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In a recent poll, 82% of recruiters admitted that when a resume passes ATS (Applicant Tracking System – the evil system that decides whether your resume ‘passes; through to a live person) and lands on their desktop, they immediately head to LinkedIn to gain more insights on the potential candidate. If you are not taking advantage of the free digital marketing LinkedIn provides for your personal brand, good luck on your next job-seeking conquest! Whether you agree or disagree with the usage and necessity of LinkedIn is irrelevant, the point is, the people weighing in on the decision to hire you use it, and that’s what matters! Go Berg or Go Home can transform your LinkedIn profile and make you shine like an all-star!

156 reviews for Professional Linkedin Services

  1. James Haule

    Amazing work by this team! My LinkedIn was due for a major overhaul due to working 14 years with a company and unfortunately I was let go, needed to turnaround a few career choices, and this was the biggest area of focus. Go Berg didn’t disappoint and exceeded every and all expectations, thank you for the personalization, the peep talks, and the openness to feedback. You guys rock!

    • admin

      Thanks James! As the saying goes, one door closes, another opens, keep at it, and you know where to find us if you need any help!

  2. Vanessa Simmons

    Excellent – markets are picking back up and I needed to get back on the hunt. Was killing myself to put my LinkedIn together. Found Go Berg or Go Home, and 24 hours later, I have a new LinkedIn, 340 new connections, and much more confident when I one-click to apply on the website. Thank you to all for the amazing work and fast turnaround!

    • admin

      Thanks Vanessa, we work fast, so you can apply faster! Happy to help, keep achieving!

  3. Kellie Jimenez

    Finally! I have been putting my LinkedIn profile redo off for sometime, finally hired a professional company, and I couldn’t be happier with the work that gO berg did on my profile – plus my network is growing everyday! Thanks!

    • admin

      Thanks Kellie! You know where to find us if you anything else! All the best!

  4. Jannie Bryant

    Easy choice, I have used there services for resumes in the past, wouldn’t think twice to reach out. They are professional, fun, and by far the most knowledgeable people in this area. I have referred plenty of friends to their services, will continue to due so, quality people and goods. They really care about their clients, it’s easy to see that.

    • admin

      Thanks Jan! We care very much about our clients, thanks for being one of them!

  5. Thomas Sullivan

    My LinkedIn was created about 4 years ago when I was in the market, other than that, I was lost in terms of what I really need to capture in my profile. Go Berg did a same day turnaround on my profile, added about 400 connections, and have me back up in running as I look for a new employer. Thanks to all.

    • admin

      Thanks Tommy! We move fast, so you can move faster! Good Luck!

  6. Brian Palmer

    It’s been about 5 years since I even logged into LinkedIn – recently lost my position with all the COVID-19 impacts. Needed to get back on the train and get back to the work market, I needed hand holding and Go Berg did that and more. Love the apply directly from LinkedIn option from the site and have been in contact with 2 recruiters. Took about 2 weeks before I started to get more exposure. Thanks for all the help.

    • admin

      Thanks Brian! Keep at it, there is a ton of activity swirling on there everyday!

  7. Tina Rencor

    The best! Same day turnaround on my profile – connections rolling in, views are up, couldn’t ask for anymore in this digital age and now virtual age of job searching and exposure.

    • admin

      Thanks Tina, it’s a must have in today’s world! All the best!

  8. Susan Desiderio

    I was amazed and impressed at how useful and practical a tool like LinkedIn had become once the experts at Go Berg re-did my profile. From top to bottom they went through it and got rid of un-necessary and excess fluff, streamlined my professional summary and created a unique and eye-catching headline. In addition, they taught me the best way to speak with recruiters for the roles I was interested in and how to received feedback about my applications. Plus, LinkedIn has become a place where I can meet different professionals in different industries, expand my visibility and expand my job possibilities. I highly recommend their professional career services!

    • admin

      Thanks Susan! Appreciate the feedback and recommendation. Those recruiters have their own language!

  9. Dana Pilossoph

    Go Berg was able to utilize their professional network and connect me and my resume to the staffing agency listing the role I wanted to apply for. It was wonderful to be able to have this insider access; such a step ahead of everyone else. With the feedback from the agency, we needed to change a couple things and I needed to agree to get an additional certification- but overall, no big deal. The power of Go Berg’s network is undeniable. I highly recommend reaching out to them for your job search needs, whether you are looking for a new job or a change of industries. Chances are they know the right people to help you succeed!

    • admin

      Thanks Dana, our network is what keeps us ahead and the leader in career services!

  10. Henry Barone

    Go Berg is in the business of connecting people to people and helping them move up and achieve dominance in their careers. I had Go Berg transform my professional writing portfolio and my LinkedIn page. They created a clever, captivating and concise professional image and brand. I had many comments about my page when people would connect with me. In addition, Go Berg, provided me with access to their professional connections in the software development field. This led to increased opportunities and movement for professional growth. I highly recommend their services!

    • admin

      Thanks Henry, keep those options open, stay focused, and keep at it, you will be just fine!

  11. Michelle Levine

    Go Berg will make-over your LinkedIn profile to allow you to build connections, grow your network AND receive job offers. Before working with Go Berg, LinkedIn did nothing for me. After working with Go Berg, different story. Their experts curated my professional brand and put my profile to work. Allow the experts at Go Berg to take care of the details and then all you have to do is sit back and watch the results roll in. Thank you!!

    • admin

      Thanks Michelle! Don’t sit back too long! All the best!

  12. Dan Kerr

    Go Berg has so many fine resources for your career advancement. Not the least of them is their insider intelligence and admittance to unlisted job postings and recruiter feedback. They provide you with details and specifics that allow you to move to the front of the line. They are very proficient and experts on everything related to job searching and career advancement. Thanks to them and their connections I was able to increase my business portfolio acumen and ultimately transition into a managerial position for a financial firm.

    • admin

      Thanks Dan! Congrats on the new gig! Keep in touch!

  13. Bryce Wiley

    I highly recommend Go Berg or Go Home. They are very well connected and being opened to their vast array of networks and professionals helped gain me greater visibility and exposure in the business world. This in turn led over time to greater business dealings and even a merger with another solopreneur; we joined forces for a more effective business and have the connection of Go Berg to thank!

    • admin

      Thanks Bryce, your company is set to do some amazing things, let us know when partnership can occur!

  14. Courtney Wall

    No one has a handle on the career services industry like Go Berg or Go Home. They have exceptional and effective resources and tools that allow you to succeed. Part of how they helped me was connecting me with the right people and opening up a portal for potential via my LinkedIn profile. More connections with the right people= more opportunities. Thank you Go Berg!

    • admin

      Thanks Courtney, You have the winning formula down! Go get em!

  15. Tyler Van Gorder

    Go Berg delivers exceptional services. They wrote my resume, cover letters and re-created my LinkedIn profile to the professional max! They have an uncanny ability to showcase your strengths and characteristics in a commanding way, supported by quantifiable data metrics. I was looking for advancement in the financial industry. They created an immaculate resume that I felt told a complete story and was captivating yet at the same time professional and effective. I highly recommend their services, they are prompt, understanding of your needs, and they are truly invested in your success.

    • admin

      Thanks Tyler! WE ARE INVESTED! Times are tough, and the investments our clients make in us are everything!

  16. Greg Thornton

    I highly recommend Go Berg’s professional writing services. When I needed helped increasing my visibility and networking skills, they were there to assist me. Their professional writers edited and structured my LinkedIn page to highlight and prove my effectiveness as part of my art museum development department. Eventually this led to an opportunity to work for a major non-profit and become a full-time fundraiser and grant writer; too things I love. I am very appreciative to Go Berg. They can increase your network and exposure to the right people and that will in turn increase your opportunities. Thank you!!!

    • admin

      Thanks Greg! We try our best to help you reach the best opportunity in the world today!

  17. Jane Harrison

    Hands down, Go Berg or Go Home is the only company to go to for your career services needs especially your professional writing needs, re-creation of your online presence on LinkedIn and your needs in being connected to the right people. I was astonished at how easily they were able to connect me with beneficial people in the sports and entertainment space. I was able to form meaningful connections and begin to grow my professional network. Over time, this had led to more job opportunities and more professional growth. Go Berg helped me with my professional presence, networking skills and improving and displaying my value. Thank you!

    • admin

      Thank Jane! Hands down, you’re awesome and will be in a new opportunity quickly with the talents you have!

  18. Sara Jing

    If you are in need of help expanding your network and connections to support your job search, I recommend the professionals at Go Berg or Go Home. Beyond their expertise in effective professional branding and storytelling, they gave me a much-needed boost to help me connect with their internal recruiters for top bio-tech companies. As I scientist, I was looking to get into a larger company, but was constantly over-looked, maybe due in part to market saturation. I applied and applied without success. Once I started working with Go Berg, instantly, I had more connections and therefore more opportunities. I highly recommend them; their services are valuable and a fine investment in your career.

    • admin

      Thanks Sarah, connections and more connections, it’s what we do!

  19. Juliana Lobelson

    The benefits to working with Go Berg are many, but one of the most lucrative benefits is their strategic intelligence gathering and relationships they have with their internal and external recruiters. Instead of applying online endlessly, I recommend working with Go Berg. Once they understand what your goals are and specific criteria, they bring the job listings to you! It is amazing and powerful to be able to have this huge support. I worked with them to find a position as a systems analyst for a cyber security firm for the government. Without their connections and sourced information, I never would have seen the job I applied for! I can’t thank them enough!

    • admin

      Thanks Juliana! All the best and keep achieving!

  20. Sonali Duvedi

    It is really important to be able to have amplified visibility and connections on LinkedIn if you want to succeed in getting a job. I contacted Go Berg, from a referral from a friend. They were excellent at listening to my career needs and getting me more exposure on LinkedIn. After they stylized and professionally wrote my summary and created a personalized brand, I had recruiters reaching out to me for positions! I was shocked! Go Berg can definitely provide you with resources and connections, I recommend their services. Professional and very effective.

    • admin

      Thanks Sonali, we have some good connections in the marketplace, you can count on that, they know the quality of services we bring to our clients!

  21. Jenna Morris

    Go Berg or Go Home did a fantastic job at editing and transforming my LinkedIn page. Recently, furloughed and then eventually let go, I knew I needed to do something to keep my skills up to date and to help me transition or at least stay visible to opportunities. I reached out to Go Berg, having used their services in the past, and they were able to help me brainstorm and come up with a solid strategic plan. I recommend their services, now is not the time to hang loose or let go, you need a strategic plan in place and you need to be open to different opportunities and possibilities. Go Berg already has done a great job at connecting me with new connections and things are looking positive!!

