, and leads to results! Thank you Go Berg for your time, expertise and professionalism.

    • admin

      Thanks Katie, Congrats to the class of 2020 and good luck in the fall for your graduate studies. You know where to find us!

  143. Monica Silva

    Go Berg worked with me to re-write my resume and display my applicability for the jobs I was applying for. I definitely recommend them. The take the time to understand how your past experiences and current situation frame where you would like to go in your career. I needed help transitioning from one field to another. They understood the best way to demonstrate my value in a way that allowed my resume to be noticed and recruiters to reach out to me. They have been so helpful. Many Thanks!

    • admin

      Thanks Monica! You have an impressive background, we just helped you put it all on paper! All the best!

  144. Ren Uchida

    Go Berg has by far the finest team of certified resume writers and career coaches around. Thanks to their hard work, professionalism and expert guidance I was able to advance my career and land a new position within the company I work for, but one that allows for greater flexibility which was something I was looking for. They truly personalize each resume, comprehend your career path and goals and help you identify steps to move forward. I appreciate their effort, knowledge and commitment to helping their clients succeed. Thank you Go Berg!!

    • admin

      Thanks Ren, appreciate taking the time to provide some amazing feedback, praying that your relocation still goes as planned, everything always works out for great people! Best of luck!

  145. Lee Fotheringham

    Go Berg or Go Home is in a class of their own in the career services business! Their services can be used by anyone at anytime looking to accelerate their career. I have been a devoted client for years. First, when I needed to find a job after college with little to no work experience, second, when I wanted to find a better paying position within the same company, and third, when I sought to switch companies but stay in the same field. Each time they were able to deliver personalized services to meet my needs and help me succeed. I value their authenticity, professionalism, expert knowledge and friendship!!! I implore you to reach out to them today, they can guide you in your career and provide the tools and skills needed to succeed.

    • admin

      Lee, I don’t think we have a more loyal client then you! You are always on the move, and we love it! Your passion and energy are admirable, keep achieving and I know you have some proud family members in your corner!

  146. Corinne Reid

    Dr. Berg is a wonderful professional connection with an excellent team at Go Berg. I work as an HR Consultant for large corporations. People often ask for my advice on resume writing and the job search process. I immediately refer them to Go Berg. I have heard countless stories of people trying to amend their resume or to research the most effective interviewing methods online. I stop them and immediately give them Go Berg’s contact information. When partaking in any career move, large or small you need expert and proven guidance. Whenever I refer people to Go Berg, very soon afterwards, I receive a thank you message from those I have referred. Their words of appreciation jump off the page and I can tell that Go Berg has provided immense value and success for them and their careers. Chris, your energy, passion, and presence is something to truly be admired, and I can’t wait for the next networking event. CR

    • admin

      Thanks Corinne, I personally sent this feedback to Chris today, I know it will make his day! Connect soon!

  147. Charlotte Quinn

    The Go Berg Group is extremely passionate about what they do and in helping you succeed. They totally transformed my resume from flat and wanting to an excellent summary of my past accomplishments, current competencies, and efficacy to potential to employers. Within weeks of working with them I was contacted by recruiters to start moving forward in the hiring process. For certain, the resume that they write gets past the tracking system and gets into the hands of the hiring personnel. I highly recommend them! They have the skills, expertise and knowledge and they understand how to demonstrate your value and worth on your resume. Thanks again!

    • admin

      Thanks Charlotte, we appreciate the feedback – Glad to see things are picking up! All the best!

  148. Chelsea Harrington

    The Go Berg Team does not rest until you have achieved your career goals. They met with me multiple times to make sure my resume was the best it could be, reflective of my career accomplishments and adapted to the job I was applying for. During each meeting they provided valuable insight and guidance. I highly recommend them. They are truly professional, knowledgeable and determined to help you succeed. Thank you!!!!!

    • admin

      Thanks Chelsea! it’s true, we don’t rest period! Glad you thought the insights and guidance was helpful, we truly love giving it! All the best!

  149. Lara Grzybowski

    I recommend Go Berg! Why? The professional caliber of the team, their knowledge of career services, the experience they have with understanding the unique needs of the various industries, their useful connections, the timeliness of their services and much more! This will be the most valuable investment you will make towards advancing your career, I guarantee it.

    • admin

      Thanls Lara! Long time no chat! Congrats on the new addition to the family, hope all is safe and sound! Connect soon!