    • admin

      Thanks Jenna! All we do is help map out the journey with better places on interest!

  22. Paige Gill

    A recommendation from Dr. Berg is a credible and valuable tool to be able to attain a new position or advance your career. Dr. Berg is known for his professionalism and expertise and was able to provide me with a strong recommendation for a position as a purchasing manager. I always value Dr. Berg’s guidance and input. I highly recommend working with Go Berg or Go Home for all your career needs, they bring an immense amount of value and can create opportunities that suit your career goals.

    • admin

      Thanks Paige! I will be sure to send the feedback to Dr. B, there is a reason his name is on the business 🙂

  23. Matt Littell

    I highly recommend Go Berg or Go Home! They helped me stand out and get noticed on LinkedIn. After working with them, my profile was more attractive to recruiters. I was actually hearing back from connections I reached out to and was able to receive multiple job offers. I never thought that LinkedIn was that valuable, but I guess I was using it incorrectly. Go Berg showed me how to take full advantage of the platform, and a huge help was their editing and professional writing of my entire page!

    • admin

      Thanks Matt! Everyone spies on those LinkedIn profiles these days, we would argue, more than a resume!

  24. Max Nguyen

    It is such a plus to your career quest to have a professionally written LinkedIn page done by the experts at Go Berg. They re-wrote and brought to the forefront of my page my ability to lead organizations through challenging situations. In addition, they helped to expand my professional network, allowing me to improve and build upon key relationships. It’s good to know Go Berg and to have them in your corner. I highly recommend their services.

    • admin

      Thanks Max! All the best!

  25. Teresa De Santis

    I have used Go Berg’s services in the past and refer them clients all the time. I knew that after the COVID pandemic hit, I wanted to re-think my career and time spent away from my family. Go Berg consulted with me on my options. They worked to re-do my LinkedIn page and we created a plan forward. It is wonderful to have their support and expert direction. I highly recommend them, they are proficient, knowledgeable and available to their clients.

    • admin

      Thanks Teresa, COVID, has certainly changed the way the career services process works, but one thing remains unchanged, talent finds work!

  26. Aliyah Lebna

    Go Berg’s career services are critical to your professional development and to your ability to achieve a new position or career advancement. They are experts at helping you develop your network and networking skills, two aspects of your career, which I understand now from their guidance, are extremely important. Having a wide network of different professionals and having solid relationships make a huge difference to your ultimate success or failure when looking for a new position. Many of the job’s companies offer are not even listed publicly. Getting a new job or switching careers is done differently these days and it pays to be in the know. I recommend Go Berg. They are able to help develop your ability in networking and create strong connections which leads to more visibility, more chances, and opportunities.

    • admin

      Thanks Aliyah, I don’t know if we are critical, but we sure help! 🙂

  27. Joel Matthieu

    I am so thankful for Go Berg. They recently helped me land a coveted summer virtual internship for a food and beverage company in HR. Thank you so much! After graduating from college, with so much uncertainty and multiple rejections letters, I thought my prospects of a job this summer were finished. But they worked and connected and allowed me to capture this opportunity. Thank you again!

    • admin

      Thanks Joel, enjoy the remote work! Hang in there, open this door, and others will present themselves!

  28. Pete Wyss

    Go Berg’s Professional Network is well suited to be able to get you insider admission to job postings not listed and feedback direct from recruiters. Trying on my own without success to apply externally to different companies was pointless. With the advice, guidance, and connections of Go Berg, I was able to apply directly through their internal recruiters which led to interviews and to a new position. I am so thankful for their professionalism, guidance, and for their ability to connect me with the people in charge of hiring!

    • admin

      Thanks Pete, we have a very deep professional network, going on 6 years strong and still growing!

  29. Rae Gabaldon

    Beyond Go Berg’s impressive professional writing ability, their ability to connect you with the right people and connections is treasured. Once my LinkedIn profile was updated and reflected my professional brand, I was able to start forming and growing business relationships within my industry. This widened my access to and visibility for job listings and business associates. As Go Berg will tell you, many jobs are not even listed or are hired for within the company. Having Go Berg vouch for your skills on your behalf and connect you to the right people is vital.

    • admin

      Thank Rae! Remember, it’s not who you know, but who knows you! We can help!

  30. Analynn Jakobsson

    Go Berg is a strong ally in the search for and ability to achieve career success. They provided me with personalized career coaching, specific and pertinent professional writing and connected me with recruiters directly holding the jobs I was interested in. Without their tremendous built-relationships and expertise, I know it would have been impossible for me to enter the job market again after a layoff. They work swiftly to set up your professional portfolio and get you connected with the right people. Their many resources are invaluable.

    • admin

      Thanks Analynn! All the best and keep in touch!

  31. Dale Miramontes

    It’s great to have a supportive and knowledgeable team like Go Berg in your corner when looking for a job and/or career change. I have used their services many times in the past and with each use they seem to gain more knowledge, insight and experience in the career services area. They understand what works, what doesn’t, who to connect with, how to apply, and much more. I highly recommend reaching out to them whether you are looking for work, questioning a career change or trying to increase your network and visibility in a certain market. They have never let me down; they always surprise and exceed my expectations!

    • admin

      Thanks Dale, we appreciate the feedback! All the best!

  32. Darren Turner

    Go Berg has a plethora of professional career products and services. One of their key attributes is however, there numerous and advantageous connections with their internal and external recruiters. They literally do the work for you. Once your resume is perfected, you need only to let their recruiters bring you the jobs! It’s incredible, their services work, their products are professional, and their expertise and ability to deliver you career success is without equal in the career services business!!

    • admin

      Thanks Darren! Appreciate the feedback, you know where to find us!

  33. Elaine Ferguson

    I highly recommend Go Berg for Professional Writing. Their certified experts excel at weaving a strong and eye-catching narrative around your personal brand. With a strong brand and headline on my LinkedIn profile, it drew recruiters to my page, allowed me to build connections, and increased my ability to actually achieve job offers through those relationships and that ultimately led to a new position for a graphics design company. Thank you Go Berg!!!

    • admin

      Thanks Elaine, congrats on the new gig position! Beyond happy for you!

  34. Jack Emmerich

    Go Berg or Go Home are experts at professional writing in all formats. Particularly, I found it to be beneficial and it expanded my job opportunities when they edited and transformed my LinkedIn profile. They changed my summary to showcase my career story in a compelling way and identified the best ways to start, maintain and grow networks of connections on LinkedIn. They have numerous contacts looking for the right candidates and they can set you up with them directly.

    • admin

      Thanks Jack, we are sending the contacts your way everyday! All the best!

  35. April Zagorski

    I know that my successful transformation from market research analyst to advertising and promotions manager was due in no small part to Go Berg’s curated relationships with the recruiters and HR personnel at the company. It is a relief when you can finally stop applying to job posts and start interviewing and accept a job offer. Go Berg coached me through the entire career change process, and provided expert advice during my interviews and even helped with salary and benefits negotiation. I appreciate their professionalism and honesty. Their services stand un-matched. I recommend them for any and all of your career services needs.

    • admin

      Thanks April! We are un-matched! Thanks for the recommendation and keep in touch!

  36. Zimal Khalol

    Go Berg or Go Home is a special career services organization because they have relationships with recruiters and staffing agencies just waiting for candidates to meet their needs. Working with Go Berg ensures that your resume and profile bio are delivered direct to the recruiter’s desk and therefore you become an actual candidate. On my own, I was shocked at how many resumes I sent in, and never heard back from. Once I started working with Go Berg it was a completely different story. Due to their status and network connections you are able to receive offers and interest from the companies you apply to. I highly recommend them, you need their help, guidance, assistance, connections and expertise.

    • admin

      Thanks Zimal! We are good at changing the stories of our clients 🙂

  37. Matt Rivera

    I highly recommend Go Berg or Go Home for professional writing. Their expert team worked on my LinkedIn profile as well as my specific needs for resume and cover letters. They are much informed about what particular information needs to be present in the writing to gain access past tracking systems and to achieve increased connections and opportunities on LinkedIn. They are well versed in how to write, edit and stylize for maximum impact. Go Berg helped me accomplish career advancement by transforming my professional portfolio and increasing my visibility, accesses and connections with recruiters and job opportunities. Thank you!

    • admin

      Thanks Matt! career advancement is going to take on a different meaning during/after this pandemic, it starts with your digital profile though!

  38. Rosa Marie Thompson

    Working with Go Berg or Go Home definitely accelerates your job search! They provide many appropriate resources to help you succeed. Part of their amazing and professional portfolio are their strong and meaningful connections with staffing agencies. They can help match you with their external recruiter to do the job search for you. After giving them my specifics and ideals, my own personal recruiter was able to deliver for me job listings matching my needs. I can’t thank them enough. You need to work with Go Berg, their relationships and connections are highly informative, useful, and able to allow you to get a job versus continually applying without success.

    • admin

      Thanks Rosa, we hate seeing people waste time on the career hamster wheel, you know we have the expertise and connections to help break that cycle!

  39. Shelia Ann Hunter

    Go Berg helped me to recognize the best ways to use LinkedIn to my advantage as a tool for creating networks and job prospects. I also strongly believe their ability as professional writers to create, style, and portray a professional image for my page helped immensely in my success. They are very wise and have vast knowledge of different markets and technology, they understand what will drive people to your profile. With their efforts, I was able to move up from a sales associate to manager, they flooded my page with strong data metrics about my sales success and created a standout headline and summary section. Thank you!

    • admin

      Thanks Shelia, data is key, and talking to that data is even a bigger key! Go get em!

  40. Sandra Brooks

    I highly recommend Go Berg or Go Home. They did a marvelous job overhauling my LinkedIn profile. In the specific sections they were able to increase the use of power phrases, descriptive data sets to show my accomplishments, and in the summary section they created a strong professional brand. Most importantly they connected me with their contacts in the renewable energy sector. Their connections have allowed me to start conversations with important contacts. I was impressed also, that recruiters have now “found me” on LinkedIn and have offered me opportunities. I was on LinkedIn for 4 years, but now in little time with the professional work of Go Berg, LinkedIn has become a platform for my professional brand and a launching pad for my career growth.

    • admin

      Thanks Sandra, you’re too kind, it wasn’t that much of an overhaul, more like a summer cleaning 🙂 – All the best!

  41. Daksh Varadkar

    I highly recommend having Go Berg accelerate your career opportunities by transforming your LinkedIn profile. They transformed my profile from dull and the same as everyone else to eye-catching, compelling, and intriguing. In addition, they connected me with their professional networks to include their large groups of information security analysts, which is the field I was aiming to enter. With their expert and proficient guidance, I was able to start meaningful conversations and in time capture an interview at my dream company. Thanks a million Go Berg!

    • admin

      Thanks Daksh, keep those conversations going! They will lead to something great!

  42. Perry Davis

    I highly recommend Go Berg’s professional writing services. Their team is skilled at updating and editing your profile for maximum impact and effectiveness. Once your profile is complete and you are open to Go Berg’s connections, you start to have much better success at getting responses from recruiters and increased job offers on LinkedIn! Thank You!

    • admin

      Thanks Perry, we try our best to make you shine digitally! All the best!

  43. Bob Powell

    Go Berg’s professional writing services are outstanding. When my LinkedIn profile was customized and live, I had many connections reaching out to me for opportunities and many commented how my profile stood out, they especially remarked about my clever and unique professional brand. If you are looking for increased visibility, connections, networking and job opportunities, I highly recommend working with Go Berg. They deliver exceptional services, professional guidance and job opportunities.

    • admin

      Thanks Bob! We appreciate the feedback and kind words, keep in touch!

  44. Petra Milanov

    With Go Berg’s inside intelligence for the roles I applied to, I was able to get specific and direct feedback from the hiring mangers on what additional competencies I needed to be accepted for the role. With these golden nuggets, I was able to go for my CPA exam, ace it, and eventually be hired! All thanks to Go Berg!

    • admin

      Thanks Petra, great to hear about the CPA! We definitely had nothing to do with that 🙂 All the best!

  45. Nancy Evans

    I was amazed at the success I had when working with Go Berg. They deliver on their promises! Once my professional profile was created and driven by my past accomplishments and identified my talents, Go Berg was able to send me job placements that matched my interests and needs. Their internal recruiters do a phenomenal job of getting you noticed, which increases your chances of success and your ability to move through the interview process. Working with Go Berg was effortless, effective and exceptional!

    • admin

      Thanks Nancy, much easier for our recruiters to do some work with an amazing LinkedIn Profile!

  46. Savannah Collins

    I was granted the ability to interview at a top marketing agency thanks to Go Berg’s professional relationship with inside recruiters. When I spoke to Go Berg about my career plan and goals, they provided me with current and sometimes not-yet posted job descriptions and postings at top companies. This allowed me to be “known” by the recruiters, as a Go Berg client, and therefore “seen and heard.” I can’t thank them enough, after almost a year trying on my own without success, it took a relatively short period of time working with Go Berg to achieve a great outcome!

    • admin

      Thanks Savannah, are you using our power-words to provide feedback! We love it!

  47. Peter Masini

    Besides exclusively connecting me with recruiters and HR personnel, the Go Berg Team coached me on the most effective methods to approach conversations from emails, phone calls to virtual platforms. The guided me in the best manner to introduce myself and build a professional rapport, otherwise you are simply seen as someone trying to take advantage of their position. I truly felt Go Berg had expert advice and guidance in every detail and step of the career process. I highly endorse their services.

    • admin

      Thanks Peter, we pride ourselves on the advice and guidance we are able to provide to our clients! Thanks!

  48. Bill Watson

    I highly recommend Go Berg’s professional writing services. I felt they were able to demonstrate my value and worth on paper so eloquently and powerfully, because they understood my career journey. They spent time evaluating my career roles and understood my plans for the future. We even spent time considering options they recommended, based on their experience in various industries. They most definitely know all about the career search, professional writing process, and they know how to help their clients succeed.

    • admin

      Thanks Bill, great to connect with you last week – Keep us posted on next steps!

  49. Carlos de Romero

    Go Berg understands how to optimize your LinkedIn profile for maximum exposure and effectiveness. It was particularly beneficial for me when I was looking to get in on the ground level at a tech company— only problem, I had no contacts. With the expertise, guidance and assistance of Go Berg, I was able to make my voice heard and ultimately land an interview with the recruiter! So amazing. I highly recommend getting to know Go Berg and seeing how they can and WILL help you!

    • admin

      Thanks Carlos, we will HELP! Just give us a time and place, and we are there! You are the best my friend!

  50. Nagi Abdullah

    I had Go Berg professionally edit my LinkedIn Profile. It made such a difference in terms of my ability to connect with recruiters and to be contacted by recruiters. They taught me the best way to start a conversation with recruiters and how best to identify my skills and talents without being too pushy. I highly recommend their services. Their professional writing ability is unsurpassed and their ability to connect you with productive connections is unsurpassed.

    • admin

      Thanks Nagi, it’s not just the editing, it’s the connections we can send your way when the profile is done!

  51. Thomas Flores

    I was partnered with a recruiter from Go Berg when searching for a position as a financial advisor. She worked diligently to help expose my resume and professional profile towards the companies I was applying to. I truly felt supported, understood, and guided during the job application, search and interview process. I value Go Berg’s professional expertise and knowledge. My recruiter had inside knowledge of how to best showcase my talents, so the companies would notice. The market is so competitive these days, it is very valuable and worth the investment to have someone on your side. Thank you!

    • admin

      Thanks Thomas, having a dedicated recruiter is the ultimate luxury, we don’t stop until you get the offer letter!

  52. Valentina Garcia

    Working with Go Berg granted me the ability to speak with their contacts at staffing agencies and in particular two recruiters that worked for the businesses I wanted to work for. Their partnerships with these contacts were so valuable. I never would have been able to express my value and potential if it was not for Go Berg. I tried on my own to reach out to different people in these companies, but it is invaluable to know people who can vouch for your candidacy and professionalism.

    • admin

      Thanks Valentina, we will do all the hard-work on paper for you, don’t worry!

  53. Harry Tremblay

    I appreciate all the work Go Berg did on generating my LinkedIn profile. When transitioning careers, I found it to be extremely helpful to have their team of professional writers. They created a unique professional brand and helped me connect with recruiters and other people in the companies I was looking to enter. I highly recommend their services. They are proficient at writing in a captivating manner that draws consideration and they are able to connect you with people that promote opportunities and career growth.

    • admin

      Thanks Harry! We are excited to be back at it close to 100%! All the best!

  54. Michael Ansbro

    I highly recommend Go Berg or Go Home’s professional writing services. They helped me with all of my written needs including cover letters, reference list, website bio and LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn was especially advantageous. On my LinkedIn page, the Go Berg team did a great job at creating a fascinating professional story, that was attention getting. In addition, I was connected and opened to many of their relevant networks. My LinkedIn profile from Go Berg definitely brought me more exposure, connections, conversations and opportunities. Thank you so much!

    • admin

      Thanks Michael! Connections are coming back to “work” – things are certainly picking up, hopefully they continue to roll in!

  55. Laura Kaplan

    Go Berg completely transformed my LinkedIn account. With a compelling career summary, supportive and commanding past and current job responsibilities, as well as additional certifications and group involvement they showcased my potential in a impressive way. Plus, their experts show me how to use LinkedIn to my advantage. They went over the best way to reach out to new connections, making meaningful and productive networks. They also showed me, how to limit the amount of spam (or people trying to sell stuff), so I could spend my time increasing my visibility instead of wasting time with unwanted communications. Thank you!

    • admin

      Thanks Laura! You are shining on the digital scene now! All the best! Keep in touch!

  56. Dan Zhu

    Working with Go Berg allowed me to build and sustain professional relationships on my LinkedIn profile. After their expert team did a complete overhaul of my professional profile, to include a concise and powerful summary statement, filled out my current and past roles with descriptive and strong key points, and helped me identify and reach out appropriately to recruiters and other professionals, I had more opportunities and connection requests coming my way. I truly feel with their expert writing and opening of my profile, that set up momentum for me to have more exposure and therefore greater chances of career advancement. Thank you Go Berg!

    • admin

      Thanks Dan! You’re very welcome! Keep achieving!

  57. Paloma Ivorra

    Go Berg’s Professional Writing Services are an investment in your career that pays off! The Go Berg team personalized my resume, cover letters and online LinkedIn profile to showcase my unique skills and talents. When selecting companies and job roles to target, under guidance of their industry experience and expertise, we were able to narrow down my search, thereby making it more beneficial. Once I had my professional image complete on print and online, I was able to receive offers and emails from recruiters and HR to move forward in interviewing. Go Berg delivers professional products, increased visibility, and success when it comes to job searching and applying.

    • admin

      Thanks Paloma, remember, just because you accept a job today, doesn’t mean it’s your job forever, experience is experience!

  58. Shaylan Jenkins

    Go Berg’s experts absolutely helped set me up for increased visibility on LinkedIn. What I found to be especially beneficial was their ability to connect me with other professionals of importance and pertinence to advancing my business and career. I had so many more opportunities and important and beneficial conversations after working with Go Berg. If you need more opportunities or connections, I recommend working with them. They will definitely help get you more exposure.

    • admin

      Thanks Shaylan! We will keep the connections coming! All the best and have a great Summer!

  59. Ashley Nguyen

    I highly recommend Go Berg for professional writing services. Their certified experts helped me to narrow down my search by company, then craft original and compelling professionally written pieces to showcase my talents and abilities for those particular roles at selected companies. I thank them for their diligence, comprehensive assessment of my career plan, professionalism, knowledge of career services and guidance.

    • admin

      Thanks Ashley, thanks for the kind words, it’s a big space, narrowing down the jobs is key, especially on LinkedIn!

  60. Caleb Davies

    Now that remote work and relationship building has gone virtual for the moment, I highly recommend working with Go Berg, and allowing their proficient experts to transform your LinkedIn page for maximum impact. They are specialists at branding your professional story and will definitely be able to allow your profile to get more views, build more connections and therefore more opportunities. Their team is skilled at professional writing. I have been laid off due to the pandemic. I had used Go Berg in the past with great success. Therefore, I quickly reached out to them with help on my profile. They worked to allow my summary to be more expansive in scope and helped guide me in the best manner and way to start reaching out or at least keeping connections strong. Thank you!

    • admin

      Thanks Caleb, great to speak with you again, I feel like you are on an annual subscription! Keep achieving and see you in 2021 🙂

  61. Keira Gribbin

    Go Berg can help you increase your network connections exponentially! I was having a difficult time on my own managing a successful career transition. With the help and expertise of Go Berg, I was able to transition from medical sales to corporate strategist. They helped showcased my past accomplishments and directed attention on my professional LinkedIn account towards my future potential. They branded my skills in such a creative and fascinating way that was influential. Once we targeted the specific companies, they showed me how to start engaging with new connections and how to create meaningful conversations. I really appreciate their professionalism and expertise and I highly recommend them!!