  150. Nancy Galvin

    Go Berg has this amazing capacity to customize a professional resume, no matter the industry you are targeting. When I saw my new resume from them, I was so impressed with their ability to succinctly and commandingly use the power of hard data to display my professional accomplishments and value at my past companies. The format and organization of my resume, as well as the content, was extremely descriptive as to why I would be the best candidate for the role. Thank you Go Berg!!

    • admin

      Nancy, you’re too kind! I know we had a slight hiccup, and I truly apologize for that again! To earn this feedback means the world, thanks again and best of luck!

  151. Louis Jacobson

    Highly Recommend, 5 Stars!!! If you enjoy receiving quality work for your payment, I refer you to Go Berg’s Resume Writing Services. They are dependable, provide structure and clarity to your professional history, are experts at demonstrating your value to the hiring manager, and they do not rest until you are satisfied with the outcome. Believe me, with their help your resume will no longer be ignored.

    • admin

      Thanks Louis! Appreciate the time and words. Good luck!

  152. Kristen Thomas

    Please do not try to write you own resume! Let the experienced team at Go Berg astonish you with their career expertise and aptitude for resume writing. Trust me, I learned the hard way trying to customize my resume toward what the application listed and it never was effective. After working with Go Berg, I had a professional, clear, and persuasive resume that once I applied with it, I definitely was contacted by recruiters. It took less than two months working with the specialists at Go Berg before I landed my new position! Many thanks!

    • admin

      Thanks Kristen! Thanks for the powerful testament! Hope all is well and safe, keep the referrals coming!

  153. Vera Rozovsky

    Go Berg or Go Home Team are truly exceptional career service experts!!! They provide personalized attention and thoroughly question you in order to understand your background and career goals. Without their sympathetic and comprehensive approach to career planning, I don’t think my resume would have been as great. My tailored and professional resume from Go Berg was a complete picture of my past and current work experiences targeted to my specific search for the retail industry. Thank you!!!!!

    • admin

      Thanks Vera! You have an impressive work history, you should be proud of it on paper! All the best!

  154. Hanna Walsh

    I absolutely recommend go Berg or Go Home! They are wonderful to work with. They are extremely well informed about the latest trends and requirements in hiring and job advancement. They have an unmatched ability to help get your resume seen by hiring managers and recruiters. I have been a client of theirs’ for a few years now, I used their services after college and again recently when looking for career advancement. It is of prime importance to have reliable and trustworthy support in the job hunt. I am so thankful to the entire team at Go Berg!!!

    • admin

      Thanks Hanna, we pride ourselves on being the MOST informed or connected, don’t let the other resume “companies” fool you 🙂

  155. Owen Schneider

    Go Berg or Go Home are the Career Architects. They understand their clients’ needs and are able to design, build and deliver pieces of art. My resume has never looked better. But beyond the aesthetic…it’s functional and useful. My tailored-made resume from Go Berg increased my visibility with hiring managers and after four weeks on the job boards, I was contacted to move forward in the interview process at a software technology company. Which I am a proud employee of today, all thanks to Go Berg!

    • admin

      Thanks Owen, so glad to hear you stuck the landing! Congrats on the new gig and keep achieving!

  156. Jon Porter

    I recently have been laid off due to the COVID pandemic. I was extremely worried about the break in my employment status and plans for the future. I contacted Go Berg (former client) and right away my fears where reduced. I am working with them to develop a plan to build my competencies and continue to develop myself so I stay relevant to future employers. My resume has already undergone a transition. I am no longer worried about the lag in my employment, the Go Berg Team has provided so much value and reassurance in this challenging time.

    • admin

      Jon, while we love seeing repeat clients, we hate to see them coming in like this during these challenging times. Stay positive and keep checking our website for jobs every day (Every Friday they refresh!). Will connect soon and better days are coming!

  157. Kira Fueki

    They personally dedicate a stretch of time to listen and understand your unique career needs. I came to them for help after college, I thought I would take a gap year to do some traveling. When I tried to hit the job market after a year abroad, I quickly realized I needed professional help. Roma had a profound capability to ask questions in a manner which guided me towards a practical path. Once we had figured out the industry I should target, education, she got to work crafting my resume that displayed how my education, modest work experiences, and gap year all were entirely advantageous and relevant to the field and why I would be a standout candidate. We also worked together writing a cover letter when I applied to SCSU for a position in their educational leadership program. This was no form cover letter. It was personalized, professional and aptly showed them, why they should hire me. AND they did! Thank you Go Berg, especially Roma!!!