    • admin

      Thanks Keira, we know some people! We always preach, if you know us, people will know you!

  62. Isabella Richards

    A recommendation from Dr. Berg is very valuable. After working with the team at Go Berg on my professional profile, and planning my job search and subsequent interview processes, I got to know everyone pretty well. Their personalized approach to each client allows them to understand and value your unique talents and attributes. This also allows Dr. Berg to speak on your behalf in a glowing recommendation once you are asked for you reference list. Dr. Berg is a prominent and influential leader in the field and well respected. I highly recommend working with Go Berg for all of your career needs.

    • admin

      Thanks Isabella, I will be sure to pass the feedback to Chris, we also feel like he knows everything and everyone! All the best!

  63. Yuki Kaneko

    I highly recommend working with Go Berg. They directed and supported me in identifying the best places to post my resume, how best to email and reach out to recruiters or contacts at the companies, how to identify and communicate with important connections on LinkedIn and how to write concisely and clearly about my potential when reaching out. Once I was connected to Go Berg and their expansive network of hiring personnel and staffing agencies, I was able to have many more opportunities and job prospects . Thank you so much!!!

    • admin

      Thanks Yuki, You are welcome so much! Keep at it, persistence outweighs resistance!

  64. Dave Malone

    Being connected to Go Berg or Go Home’s large professional network helps create substantial momentum for your career trajectory. I have had numerous opportunities and conversations with different employers and new business associates due to Go Berg’s connections. It is so valuable to be able to connect with other professionals both in your industry and especially outside of it. I found new clients and new business opportunities most commonly outside of my industry which I thank Go Berg for. I highly recommend their services.

    • admin

      Thanks Dave! Appreciate the feedback! Good luck and keep in touch!

  65. Mathew Swanson

    Go Berg is exceptional at considering every angle of the career search process. They provided me with quality and effective professionally written pieces to include my resume and cover letter. We even discussed topics such as the best referrals sources to vouch for my capability and how to make sure my online presence was professional, across all my platforms. So many items I had not considered, which might have held me back from attaining a position. I truly thank the team at Go Berg for their thoroughness, and I highly recommend them. Their services are a necessary investment in your career.

    • admin

      Thanks Matt, quality is what we are about! Thanks for the tips on our future travels back to the city!

  66. Ava Salas

    Go Berg or Go Home created a LinkedIn profile for me that allowed my unique career attributes and accomplishments to shine. They did an excellent job at creating for me a professional brand, with a persuasive, descriptive personal header that brought attention to my profile. They understand how to best leverage all the different ways LinkedIn can be used for free professional advertising. They taught me so many valuable tricks to be able to get more success when reaching out to recruiters. They have a talent for providing and critiquing your profile and pointing to what works and what doesn’t. Their command over the entire job search and professional writing process is unbelievable. I highly recommend their services!!

    • admin

      Thanks Ava! It was a pleasure getting to o ow you and hear your amazing life and career journey! Keep achieving!

  67. Kathy Benson

    I highly recommend Go Berg for Professional Writing. A complete professional picture was exactly what I needed as I entered into the job market after time off, spent raising my two children. With a long gap in work history and not much in terms of social presence, the Go Berg Team worked to understand how my past job roles and even daily activities with my children, skills like organization, home-schooling, and time management, could all be leveraged into a compelling career portfolio. I am so appreciative to the Go Berg Team. Without them, getting back in the job scene would have been tremendously overwhelming and unproductive. I thought they were immensely honest, helpful, and efficient. Their products allowed me to find a steady position as a business administration assistant. Thank you all for your patience, professionalism and expert guidance.

    • admin

      Kathy, it was a pleasure helping mold your career picture, all the best and keep in touch!

  68. Ellen Myers

    The professional writing services at Go Berg are superior in every way. Their team of certified professionals worked with me to provide a descriptive, detailed account of my professional value to the companies I was applying to. They truly take the time to understand your skills and attributes, and work on crafting a resume that is driven by significant and strong data points, action statements that demonstrate your capabilities, and a clear and concise summary that extolls your future potential. I highly recommend their writing services, I found great success in attaining the leverage necessary to move up in my career with their help.

    • admin

      Thanks Ellen! We love taking the time to get to know our clients, you never how we can each help each other!

  69. Sal Herrera

    I am so impressed with the professional writing services at Go Berg. They are true authorities in creating a professional brand for their clients, which helps them stand out in the competitive job market. In addition, their close relationships with recruiters allows you to have connection to positions that might not be listed or are up and coming. When working with Go Berg I was able to get ahead of the curve on a position opening up at a university near my home. Thanks to their pre-knowledge about when the position would be launched, we were able to customize my CV and resume for the position, and the Go Berg Team was able to put in the good word for me. I can’t thank them enough!

    • admin

      Thanks Sal, thank you for the awesome review, best of luck!

  70. Luke Thomas

    The job search process is not a one-size fits all approach and the dedicated team of career specialists at Go Berg certainly understands that fact. I felt as an individual they took the care to put together my professional portfolio of resume, cover letter and additional supporting documents for my applications with specific attention to my unique skills, abilities, and career accomplishments, while at the same time artfully tailoring all the pieces towards the job description and companies of application. They are proficient at career writing. I highly recommend their services. Well worth the investment!

    • admin

      Thanks Luke, we take a ton of pride in our personalized resumes and profiles! Keep achieving!

  71. Yvonne Wilson

    Go Berg excels at bringing your professional story to life on paper or print. They have a true talent for summarizing your work history into a paragraph that conveys meaning to the recruiter or hiring manger. They understand how to highlight your skills, demonstrate your abilities, and leave no doubt in the minds of the reader that you are the best candidate for the job. Most importantly, the professional products they produce for you, draws the attention you deserve. I fully recommend Go Berg, you will not be disappointed, and they will maximize your value on paper for everyone to see!

    • admin

      Thanks Yvonne, you better not be disappointed! 🙂 – All the best!

  72. Kristina Jusko

    Go Berg is exceptional at creating your professional brand and career story. If you are like me and not a “writer” you need the professional help of Go Berg. They continually work to refine their craft through education, partnerships with recruiters and identifying trends in career management which allows them to transform your professional image onto paper. I never would have been able to create a professional bio that was so completely relevant to the positions I applied to. I highly recommend their professional writing services!!

    • admin

      Thanks Kristina, we appreciate the recommendations and referrals, all the best, keep in touch!

  73. Jack Herning

    I highly recommend utilizing the career services at Go Berg or Go Home if you are looking to accelerate your career. I had a personalized assessment and full evaluation of my career history and career goals and from there the team crafted specific resumes and cover letters geared towards the industries I was trying to enter. Next, they did a remarkable job re-vamping my LinkedIn profile, teaching me the best way to use the platform, and opened my account up to many more connections and therefore opportunities. Thank you!!!

    • admin

      Thanks Jack, I would say “completely creating” more than “revamping” – 🙂 – all the best, will miss your energy and kind spirit on calls!

  74. Dan Jost

    I highly value our partnership with Go Berg. Our staffing agency has collaborated with Go Berg since their beginning and year by year they have continued to produce on their products. Every year as technology, hiring processes, and trends in the career sector change, the Go Berg team relentlessly pursues the information, skills and tools needed to transform with these changes to better serve their clients. We receive the most professional and well-suited candidates for our roles from Go Berg and their entire professional portfolio from their cover letters, resumes and interviewing skills are of the highest quality, appropriate and specific towards the job requirements.

    • admin

      Thanks Dan, glad you found value in the value we bring! All the best!

  75. Edwin Varennikov

    I endorse Go Berg for your professional writing needs. They covered every aspect of my career history that was pertinent to the roles in which I applied to and allowed my skills and accomplishments to be clear across my resume, professional bio, and LinkedIn profile. In addition, their expert guidance on the best methods of applying were instrumental in my ability to be seen and move into the interviewing stage. Plus, once my LinkedIn page was up, I was able to connect with many of their contacts and start having meaningful and productive conversations.

    • admin

      Thanks Edwin, we will keep sending them your way! Keep achieving!

  76. John Parsons Jr.

    A key attribute that sets Go Berg apart and allows you to have greater connections and opportunities, is their extensive network of curated recruiters. When I was looking to advance my career in the business world, Go Berg was able to connect me directly with recruiters for three different advanced roles. I was able to get specific feedback on my resume, address concerns or missing certifications and skills which lead to more opportunities and potential. All my success began with the guidance of Go Berg. They are extremely knowledgeable, connected and strive to deliver the most impactful services for their clients. They do whatever they can to help you succeed! You will not find a more honest, dedicated and proficient career services company than Go Berg.

    • admin

      Thanks John, recruiters hold the best knowledge of what they are seeking in resumes, they are a great group to know!

  77. Katrina Long

    When you come to a fork in your career path, and you are not sure where to turn, I recommend reaching out to the experts at Go Berg. They are truly passionate about their work and they are the best in the career service business. Part of their talent lies in their continual pursuit of gaining partnerships with recruiters and hiring managers so they are up to date with present trends in hiring, retention, and recruitment. In addition, they are specialists at professional writing, creating resumes and cover letters that are specific to the jobs and industries you are applying to. Every step of the way along your journey, they support, guide, motivate, and give you the tools you need to succeed.

    • admin

      Thanks Katrina! Thanks for the call out on motivate, we try to do our best for our clients to see how amazing they are!

  78. Bill Sanders

    Go Berg helps you devise a clear and practical path for your career. I came to them looking to acquire the skills needs to advance in the management consulting industry and to grow a wider network in order to offer my services. The professional writers at Go Berg summarized my career accomplishments and emphasized my industry experience and performance record for my website, LinkedIn account and professional bio. It was immensely useful to have a professional image as I stepped away from my employer and began to create my own firm. They created a complete picture of my professional brand and connected me to many useful and valuable new contacts.

    • admin

      Thanks Bill! Best of luck on the new venture, wishing you and the team all the luck and success for 2020 and beyond!

  79. Jennifer Mackenzie

    I highly recommend Go Berg or Go Home. We have used their services to find talented individuals to fill roles within our bio-tech company. The Go Berg teams always has connections with skilled candidates, whose resumes and cover letters are matched to the job roles and responsibilities. I value our partnership with Go Berg, it makes the hiring process quick and easy, instead of looking on our own which can be time intensive, we go right to Go Berg. Many thanks.

    • admin

      Thanks Jenn, so great to hear from you again, NYC is back open and we look forward to jumping right back in with you!

  80. Arthur Brown

    I highly recommend Go Berg’s Professional Writing Services. They transport all of your greatest accomplishments and abilities, as well as your future potential onto paper in a way that maximizes value. I know it was their expertise and efficiency in creating my resume, LinkedIn, and cover letter that allowed me to get into the interview stage at PR firm. I painstakingly tried on my own to rewrite my own resume without success. With Go Berg’s arsenal of skills, I was able to been seen and move along in the interview process.

    • admin

      Thanks Arthur, appreciate the feedback, good luck in the interviews, you know where to find us!

  81. Maria Mamani

    I highly recommend Go Berg for professional career writing. Not only did they customize my resume and cover letters but they also helped redesign and write my LinkedIn profile. My career summary was edited so the content was appropriate to the roles I was looking to get. Also, their expert LinkedIn users, helped me identify the best ways to use LinkedIn to get the most out of my experience. Their career experts have so much knowledge in many areas and they share it with their clients to help them flourish.

    • admin

      Thanks Maria, we have amazing people that help us keep this career services ship afloat! I will certainly pass the feedback along!

  82. Lisa Jones-Davidson

    I highly recommend Go Berg or Go Home’s career services, most especially if you are looking for career advancement or to switch industries. Your professional network is an important factor to your success. Go Berg was immensely useful when I made a career transition from customer service representative to digital marketing manager. Their ability to connect you with the right people opened a lot of doors and opportunities for me. Forever grateful! Thank you!

    • admin

      Thanks Lisa, as we always preach, it’s not who you know, but who knows you! We just have a ton of recruiters that like to know our clients!

  83. Fran Peeters

    I found it valuable and it increased my job opportunities to be opened and connected to Go Berg’s wide network of professionals in different industries. The more people I was connected with and had a chance to communicate, share ideas and business strategy with, the more opportunities I had to increase my professional presence. Over time, that led to me being offered a high-level management role because of the relationships I had help building thanks to Go Berg.

    • admin

      Thanks Fran, good luck with the gig, we saw the change on LinkedIn! Hopefully the wedding can continued as planned as well, fingers-crossed!

  84. Knox Greene

    The Go Berg team was instrumental in helping me achieve a career transformation. Looking for a change of industries I reached out to Go Berg. At the first meeting with Keith and Roma, they gathered the details of my past, understood my current situation to include my social and financial needs, and guided me towards an actionable plan for moving forward. With the different parts in place of my professional image-resume and LinkedIn- I was opened to their connections at the specific companies I was targeting. Each step of the way, they were understanding, but practical, they don’t let you settle for a position that is not right. Their services are valuable and effective. I highly recommend Go Berg or Go Home!

    • admin

      Thanks Knox! appreciate the feedback and awesome words of encouragement! All the best!

  85. Stew Zimmermann

    Go Berg or Go Home was able to offer me increased connections and exposure when I was searching for a transition within my field. I benefited from being able to connect with their inside recruiters, speak specifically about my applicability for the role, and connect with other professionals within the space I was trying to enter. Their services are comprehensive, personalized, and most importantly their insider connections are valuable and worthwhile.

    • admin

      Thanks Stew, our recruiters are pretty good, at times they come off as hounds, but hounding the right things 🙂

  86. Len Cafasso

    I really value and appreciate Dr. Berg’s business and business model. He and his team continually seek out supplementary information and knowledge to best serve their clients. Whether that be through developing connections with recruiters and staffing agencies in different industries or attending national conferences on recent trends in career services best practices. As head of TA for my company our partnership with Go Berg is extremely valuable. Their dedication to their craft is reflected not only in the top talent they gather but also in their top talent’s ability and competence, which I think in part stems from working with Go Berg. Go Berg is our go-to for talented individuals to help fill our roles. I highly recommend their services and commend their dedication, professionalism and their enduring ability to go above and beyond for their clients.

    • admin

      Thanks Len! Our business model can always be improved, and we try, appreciate the follow-up and go get them!

  87. Eichi Tsukamoto

    Go Berg’s professional connections allowed me to get direct, targeted feedback on my resume and application from the hiring manager. With this crucial feedback we were able to tweak what was needed which led to an opportunity at the company. Without Go Berg’s insider connections, I never would have landed in the spot I am in now! Thank you! It is beyond valuable to know someone who knows someone, otherwise you become just another resume.

    • admin

      Thanks Eichi, So happy to read your update the other day! Glad all is well and safe with you and the family. Keep achieving!

  88. Adela Gomez

    I highly recommend Go Berg or Go Home’s professional writing services. They have an excellent ability to put down on paper your professional image in a way that draws people in. When I posted my LinkedIn profile from Go Berg and starting applying online, recruiters would mention how accomplished I was and how well my profile was put together. They were impressed! As was I! The expert team work diligently to understand my career goals and delivered on its products and services in a timely manner! Thank you again for your hard-work and dedication and expertise!

    • admin

      Hi Adela! Thanks so much for the all the kind words, your hard-work and dedication will pay off soon! Hang in there!

  89. Hal Osfield

    Having Go Berg create my professional printed and web presence from my resume, website bio, career summary and LinkedIn account was highly effective. With those key pieces in place, they were able to connect me with insider recruiters, who flagged my profile and applications. It was amazing. Now instead of begging people to see me, I was able to speak directly with recruiters and hiring managers and choose among the best position for me. I highly recommend Go Berg’s services, their ability to connect you with the right people is hand-downs unbelievable and invaluable.

    • admin

      Hi Hal, amazing what happens when you get us involved 🙂 – All the best, it’s just a matter of time!

  90. Maria Karpovich

    Connecting with Go Berg’s professional and certified team of career experts was especially beneficial for my success in achieving career advancement. They utilized all of their resources and abilities to help me advance within my competitive banking firm. On my own, I was not getting the recognition I deserved. After working with Go Berg on my interviewing skills, developing a firm and impactful professional brand and connecting with their contacts, I was able to secure a position in corporate and really showcase my full value. I cannot thank them enough for their insights, guidance, and professionalism.

    • admin

      Thanks Maria! All the best and keep achieving!

  91. Lan Zhao

    I highly recommend working with the Team at Go Berg. The entire group is professional, nationally certified in their area of expertise and deliver proven results and products for their clients. Their partnerships with a wide variety of recruiters, staffing agencies, HR executives, and large online job boards give them an added advantage for their clients. The excel at putting their insider intelligence to good use for the maximum benefit of their clients. I have used their services twice in the past and I am currently working with them now, again, due to the current situation. But, I know, as always, they will come through and help me succeed again!

    • admin

      Thanks Lan, I wish we could have met under better conditions, hang in there, and we’re with you!

  92. Dale Czerwinski

    Go Berg is constantly evolving, updating, and flexing with the times. I have never come across a more dedicated group of career service professionals. I have been a recruiter for a tech giant and always go to Go Berg for top clients. We just successfully hired two top clients with the assistance of Go Berg. Their resumes were matched to the job roles and responsibilities, and they were fully able to demonstrate their value as our company enters this difficult time.

    • admin

      Thanks Dale! We would like to send you more, can you open a few more reqs! 🙂 – All the best, be in touch!

  93. Tomas Russo

    Vital. Having the expert team at Go Berg cultivate your professional persona in writing is vital. They excel at professional writing, personalized to suit the industry and company you are applying to, and are detailed but succinct with your applicability for the role and company. They deliver high-quality products, that are cost-effective and provide results and success. Thank you!

    • admin

      Thanks Tomas, appreciate the feedback and highlights on our quality, we truly do have amazing people working for the career services cause!

  94. Ruth Wagaman

    Go Berg’s professional LinkedIn assessment is crucial for job searching. When applying for positions you need to have your professional image up to par. And if you are using LinkedIn appropriately (Go Berg will show you how), having a professional brand, powerful career summary, and pertinent performance record will allow you to grab the attention of recruiters. I know of no other career service company that has the command, connections, and competence when it comes to career services than Go Berg. I highly recommend you reach out to their certified and nationally recognized experts today!!!

    • admin

      Thanks Ruth, our resume writing team can be ranked up with the best of them, thanks for calling them out!

  95. Tyson Ray

    I highly recommend Go Berg or Go Home’s professional writing services. When looking to move up into the executive realm for a director position, I knew I need professional and experienced help. The Go Berg team provided an in-depth analysis of my past and current roles and achievements, got a clear picture of my goals and ambitions, and then crafted my complete professional image from resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile to executive summary. I truly value their guidance, feedback and assistance. You can tell they go above and beyond for their clients and they continually seek to be able to bring the latest technology and information to their clients to help with their success.

    • admin

      Thanks Tyson, you now shine on paper and the internet! All the best!

  96. Zack Robinson

    I highly endorse Go Berg’s Services for all of your career needs. Part of their comprehensive services besides resume and professional writing expertise, is their large network of useful connections in various industries. When working with them, I was able to apply for roles and get direct feedback from the recruiter for the specific position. Also, after the feedback, I was able to work on and acquire any addition skills the company was seeking. For example, when I applied for a position in a communications company, they wanted someone who was planning to get an additional certification. With that hint, and the Go Berg Team’s assistance, we re-wrote my cover letter and personally sent it to the recruiter to show my continued interest in the company and my plans to get the certification. Bingo! Thank you Go Berg!

    • admin

      Thanks Zack, and we highly endorse your skillset! Everything came together on this one, all the best, and get that certificate!

  97. Liam Webb

    Many thanks to the Go Berg Team! They have a curated team of experts and a wide network of professionals in many fields. This special edge gives them an advantage; they understand and know multiple markets, what key words and experiences the recruiters are looking for, and how best to organize your professional resume and LinkedIn page to attract attention. There fee for service is extremely fair and worth every penny. You truly feel supported and guided in the job search/interviewing process. They understand the job search can be difficult, but they have the knowledge, experience, skills and talent to help you navigate the choppy waters!

    • admin

      Thanks Liam, we will take this feedback as we should be charging more 🙂 – All the best and you know where to find us, in those choppy waters!

  98. Clara Park

    I highly recommend Go Berg or Go Home. I was trying to enter into the energy and environmental industry. Most of my past work experiences did not exactly align with my new career path. During our sessions, Go Berg got a detailed account of all my past job responsibilities, internships, and volunteer efforts. From there, they were able to skillfully demonstrate how my past experiences would allow me to transition into the environmental industry. I am so glad I reached out to them; it was well-worth the investment. They opened me up to new opportunities, connections, and career advancement that I would not have been able to get on my own!

    • admin

      Thank you Clara! Glad you made the investment, keep shining and keep achieving!