    • admin

      Thanks Kira, you just made Roma’s day! All the best POST-Graduation. We have our fingers crossed for you on this end!

  158. Mali Chanthuang

    The Go Berg Squad has an impressive ability to summarize your professional work history and validate your competence to future employers. I had great difficulty getting my resume read by anyone before working with Go Berg. Once I starting filling out applications with my individualized resume from Go Berg, I was receiving at least two calls a day from recruiters. So naturally, after I got an interview, I used Go Berg’s mock interviewing service. Incredible! They prepared me for those difficult questions and made the interviewing process less intimidating. Thanks!

    • admin

      Thanks Mali! Two calls a day? Wow, we’re good, but never that good in all honesty! Appreciate the feedback and we need to develop the “Mali” resume template if we can get that type of response from recruiters!

  159. Logan Thompkins

    It is beyond helpful to have the certified career coaches and resume writers at Go Berg on your side. Due to their knowledge and connections they understand how to showcase your professional accomplishments and potential to employers. They partner closely with many top companies and their ability to get your resume if front of hiring mangers is essential. Before I started working with Go Berg I sent out hundreds of different version of my resume without success. After Go Berg revamped my resume, I was contacted by hiring managers and moved into the interviewing process. I highly recommend using Go Berg or Go Home for their professional and expert assistance in resume writing.

    • admin

      Thanks Logan! That’s what we do! Thanks for the recommendation and connect soon!

  160. Jess O’Laughlin

    I highly recommend Go Berg! They are considerate of your time and your career needs. You will feel supported when working with them. I used their career services when looking for enhanced opportunities in my field. I really was not sure where to begin looking but I knew I wanted career advancement. During my first meeting with them, they asked pertinent questions which allowed me to narrow down my search and focus my efforts into one domain. I immensely appreciate their talent, knowledge and sincerity. I still keep in contact with them today for advice and guidance. Thank you, Go Berg!

    • admin

      Thanks Jess, We will miss you too 🙂 – Don’t forget about us when your running the show one day in NYC!

  161. Levi M. Strauss (Quinnipiac University)

    In my department, I lecture on professional topics. Every spring semester, I invite Dr. Berg to speak with my students on resume writing, professional etiquette, and career coaching and planning. The feedback from the students is always immensely positive. Dr. Berg provides so much value especially in today’s job market which is competitive and frankly has changed and is continuing to change. Many of my students go on to work with Dr. Berg and his staff for additional career coaching.

    • admin

      Go Bobcats! We always appreciate the shoutouts and time to meet with your classes and students – These are some of the best events we do! Thanks Dr. Strauss for all the support and opportunities!

  162. Khepri Antoun

    I am so grateful for Go Berg and their services. They are extremely well organized and meticulous. When I saw my resume from them, I couldn’t believe it. It was completely re-configured and professional. They perform in-depth market research and analysis which allows them to understand what recruiters and employers are looking for in candidates and they reflect that in their resume building. Before, when I would apply with my resume, I would not get any attraction. Once, I applied with my resume from Go Berg, I had multiple recruiters contacting me in the first week. Thank you Go Berg, I appreciate and highly recommend you to everyone I meet!

    • admin

      Thanks Khepri, That in-depth market research and connections is what separates us from everyone else trying to come after the throne 🙂

  163. Rick Aguilar

    I highly recommend Go Berg’s Resume Writing Service. They meet with you in order to develop a professional resume that is specific for the industry and job to which you are applying. They know the latest trends in resume design and the hiring process and are able to get your resume seen by an HR representative. I put out hundreds of resumes, with little to no feedback or action taken. Once I started applying to positions with my new and improved resume from Go Berg, I had immediate success. I was contacted by real people, which lead to meaningful conversations and opportunities. Thank you Go Berg!

    • admin

      Thanks Rick! I know it will pick right back up soon! Hang in there and it’s just a matter of time!

  164. Matt Wieczorek

    If you are determined to succeed in your career or succeed in transition from one industry to another, you need the talented guidance of the Go Berg Team. Their knowledge in this area is un-matched. They construct personalized resumes and LinkedIn profiles, that most importantly, attract attention by recruiters. Don’t waste time like I did and try to “fix” your resume on your own. Within my first meeting with them, action was already being taken on helping me succeed. They don’t waste time, they don’t play games, or disappoint you. They provide the best services in the business. I can’t thank them enough. I urge you to call them today!