  99. Dominic Ioannou

    The Go Berg Team lead by their dedicated and driven chief, Dr. Berg, emanate greatness in all avenues and aspects of the career services business. They constantly attend conferences, seminars, and webinars to remain current with hiring trends, coaching techniques, and motivational strategies. Having partnered with them for years as a corporate client, I personally can vouch for their ability to transform your career. In dynamic and honest ways, they build connections with employers looking for top talent, partner and work with individuals looking for greater opportunities, and partner with larger corporations to help fill hiring needs. They are in the know and strive to provide each client with a personalized, informed, and practical plan towards their career goals.

    • admin

      Thanks Dom! Chris and the team will be happy to read this and will pass the kind feedback along. All the best!

  100. Leslie Erasmus

    My entire experience at Go Berg or Go Home has been nothing short of constructive and essential to my career. The entire staff is supportive, professional and knowledgeable. I utilized Go Berg’s resume writing, mock interviewing and professional writing services in order to set myself apart from the crowd after college graduation. I truly appreciate the care and attention they took to understand my goals and ambitions. In addition, a major plus is their ability to connect you to the right people. They have so much experience and knowledge and they truly are here to help you succeed. Thanks for all!

    • admin

      Thanks Leslie! Sorry it took so long to reply and post! Appreciate the words and the feedback!

  101. Daryna Moore

    It was very helpful to be able to be linked to Go Berg’s professional network. I was so entrenched in the financial industry that when I wanted to make a transition, I had at best, a few contacts outside of it. The team at Go Berg personalized my resume to highlight my ability to transition fields, coached me on what to expect when entering a new field and helped connect me with plenty of reliable and useful connections. I recommend utilizing their services, they go above and beyond for their clients and it is a true investment in your career. Thank you!

    • admin

      Thanks for the recommendation Daryna! We try to go as above and beyond as we can! Keep achieving!

  102. Min Yang

    I highly recommend Go Berg for any of your professional writing needs. I strongly feel the full package of my professional resume and updated LinkedIn profile, with a concise and clear personal brand, helped me secure a higher-ranking position in my management and consulting firm. It is very difficult at times to stand out and be recognized for your accomplishments and potential. I feel that Go Berg has the capability, industry knowledge and capacity to help you excel. They helped me accomplish my goals and they can help you! Thank you!

    • admin

      Min! So good to hear from you and the good news. We did receive your card in the mail, that was BEYOND THOUGHTFUL! All the best you and your family.

  103. Anthony Garcia

    I have great respect and reverence for Dr. Berg and his professional team at Go Berg. My staffing agency has been partnered with their firm for four years. I am always amazed at how well they continue to stay ahead of the trends in hiring, job coaching and career training and transitioning. They always have a top-notch selection of candidates with professional resumes, skilled at interviewing under pressure and able to handle the demands of the roles they enter into. I recommend partnering with Go Berg for your staffing needs in any industry.

    • admin

      Thanks Mr. Garcia, I will pass along the kind words to Chris and team. All the best and it was great seeing your name today in our email box 🙂

  104. Dave Fischer

    Go Berg excels at creating LinkedIn profiles because they partner with recruiters from top companies who list their open positions on LinkedIn. Therefore, Go Berg has the insider intelligence about what those recruiters are looking for, specific key words, characteristics, attributes, etc. which is invaluable. I highly recommend working with Go Berg if you want to get a new position. It worked for me and it will work for you!

    • admin

      Thanks Dave! we have a ton of insider info, that’s for sure! Get ready in the next few weeks, things are starting to look up!

  105. Vicky Paterson

    Before working with Go Berg, I did not have a LinkedIn profile. After working with them and understanding more about today’s job search process and how recruiters and hiring directors often go directly to LinkedIn (it’s like Facebook but for Professionals,) I immediately had the Go Berg team create a professional platform for me. I was amazed at the ability to develop meaningful connections, with people in various industries and all over the world. More connections have definitely provided me more opportunities and I am so thankful to Go Berg for opening my eyes!

    • admin

      Thanks Vicky! Glad you reached out and we were able to assist! Keep those eyes open and on the prize!

  106. Nicole DeAngelis

    I highly recommend Go Berg’s professional writing services. As head of HR for a small company, I wanted our professional employees to increase their presence online to help drive traffic to the company. I partnered with Go Berg and their team of expert writers. The Go Berg Team sat down with each employee and got an overall summary of their career history and their current role in the company. From there they did a phenomenal job at re-writing my employees LinkedIn pages, creating eye-catching company descriptions, executive summaries, and plus- opened us up to their connections in the industry! Traffic to the website increased within a month and my employees gained fruitful professional connections. Thank you all so very much!!!

    • admin

      Thanks Nicole, happy to help! All the best and keep in touch!

  107. Mike Wang

    I highly recommend Go Berg’s Professional Writing services. In formatting, resume writing, executive summary writing, LinkedIn page profile, and online presence, they are accomplished at creating a compelling career story and personal brand that is individualized to you. Most importantly, after they have done a standout job on these components, recruiters start reaching out directly to you and the applications you send in get attention and you get called and emailed. It is remarkable! I tried so long on my own to switch jobs, but once I found Go Berg, everything started working for me, no doubt, due to their knowledge and command of the industry and job markets.

    • admin

      Thanks Mike! It’s easy when you have such a great background and awesome experience, all we did was package it together 🙂

  108. Bruce Yurkovich

    I have never met such a dedicated group of professional people than the team Dr. Berg has assembled at Go Berg. Each and every one of his employees excels at their specific craft and produces exceptional products. As a recruiter for a large tech company, routinely we source clients from Go Berg. I have personally worked with different members of the team for different needs. They never say no, they always deliver in a timely manner, and they always are professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend using Go Berg as your source for top clients when you need to hire additional employees or fill required roles!

    • admin

      Thanks Bruce, we love to step in and assist with great talent, keep the referrals coming!

  109. Max Donovan

    The team at Go Berg really helped me elevate and accelerate my career path. I was referred to them from my sister who recently used their services in order to move up into management. I can definitely say they are all extremely supportive, knowledgeable, and connected. During one on one sessions they get a firm understanding of your talents and abilities and help coach you into making a wise career move. Working with them I was able to transition into another industry and landed a position with greater pay, more flexibility, and now I work for a company that values its employees. I couldn’t be happier or more grateful to the hardworking and exceptional team at Go Berg. Thank you!

    • admin

      Thanks Max! “Firm” is a nice way of putting it haha! Thank you for being open to the feedback and insights! All the best!

  110. Tom Bretschneider

    You will not find a more professional, valuable, caring and competent career service business team than Go Berg or Go Home. Having worked as a recruiter for multiple firms I can tell the difference between them. Go Berg services, from their professional writing, job coaching, to interview preparation are of exceptional quality and they are committed to helping their clients succeed in any and all career transitions and endeavors. I highly recommend them, as when I review and screen candidates, routinely those from Go Berg, pass through to the next round!

    • admin

      Thanks Tom! Your feedback and insights help so many of our clients! Thank you all you do in our partnership!

  111. Bill Wilson

    I was overjoyed by the ability of Go Berg to connect me with so many new and valuable contacts. When I was trying to increase the products and services of my business, I had Go Berg help me with professional writing for my web-site, LinkedIn profile and social accounts and in addition utilized their network connections services. Wow! Business has never been busier. It pays to know the right professional people. Thanks again!

    • admin

      Thanks Bill! This brought a smile to our faces! All the best!

  112. Jose Vargas

    I am forever thankful for Go Berg’s help during my job search. As a business they set high standards and provide comprehensive career services, I am especially fond of their resume writing ability. A big plus for me when working with them was their connections and expansive network of recruiters that are directly recruiting for the role you are applying to. It is powerful to be able to get your resume directly in front of the person doing the hiring, especially because most jobs get hundreds of applications. Go Berg can help you stand out from the masses and achieve your career goals. Thank you!!!

    • admin

      Thanks Jose! We will keep sending our connections your way!

  113. Allan Mena

    I highly recommend Go Berg or Go Home for all of your professional writing and connecting needs. They are deeply, seriously, truly committed to providing the best in career services and their products and results speak for themselves…..but I will highlight a few of the advantages here….I worked with them when I was trying to enter into music production, which was basically vicious and ineffective on my own. After my personalized assessment with Go Berg, they helped reframe my resume and targeted it to the specific companies I was interested in, overhauled my professional presence on LinkedIn, helped connect with me a designer who stylized my website, and had me speaking directly to the recruiters of the positions I applied to, which led to greater connections and in the end to signing a deal to join in with a dream company of mine. After years of striving on my own, it took maybe a couple of months working with the professional and expert team at Go Berg! I recommend you don’t waste any more time and reach out to them now!

    • admin

      Wow, thank you Allan for this amazing feedback! When you drop your diamond platinum albums let us know!

  114. Kelly Cohen

    I highly recommend Go Berg or Go Home. They continually uphold high professional standards in career services. I am a former client and have used all of their services (resume writing, interview coaching, network connections and professional writing services.) In each case, they delivered superior products, in a timely manner, and provided me with valuable tools, advice, and practice to perfect my professional persona. Their industry knowledge and their connections and network of recruiters and hiring managers, headhunters are just some of the many perks of working with them. I am so appreciative for their services and continued dedication to helping me achieve success in my different career transitions and endeavors! With gratitude, Kelly

    • admin

      Thanks Kelly! Appreciate the gratitude and all the kind words. All the best!

  115. VJ Jayaraman

    Dr. Berg and his team epitomize professionalism, quality and delivery in the career services business. Working with them has been a true pleasure. Their clients are always outstanding. Their client’s resumes are pertinent to the job listings, on point with the attributes our company stresses in its employees, coached to show their value and efficacy in the interview process, and continue to set and achieve new benchmarks of greatness after we hire them. Their partnership has been a true gift. I recommend using their services if you are looking to find the best candidates for your open positions.

    • admin

      VJ! We value are partnership with you as well, glad to catch up the other day and sounds like things are on the up and up, which we needed to hear!

  116. Russell Clarke

    Working with Go Berg and receiving their expert advice and counsel was beyond fruitful for my career success. A large part, without a doubt, was a professional recommendation from Dr. Berg. It set me apart from other candidates; to be recognized by an industry leader. For professional career success it is invaluable to get to know the Go Berg Team! Go Berg or Go Home!

    • admin

      Thanks Mr. Clarke! Appreciate the kind words and I will certainly pass the feedback to Chris!

  117. Sofia Bakirtzis

    The Go Berg Team are experts at professional writing. With their help we streamlined my employment history, which had a lot of different positions without out too much detail, and formalized my professional image to be presentable to future employers. They are extremely skilled at professional writing. If you think you do not have enough background, the right skill set, the right experience, etc…reach out to Go Berg, chances are, like me, you are just going about the process all wrong, with Go Berg’s help they will renovate your professional image on paper and in life which will lead to a fulfilling career and additional opportunities. Thank you!

    • admin

      Thanks Sofia! the process confuses us everyday! Luckily we have some great connections to keep us in the “know”

  118. Peter Sansone

    I immensely appreciate the team at Go Berg. Their expert services are wonderful and can help transform your career. I had them professionally write my resume and LinkedIn page. As soon as I started applying with my professional resume from Go Berg, I started getting attention. Just like they promised, I had recruiters reaching out to me on LinkedIn with job opportunities. They most certainly provide personalized, attentive, relevant career services and are invested in helping you succeed. Thanks!

    • admin

      Thanks Pete! we immensely appreciate your business and feedback!

  119. Briella Flores-Smith

    Please let Go Berg evaluate your LinkedIn profile! They have insider knowledge and connections with recruiters. The team understands what types of content will appeal to the recruiters of the job listings and get you noticed. There are so many people on LinkedIn but Go Berg will help you to been seen. You may be using LinkedIn completely wrong for job searching and Go Berg will fix that! I worked with them for my resume overhaul and LinkedIn profile. With both of those pieces in place, I had recruiters reaching out to me in as little as three weeks! The investment definitely pays off!!! Thank you!

    • admin

      Bri, we just heard the good news! Congrats on the new gig! Keep us posted and stay in touch!

  120. Maddison Anderson

    I especially recommend Go Berg for your career services needs because of their connections to hiring managers and recruiters. They have formed strong relationships with companies and have valuable insight into what attributes the companies are interested in. It is necessary in today’s job search to be able to connect with people in the company and even better if it is someone in HR. Go Berg takes the time to understand you as a professional, which helps them demonstrate your competency to the hiring directors and recruiters. I tried on my own to switch careers for a long time without success. Once I started working with Go Berg it was a much different story. Forever grateful!!

    • admin

      Thanks Maddi! Forever grateful for your feedback and opportunity to help!

  121. James Chase

    I highly recommend Go Berg or Go Home. There is so much value they bring to the table, but one of the best features of their services was being connected to their massive list of recruiters and hiring managers. I was able to apply for positions that were not public knowledge and get direct feedback from the recruiters of the positions. It was beneficial to be able to see what their needs were and also to know what I could do to make myself a better candidate. Thanks Go Berg!

    • admin

      Thanks James, you’re very welcome! If you need anything, you know where to find us!

  122. Dane Wable

    As a recruiter for a communications agency I value my partnership with Go Berg. They are well qualified, dedicated, and passionate about helping their clients succeed in their careers. The Go Berg Team is always current and informed about the job market, the interest and needs of hiring managers, and provide top-tier job coaching and interview preparation. The clients we receive from Go Berg are qualified, professional and stand out from the rest. I recommend getting to know them… it will make the hiring process run so much more smoothly!

    • admin

      Dane, appreciate the kind words, we’re ready, when you’re ready! Counting down the days to rev the engines back up!

  123. Wendy Baldwin

    I highly recommend Go Berg. I used both their Resume Writing Service and LinkedIn Services. I felt it was extremely beneficial to have a unified professional presence, as I know LinkedIn is frequently checked by recruiters. Go Berg is highly capable and they are specialists in identifying and linking your past and current experiences to highlight your strengths and then showing your value and abilities to the recruiters. They also excel at creating a concise but effective personal brand which allows you to get noticed and standout from the crowd. Thanks Go Berg!

    • admin

      Thanks Wendy! personal brand is everything and the true difference factor in the markets today! You have a beautiful one and it’s only a matter of time before a company sees that!

  124. Nicole Santana

    The Go Berg Team are experts at developing executive summaries for your online platforms and at creating a captivating personal brand. They are able to excel at this because their services are professional, personal and current with industry standards and expectations. The Go Berg Team stylized my LinkedIn profile and website bio showcasing my professional accomplishments. I feel there is immense value in utilizing an outside perspective. I would never have been able to write my story as well as they did. I think their personalized attention and expertise really shines in their products. Thank you Go Berg!

    • admin

      Thanks Nicole! We love writing peoples stories, and you have a great one Nicole, never forget that or deny it!

  125. Sara Bradley

    Dr. Berg and his team helped me to connect with candidates to fill positions I needed for my online-start up. They moved swiftly to assess my requirements in candidates and then they were able to pull from their database and connections in order to find me the best people for the positions. They are truly wonderful to work with and provide great services, that are professional and expedient.

    • admin

      Thanks Sara, glad to see the company going! Excited to come visit soon!

  126. Ramla Fisher

    Go Berg’s services are well worth the investment. They have formed a wide network of connections with recruiters at various company’s in different industries. When I was aiming to transition from healthcare into human resources, they were able to connect me to valuable individuals willing to work with me and who allowed me to do some interning/shadowing to see if I would enjoy the field. I am thankful for their guidance and support. I appreciate their willingness to help however they can when it comes to job searching and career transitions.

    • admin

      Thanks Ramla, this review means the world! Appreciate the patience you had with our team and what the outcomes were! All the best and keep in touch!

  127. Nate Walker

    Working with Go Berg was the best decision ever. They can help you connect with the recruiters and hiring managers for the roles you are applying for. They build relationships with companies and know the open positions and what the recruiters are looking for. I was able to get my resume seen by actual people instead of getting rejection letters. I definitely recommend their services. Without connections you won’t be able to get very far in the hiring process. Thank you go Berg!

    • admin

      Thanks Nate! We have those connections for sure! All the best!

  128. Marianna Rubio

    The Go Berg Team is highly capable and reliant when it comes to providing for their clients. My partnership with The Go Berg Team started a year ago after I met Dr. Berg at a conference. Right away I could tell their business model and professional expertise was superior to all others. I recruit for an architectural firm and regularly connect with Go Berg when I am looking for the appropriate candidate for an open position. Their clients are always professional and well coached. I cherish the partnership I have with Go Berg.

    • admin

      Thanks Marianna, we love working with you too! Maybe one day we can afford anything you design 🙂 – Connect soon!

  129. Trevor Dune

    I am so impressed with Go Berg’s dedication to excellence in their services. My friend recommended them to me because as he said, “they are the best.” It’s completely true. I had them re-do my resume and linkedin page. Both were transformed into masterpieces of professionalism. Completely original, compelling and effective. I was also opened to their connections in the tech world which allowed me to build relationships with various professionals. Thank you!

    • admin

      Thanks Trevor, please sell Phil we said thanks for the recommendation, good luck in the career search!

  130. Alexander Goncharov

    I highly recommend Go Berg or Go Home for your professional profile needs. To stand out from other job candidates you need to make a lasting impression. I had them evaluate and re-do my LinkedIn profile. They paid great attention to detail and they understand how to attract recruiters to your page. Plus, they are connected to the people that select candidates and hire. Their proficiency in career services is un-matched.

    • admin

      Thanks Alex! These days, LinkedIn is even more critical for job seekers! Stay safe!

  131. Alessandra Amarante

    I recommend Go Berg or Go Home to anyone and everyone I meet who is tired of struggling in their career search. In a timely fashion the team understands your career needs, customizes your resume and LinkedIn and gets you in front of recruiters and those with the hiring power. Working with them is like having a golden ticket and being waived to the front of the line. Do yourself a favor and call them today. There is no need to do this alone, the have the talent, skill, and experience in the career service business and they are here for you!!!

    • admin

      Thanks Alessandra! It was great to see your name in our email today! Thanks for choosing Go Berg or Go Home! Good Luck!

  132. Ayesha Miller

    LinkedIn is such an important piece of your professional image and I am so thankful for Go Berg and the work they did on showcasing my skills, talent and value to prospective employers on LinkedIn. In a million years I could not have formatted my page they way they did. True experts. Thank you!

    • admin

      Thank You Ayesha! It took us almost a million years to get you to sign up for our services! 🙂 – Glad you took the leap and we were able to help!

  133. Mila Schneider

    If you are tired of applying for jobs and receiving no feedback or hits, Go Berg will change all that. The team at Go Berg helped me elevate my resume and LinkedIn page. From there they connected with me job opportunities I didn’t even know existed. Their connections and inside intelligence with other company’s internal recruiters, allows you to by-pass the system and get your resume in front of an actual human. I can’t say enough good things about them. Their passion for their work shows and they get you results. Working with them it took me 5 weeks from start to finish to accept an offer from a solid company. On my own, it took forever, and I didn’t get very far. I highly recommend Go Berg or Go Home. Don’t wait-call them NOW!!

    • admin

      Thanks Mila, we wish we could be faster, but 5 weeks is a solid timeline and we’re proud of it! All the best and keep in touch!

  134. John Kowalczyk

    As head of HR for my company, I work regularly with Dr. Berg and his staff in order to find quality candidates to fill vacant roles. The partnership with Dr. Berg is one I truly cherish. The entire team at Go Berg is a pleasure to work with and their clients are always the most prepared, professional and excel in the roles we hire them for. Dr. Berg has the best team in the business. If your business is not having success with candidates-which we all know is a gigantic burden on time and money- contact Go Berg today.

    • admin

      Thanks John! Appreciate taking the time to review – We can’t wait to jump back in there with your firm and get moving again!

  135. Dan Gibson

    The authority in professional career services is by far the Go Berg or Go Home Team. I have business that ghostwrites content for LinkedIn Top Voices. It is a shame how many terrible LinkedIn profiles I come across. Some people don’t even try. Your online presence, especially on a professional platform like LinkedIn is crucial to your ability to network and make career moves. If you are not putting your best foot forward, some else will be and they will be getting ahead. I personally can vouch for Go Berg’s ability to transform their candidates LinkedIn pages. Their work has a stand-out quality. They have a skill and knack for personal branding, professionalism, and excellence in storytelling.

    • admin

      Dan, beyond grateful for this review, truly appreciate the words, especially coming from you! You even call us the “authority” – We love it! All the best, and thanks again!

  136. Jessica Wyman-Krouse

    Anytime is a great time to contact Go Berg for their professional services. I was working in a mid-level managerial position and life was “pretty good.” Then with the recommendation from a friend, I looked into Go Berg’s professional writing services. I had been a LinkedIn user for a few years and thought my page was “pretty good.” I thought most things in my life were “pretty good” I guess, until I met the team at Go Berg. They changed my “pretty good” LinkedIn page to outstanding. Plus, I was opened to thousands of new connections. I became more active on LinkedIn thanks to Go Berg and my new and way…way more improved LinkedIn page. From that I was contacted by a recruiter for a different company. Eventually that lead to a round of interviews and a way…way better job. Thank you Go Berg! I recommend that everyone, no matter what, have their LinkedIn profile stylized by Go Berg! The results speak for themselves.