    • admin

      Thank you Matt! appreciate the review and allowing us the opportunity to help. Recruiters are always Go Berg thirsty!

  165. Emily Marte

    I had been trying for months to get my resume seen by HR and past the tracking system without success. Once, I applied with my custom resume from Go Berg, I had instant success! I received an offer at my dream company 2 weeks later! Thank you Go Berg!!!

    • admin

      Thanks Emily! With everything going on in today’s world, so great to hear this! Thanks for the feedback and stay safe!

  166. Marinka Duval

    I work for a staffing firm that has partnered with Go Berg for some time now. They are not like other career service agencies. Their clients stand out. Their resumes are polished to perfection, they are prepared for interviews and they always move along in the hiring process. I know it will be a good day when we receive clients from Go Berg. I cherish their partnership and highly recommend their services!

    • admin

      Ms. Duval, so lovely to see you FINALLY post some feedback to your favorite partners! 🙂 – We miss you and can’t wait to get back to work with you and your firm. Take care and connect soon!

  167. Christina Mendoza

    I cannot thank Dr. Berg enough! With the professional guidance and expertise of his staff I was able to alter my resume into a strong piece of work that really called attention to my strengths and career accomplishments. Working with them was the best decision in order to move my career forward. I would recommend using their resume writing services even if you are not looking for a new position yet. Having an updated, current, and refined resume is crucial and they know the ins and outs of resume writing. Thank you again!

    • admin

      Thanks Christina (or should we say Mr’s Mendoza now! Congrats!) Dr. Berg is sorta good at what he does, and those people he employees, WOW they are great too 🙂 – All the best and many years of health and happiness!

  168. Sarah Wolfe

    Don’t even bother trying to “fix” your resume on your own. It’s impossible. You need professional guidance and expertise. The experts at Go Berg understand the markets and the different industries, they know what will attract potential employers, they have inside intel with recruiters. You need the team at Go Berg to write your resume. There is a reason that Presidents have speechwriters. You can’t go it alone. You may be an expert at IT but they are experts at Resume Writing. Don’t waste anymore time, please let a professional handle this. They will be able to summarize your career accomplishments and showcase your value on paper. I strongly recommend them!

    • admin

      Thanks Sarah, that’s what we say everyday! 🙂 – Writing resumes suck, you can attest to that, let us do the hard work!

  169. Steve Marshall

    The Go Berg Team Rocks! I was referred to them by a friend and they completely blew away my expectations. No wonder they are known as the best in the career services business. They are legit. They are truly concerned about your career success and they have the latest guidelines and techniques. My resume has never looked better, I almost want to frame it on my wall. I went from getting those awful rejection letters, “we’re moving forward with a candidate that better suits the jobs requirements,” to getting emails from actual HR personnel to set up interviews!!! I don’t know what I would have done without Go Berg. Thank you!

    • admin

      You are very welcome Steve! Blowing expectations is what we do! Good luck and keep in touch!

  170. Jeremy Smithland

    I could tell immediately during the free consultation, that the Go Berg Team was on my side. They took the time to understand me professionally and personally. It was by far the most valuable career consultation I have ever had and the beginning of a constructive career search.

    • admin

      Thanks Jeremy! We are here if you need us! Good luck on the search, when things “open” back up, we will be here to help with that search!

  171. Imani Griffin

    You will find, as I did, that by working with Go Berg you will have a faster win-win solution to your job search problem. They are experts at infusing your resume with life, showcasing your talents and compatibility with the industry you are entering into and coaching you to thrive during the interviewing process. I am so thankful for having found them!

    • admin

      Imani, speed matters in this industry and pride ourselves in trying our best to be fast with the career needs of our clients! We are thankful your feedback and newly formed friendship!

  172. Marcus Armstrong

    A colleague referred me to Go Berg after I was laid off from my company. Being middle-age, I was not quite sure how to begin a career search again; having been at one company for almost 20 years. Many thanks to Dr. Berg and his team for their expert guidance and assistance in a difficult turning point in my life. With their assurance and coaching I was able to obtain another job, which also secured financial stability for me and my family. I am grateful for their services and support. I highly recommend them to anyone at any point in their career.

    • admin

      Marcus, many thanks to you for being such a great person to work with. Good luck in the new role and hopefully we can reconnect in the fall for one of the hiring events at the new office!

  173. Stewart Duncan

    I really felt the team at Go Berg took the time to understand me as a professional and worked with me to develop a personalized resume. I had been working in marketing for a while and was looking for a different career path. They spent a lot of time and effort making sure to gather the pertinent details of my career plan and therefore they were able to develop a resume that would allow me to enter multiple industries and have access to different opportunities. Thank you Go Berg!

    • admin

      Thanks Stewart! All the best on your new path!

  174. Curt Roberston

    What I appreciate most about Go Berg is they stand-by their products. They uphold high standards and every product or service they provide maintains that standard. They want you to succeed and if you are not 100% happy with the resume or need additional coaching, they work with you. It’s a fantastic business model. You not only get your money’s worth but the products they produce are high quality, the coaching skills and techniques are current and relevant, and they become true mentors and motivators.

    • admin

      Thanks Curt! I agree, we should be charging more 🙂 – All the best and keep in touch!

  175. Michelle Johnston

    Wow, I was shocked to see my final customized resume. It was like nothing I have seen before. It showcased my strengths, personality, and highlighted my fit for the financial industry. It was truly a comprehensive and complete picture of me as a professional. I know the Go Berg Team was instrumental in the ability for me to land my new role.

    • admin

      Thanks Michelle! think of the WOW when we first saw your resume on our end 🙂 – Glad we were able to help and laugh as we worked closely to make you shine!

  176. Jennifer Paulk

    I reached out to the Go Berg team for help with my resume. I was so impressed with how quickly they responded! This is a top notch team that has earned my gratitude and lifelong business. They were able to take what I thought was a decent resume and turn it into something that made me so proud to share with employers. Looking at my new resume, I want to hire me! Thank you again!

    • admin

      Thanks Jen, appreciate the kind words. We want to hire you too, but we don’t have the budget 🙂 – All the best on your quest! You know where to find us!

  177. Audra Stawicki

    Professional, Timely, Accurate, Game-Changers.

    Dr. Berg and his team are absolutely the best in the career services business. They produce professional products which highlight your past experiences, demonstrate your value, and draw attention and action to your resume and LinkedIn page. Additionally, they take the time to build a rapport with each client; allowing their products to be a true and honest reflection of each client’s abilities. For anyone that needs career assistance and wants to launch and land a new career, I highly recommend Go Berg or Go Home

    • admin

      Audra, it was a pleasure working with you. Such a great story and amazing heart! You will land your dream career soon, then you can treat us to happy hour on your corp card 🙂

  178. Courtney Schmidt

    Having professionals assist you with your resume is vital in today’s job market. I learned the hard way and tried to re-write my resume. Long/short of it….it took a lot of work and time and it didn’t get me any attention from recruiters or offers from job postings. Go Berg has the distinct capability and industry expertise to work with you and develop a professional resume; one that gets by the tracking systems, is pulled and looked at by HR personnel and that leads to email or phone conversations. I highly recommend utilizing their services!

    • admin

      Hi Courtney! Thanks for the words and recommendation. All the best!

  179. Brian Holmes

    Phenomenal! I am so grateful for the team at Go Berg. They deliver personalized attention, resume writing and career guidance and inspiration. They are great at understanding how to place your professional history and worth to future employers on paper. I definitely recommend them especially for resume writing. It is a valuable investment in your time and money. You will unquestionably get the results you seek by working with them!

    • admin

      Thanks Brian! You were a phenomenal client 🙂 – Keep achieving!

  180. Tara Esposito

    Worth every penny! I strongly recommend Dr. Berg and his staff for your resume needs and career coaching. They are extremely professional, provide valuable training and coaching, and get you results. They spent time with me to make sure my resume was personalized and tailored to my unique skill set. With their help I was able to move up to a managerial position and then I utilized their services again to switch companies. I will be a return client again and again and I wouldn’t refer anyone to any other agency. If you want results, this is the place to go! Thank you Go Berg!

    • admin

      Thanks Tara! Yes, we take pennies, quarters, and stacks of bills 🙂 – Tell all your friends and family!

  181. Matt Austin

    A friend recommended Go Berg to me after I had been unsuccessfully on the job market for a few months. It is remarkable the difference having professionals on your side makes. I tried over and over again to modify my resume, reach out to people in my industry and I got nowhere. In a matter of weeks when working with Go Berg I was contacted by a recruiter and accepted a new job offer. I highly recommend using Go Berg, before you begin your job research, don’t wait like I did, you are wasting precious time! Thank you Go Berg!

    • admin

      Thanks Matt! Matt, if we had a dollar for every time someone tried modifying their own resume, we would be operating from the Bahamas! Glad we were able to help!