    • admin

      Jessica, wow, thank you for the amazing review and taking the time (bored during while staying home? 🙂 ) – Appreciate the love and you know where to find us!

  137. Mario Torres

    The Go Berg Team are EXPERTS. They have the reputation of being the best because: 1. They are the best and 2. They deliver. They provide you with all your career service needs from resume writing, to job coaching to sprucing up your LinkedIn profile. They take the time to understand your unique career journey, where you want to be, and they create a plan to help get you there. They have all the latest and greatest in terms of resume templates, coaching skills, and insider information with major companies. They are very well connected. They know about jobs and listings not posted on jobs boards or LinkedIn. To make a move in this competitive job market, you need professional help. They will not disappoint!

    • admin

      Thanks Mario! The job listings we do have that aren’t public knowledge is one our advantages in this “game” – Thanks for the amazing review and detail, appreciate everything you do for the Go Berg brand and reputation!

  138. Zack Brady

    Having Go Berg format my LinkedIn account allowed me to form stronger connections and opened me up to more business opportunities that I would have otherwise missed out on. Each day I get relevant connection requests, in the last week I connected with two major new clients. They are experts at showcasing your skills and talents and creating a personalized brand. Thanks Go Berg!

    • admin

      Zack! Thanks so much for the awesome review! We look forward to plenty more business opportunities with your firm and ours! Stay safe!

  139. Stephanie Barnes

    Even if you have a job you enjoy, the Go Berg Team can format your LinkedIn page to showcase your professional skills. Your page becomes a display of your top accomplishments and summarizes your value to any employer. Trust me, potential employers take notice. I had Go Berg redo my LinkedIn page and I was amazed at the final product. It was polished, accurate, and professional. I feel they really took the time to understand me professionally and personally and that definitely translated into the final product. Others, have commented on how professional my page looks. I highly recommend using their professional writing services, even if you like your current job. You never know who is looking!!!! Thank you Go Berg!

    • admin

      Thanks Steph! So happy you decided to pull the trigger on redoing your Linkedin! Looking good on all 3 levels…digital, paper, and life! 🙂

  140. Phil Kim

    I strongly recommend using their professional services. They paint a compelling picture of your professional persona which attracts the good kind of traffic to your LinkedIn page. I connected with a recruiter who was able to connect me with a colleague which ultimately led me to securing my current role. Never doubt the power of connections. Thank you Go Berg!

    • admin

      Our Pleasure Kim! You are too kind, in all fairness, your profile was amazing! All we did is make sure more people see it. Take care and Stay Safe

  141. Michael DeSantos

    My LinkedIn Profile never looked so good. Within days after having the Go Berg Team adapt my profile, I was contact by 6 recruiters and from that I gained 2 strong potential leads. Thanks so much, appreciate the time and efforts.

    • admin

      Thanks Michael, we know a recruiter or two! Appreciate the kind words! Go RedSox! (you already reviewed us, so we can get away with this!)

  142. Brittany Sutherland

    The team at Go Berg are the greatest. Their expertise extends to all things career-related. From your personalized resume and LinkedIn account to the professional recommendation from Dr. Berg, they leave no stone un-turned. They truly seek to assist you in your career journey. I used them after college graduation, I was so worried about getting a job because at that time the job market was so competitive. Within a month, I secured a position at an advertising agency on the East Coast. Many thanks to Dr. Berg and his team!!!

    • admin

      Brit, thanks for not ignoring are emails to leave feedback, we thought an “advertising” professional would appreciate the outreach! Tell Michael and Vin we said hello and keep on rocking!

  143. Darsh Swaminathan

    I highly recommend Go Berg or Go Home!!! They provide top-level career services. As soon as I had them re-do my LinkedIn page I was contacted by a recruiter, a recruiter who recruited for a different field than the one I was in but she said she was so impressed with my professional accomplishments and career experiences that she wanted to reach out to see if I would consider changing fields. If you are done with waiting and hoping for things to work out or change, send Go Berg a message and get moving towards a better and brighter career.

    • admin

      Darsh, even we were surprised on this one! You two us a thing or two yourself! Good Luck and keep achieving!

  144. Calvin Beck

    I thought my LinkedIn page was pretty good. I was wrong. The Go Berg Team crafted a professionally and personally accurate brand story for my page. They are masters at branding, helping you to stand out in a good way, and opening you up to connections. Additionally, the attention drawn to your page, is actionable. People start connecting with you to make business, not small-talk. After my LinkedIn page was up for 2 weeks a recruiter reached out to me with an offer- it was more than I was making with better benefits. Of course, I went for it. It was the beginning of a beautiful new career. Thank you Go Berg!!!!

    • admin

      Thanks Calvin! Once you “plug” into our network, it’s only a matter of time! Good luck and all the best!

  145. Rachel Stein

    I highly recommend Go Berg for your career service needs. They know the career services business inside and out. Not only are they extremely knowledgeable but they are also deeply interested and concerned for you. They are committed to providing the best services in order for you to succeed in your career. The team at Go Berg understand the difficulties faced by job seekers and they have the latest and greatest tools, techniques and coaching skills to help you land your new career. MOST IMPORTANTLY- they are well connected to recruiters, HR professionals, and top executives, they know people who are looking for the right candidate. Work with Go Berg and they will shine you into the right candidate. I can’t say enough. Thank you GO BERG OR GO HOME!

    • admin

      Thanks Rachel! You are too kind! Thanks for the booming review. Keep us posted on all the happenings in your journey!

  146. Brad Nicholson

    If you are going to be a professional, you need professional help. Dr. Berg and his staff did an amazing job on my LinkedIn page. They are experts at branding. If you don’t have a personal brand, you need one, and you need the team at Go Berg to help you. They will also connect you to recruiters and people in the know, their services are invaluable. Thank you Go Berg!

    • admin

      Thanks Brad! That’s what we do!

  147. Sofie Kristiansen

    I highly recommend Go Berg or Go Home… they helped me to transition out of law enforcement and change careers paths. I know that part of the success was thanks to a personal recommendation by Dr. Berg. He is well connected and top executives look to him for guidance on hiring decisions and finding top talent. His recommendation allowed me to build new connections and land a position in a different field. Anything is possible- with the right connections. Many thanks again!

    • admin

      Hi Sofie, everyone finds their passion at different points of their life, glad we were able to help align your skills to your new passion. All the best!

  148. Michael Perry

    A professional recommendation by Dr. Berg is invaluable. He is well-known, highly regarded for his professionalism, expertise, and knowledge. His recommendation helped me to land my new position. The recommendation was thoughtful, personalized, and showcased by attributes as they pertained to the job I was applying for. I know the recommendation made all the difference. Thank you, Dr. Berg,!

    • admin

      Thanks Dr. Perry! I will send the note to Chris! Good luck and connect soon!

  149. Matt Whittaker

    Nothing echoes professionalism and top-quality like a recommendation from Dr. Berg. His professionalism, expertise, and connections, helped me secure a spot in a competitive law firm. Thank you Dr. Berg for your solid recommendation on my behalf.

    • admin

      Thanks Matt, I guess Dr. Berg is somewhat good at what he does on this side of the house – Will pass along the awesome remarks – Tell Janice we said hello (and when is she signing up for services!)

  150. Elliot Fields

    I highly recommend Go Berg’s professional career services. Especially their professional LinkedIn Services. A golden bonus is a written recommendation from Dr. Berg himself, this draws attention to you and creates action for your career path.

    • admin

      Thanks Elliot! Chris is a great recommendation to have indeed!

  151. Rick Dornfield

    It’s true-It’s not how many people you know, but WHO you know. And it pays to know Go Berg. Dr. Berg is extremely well connected and has spent years fostering strong connections with top individuals, in multiple industries. Whatever your aspiration is: finding a new job, a new career, looking for more respect, by working with the team at Go Berg you will have access to a wide web of professionals looking for top talent. Dr. Berg was able to connect me with a life changing career opportunity. I am forever indebted. I recommend calling them today. They will change your life!

    • admin

      Thanks Rick, I will pass the great feedback along to Chris! We heard about the new gig! That is awesome, do we get any perks from the job 🙂 – All the best and keep in touch!

  152. Ashley McNamara

    The Go Berg Team are naturals at crafting your personal brand. They allow you to stand out in the crowd. I had been searching for 9 months for a new position. It took 4 weeks when working with the Go Berg Team to land my dream job. Their professional attitude is remarkable and their services are prompt, accurate, and affordable. They will change your career trajectory!

    • admin

      Thanks Ashley – Remember the PIE model! Performance, Image, Exposure – Keep eating and keep achieving!

  153. Uma Abimbola

    Dr. Berg and his team are the best in the business. They helped me design and format my LinkedIn page to reflect my dynamic professional appearance online which helped grow my network. They also put me in contact with the HR department at companies I was interested in working for. It is a struggle to try to get a job on your own, I am so thankful that I had the support of the Go Berg Team!

    • admin

      Thanks Uma, we are the best in the business woo woo! If mindset was a Google Review, we would own them 🙂 – All the best!

  154. Li Min Zhao

    One of the best parts of Go Berg’s services is their expansive social network of recruiters, HR managers, and headhunters. They are connected to the people looking for talented individuals. Plus, they are experts in coaching and professional writing, making you stand out from the competition. One of their specialties is personal branding and the creation of executive summaries. They are amazing at it because they provide one on one services, they understand your needs, and they listen to you. I highly recommend their services especially the professional writing. When my LinkedIn page was re-done, there was a night and day difference.

    • admin

      Thanks Li! Glad we could help and we will be here for the next round of services!

  155. Damien Ariti

    The Go Berg Team transformed my LinkedIn page, they showed me the value and benefit of the platform. Now, LinkedIn is a place where I can connect in meaningful ways with top professionals. I would highly recommend their services.

    • admin

      Thanks Damien! We see the “All-Star” badge under your profile…You go! You know where to find us if you need anything!

  156. Paul Bianchi

    Absolutely necessary- using the Go Berg Teams professional LinkedIn services allowed me to grow my network and connect with top leaders and influencers in my industry. I went from making small-talk to making moves into my dream job. Thank you Go Berg for your superior services and expertise.

    • admin

      Thanks Paul, so happy to hear you landed an awesome gig! I know it took some time! Thanks for the kind words and good luck!

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