  182. Maria Martinez

    The most professional and comprehensive career consultation. Simply the best. They know how to get your resume seen by HR. I felt they always had my best interest in mind. I would highly recommend their services to anyone on the job market.

    • admin

      Thanks Maria, you are on your way! Good luck with the rest of your semester and let us know if you need anything!

  183. Luiz Castillo

    The BEST! Thank you Go Berg for your expertise and assistance with my resume. Once it was finalized, I was proud to post it online to the job boards. Within weeks it had attracted attention and I was speaking with HR personnel and moving on in the interview process.

    • admin

      Thanks Luiz! To be fair, you have an amazing background! The work you have done for the non-profit industry is nothing short of amazing and admirable! Keep leading from the heart!

  184. Tamrin Andrews

    The Go Berg Team is with you every step of the way. From expert resume writing, to follow up consultations, to job coaching, they make sure your are prepared to handle the difficulty of getting a job. And, they don’t just want to help you get any job, they are invested helping to get you your “dream job.” After all, with so much time spent at work, it only makes sense to enjoy what you do, and thanks to Go Berg, I love what I do!!

    • admin

      Thanks Tamrin! We appreciate the “glowing” review (I know you will appreciate the inside joke!) – All the best, and keep those referrals coming in!

  185. Austin McCormick

    With the professional advice of the Go Berg Team my resume got past the ATS and it was only a matter of time before recruiters were calling me. I recommend them for your next career move.

    • admin

      Thanks Austin – Time is the fun part – keep patient and they will come! If they don’t, you know who to call!

  186. Martha Chisholm

    A thousand thank yous to the team at Go Berg. Their professional career services are the BEST. They are extremely knowledgeable, competent, and dedicated to helping you achieve career success. I was sold after my first meeting with them. The took the time to understand my career history, created a standout resume that demonstrated my value and worth to prospective employers and they were always available for questions and additional guidance. This is the best investment in your career you will EVER make. I highly recommend their services. You won’t be disappointed. Thank you again Go Berg!

    • admin

      A thousand “you’re welcomes back” Martha! Best of luck and keep in touch!

  187. Janice LaFontaine

    I am so grateful for Dr. Berg and his team. Their services are the best. My resume does not look like anyone else’s. And it shouldn’t. The team at Go Berg took the time and had a lot of patience in order to understand my career goals and aspirations. From our meetings they crafted a well-organized, professional and clean resume. I felt completely understood and assisted in my career process. I can’t thank them enough. I highly recommend their resume services and interview coaching services!

    • admin

      Thanks Janice! I know we missed our deadline, but I am glad we took the time to get to know each other and your industry to ensure we produced a resume that was 100% you!

  188. Kyla Cohen

    I tried to make my resume as fancy as I could, however it never seemed to attract any attention. I was referred to Go Berg from a neighbor. I could never have matched their ability when it comes to resume writing. They are skilled. Not only was my resume, personalized and extremely professional looking, it got attention from recruiters and it got past the application tracking system. With their expert guidance I was able to land interviews and from that I accepted a new position in a slightly different field, but I couldn’t be happier. Thank you!!!!

    • admin

      Kyla, we told you trying to do this on your own wasn’t going to work 🙂 – Thanks for choosing us, I know you had a few options, beyond excited for your next steps and you know where to find us!

  189. Derek Hall

    What are you waiting for? The consultation with the Go Berg Team will be the best decision of your career. They will help organize your plan of action to make sure you land your next job. You will be supported each step of the process and have full access to the team for questions or concerns. If you want to land your dream job, I recommend contacting them today!

    • admin

      Thanks Derek, the irony is, you waited awhile 🙂 (too soon?) – Appreciate the humor and kind words, thanks for the referrals!

  190. Leena Patel

    The Go Berg Team met with me three times to review and perfect my resume. They leave no detail unfinished. Their professionalism in practice is un-matched! I recommend them to anyone, in any field, making a career move, you will not be disappointed.

    • admin

      Thanks Leena! Good Luck on the relocation and all the best!

  191. Emily Martinez

    I had been trying for months to get my resume seen by HR and past the tracking system without success. Once, I applied with my custom resume from Go Berg, I had instant success! I received an offer at my dream company 2 weeks later! Thank you Go Berg!!!

    • admin

      Thanks Emily! It was our pleasure, make sure you stay in touch and tell Dino we said Hi!

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